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ufc undisputed 2010

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ufc undisputed 2010
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cloud301336 Avatar
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They need to stop letting people catch every damn punch you throw, or at least make it cost half of your stamina.

Post #16   5/28/09 8:43:44PM   

Remember Paul Herrera

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Id like them to take a better look at the fighters before they assign their attributes.

BJ Penn beat Frankie Edgar more times than Benson Henderson beat Frankie Edgar.

Post #17   5/29/09 5:32:38PM   

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Mattchoo Avatar
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Stop people being able to bum rush with headkick after headkick, or drill you with body punches and it then stopping you move out or even defend them properly. Really pisses me off, theres me trying to fight a proper fight and I have a loser child with Brock Lesnar just punching my body as soon as he gets in close so I cant move away or throw back...

Also guys like Kongo shouldnt be able to submit someone like Mir in my eyes so easily but hey..

Post #18   5/29/09 6:57:26PM   

MMA Sensei

king_katool Avatar
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Posted by cloud301336

They need to stop letting people catch every damn punch you throw, or at least make it cost half of your stamina.

this, i mean it does happend but not every punch, it shouldnt be as effective as it is, im DEADLY in the stand up so this always happens, this is why judo is my fav style, go ahead and catch my punches im tossin your ass and jumping into mount

Post #19   5/29/09 9:00:21PM   

Shame Shame Larry!

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subs easier to "technique" pull off, rather than just button mashing.

Shonie Carter.

ummm, the TUF house as part of a training where you get 5 minutes to bash walls, pee in fruit cups, "release" in sushi (mash those buttons!), push people into the pool, make fun of the guy with oral herpes, etc. etc.


Computer vs. Computer matches so I can get F'd up and just put up cash/shots against friends based on our computer-controlled fighters of choosing.

incorporate a taco wagon into the game in some way; not sure why or how.

ability to leave Team Boot Camp for another gym.

As said before, more challengers. My WW guy went against Hughes/GSP/Koscheck/Alves/Davis 4-5 times each in title defenses. No Fitch/Swick/etc in 20+ defenses? How did Marcus Davis stay above Fitch in the rankings for 5 years ?!

uhh I don't mind the flying mouthguard because my buddies hate it when I KO them and it flies out.

One night Tourney's.

As said before, an F-ton more nicknames, or the ability for the game to recognize and pronounce names.

Southpaw stance.

More tattoo options (why can't i have a large forearm tattoo but I can make the same tattoo the size I want it to be on the forearm, on the bicep ?)

Ability to drink before a fight to maximize strength but decrease cardio/speed.

mini-quests into dungeons to get things like the "Sorcererers Ankle Bracelet" which give +2 kicks if you get past the Lava Dragon.

and lastly, probably a second taco wagon. still not sure why.

If I was 50 years younger I'd kick your ass!

Post #20   5/29/09 9:23:44PM   

Heavyweight Champ

Boo_Radley21 Avatar
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Yous guys need to take it easy on the problems. This game is so good lol. Sure they can fix a lot but what game cant get improved? You weren't really expecting the first one to be perfect were you?

Post #21   6/5/09 1:44:03AM   

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hails Avatar
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As said earlier, I really hate it when people bum rush you, and keep kicking over and over!!! What can I do to stop? I wont let me punch or kick!!!

Post #22   6/5/09 11:17:21PM   
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