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After seeing Elvis Sinosic in the newspaper a few weeks ago, I contacted him to say hello and for an interview to post on the MMAplayground Forums. Of course since he's such a cool guy, he replied, and kindly answered my questions.

So here's a quick Q and A with "The King of Rock and Rumble".

LaosPowerHouse: So I recently saw your picture in the Canberra Times and it prompted me to get in touch with one of my favourite fighters. Do you visit our nations capital often?

Elvis: I do indeed. I was born and raised in Canberra. I also have family in Canberra. Co-incidentally my partner also has family in Canberra. So she and I pop down there often to catch up with everyone.

LPH:You had a career in I.T I believe. What prompted you to turn to MMA? Does a degree in I.T improve your MMA skills :) .

Elvis: Yeah I did do IT. I have a degree in IT as well as 10 years experience in the industry. Since I was small I always loved the martial arts and wanted to be involved in it. MMA competition seemed like the logical progression of things to do. It was a great way to test myself and my skills. It was just something I did because I enjoyed it. Thankfully for me it evolved and developed into something more. Sadly no, IT does not have any direct correlation to MMA. I hope I haven’t crushed any IT consultants dreams.

LPH: Australia is the home to Warriors Realm and CFC. Is there room for the growth of MMA in the Australian culture with AFL and League being the dominant sports?

Elvis: Absolutely. I believe there is room. MMA is a combat sport which is different to AFL, League, Cricket etc which are team sports. I don’t know if MMA will ever overtake or even be on par with those sports popularity wise. But there is room for the greatest combat sport in the world. We just need more exposure and education to bring in the fans. It’s all just a matter of time.

LPH: Did you catch UFC 97? If so what did you think of the main event?

Elvis: Yes I did catch that main event. What can I say? It was a very interesting match. Silva appeared extremely dominant but at times when it looked like he could have ended the match he backed off. I really don’t know why. He stamped his dominance on the match but just chose not to finish it. Sometimes not losing becomes more important than winning. As to what happened all we can do is ask Silva. Hopefully his explanation will shed some light onto it.

LPH: What's next for The King of Rock and Rumble? A possible return to the cage? Continuing teaching at your gym?

Elvis: At the moment it is continue to teach and build future champions of tomorrow. If you’re in the area pop into SPMA (www.spma.net.au). I would love to return to the cage. I’ve approached a few international organisations and I am waiting to hear back from them. If any of my fans want to see me fight in their shows, email the promoters and let them know you’d love to see me fighting there.

LPH: Thanks for your time Elvis!

Elvis: It was my pleasure. Thank you for the opportunity to do the interview. I would also like to say thanks to my sponsors, Fairtex, Atama Australia and Lojak who all have the best gear on the market, please check them out. Also thanks to all my students, friends and family for their continued support.

For those who wish to read the Canberra Times Article, here is the link to the PDF files.
Official Elvis Sinosic Site

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