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Strikeforce: "Diesel" confident against Baroni, but Shields ultimate target

Strikeforce: "Diesel" confident against Baroni, but Shields ultimate target
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Still one month out from his June 6 Strikeforce showdown with Phil Baroni (13-10) in St. Louis, Joe Riggs (29-10) is ready.

He's ready for Baroni. He's ready to perform. And he's ready for a chance to shut Jake Shields' (22-4-1) mouth.

"I wouldn't be starting this stuff, but as a professional fighter, you get offered to fight someone, you fight them regardless," Riggs recently told Radio ( "Unless you have a legitimate reason you don't want to fight them. Then [Shields] is going to say that I'm beneath him? [Expletive] that mother[expletive]."


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If Riggs can make it to the 2nd round then he'll get and easy victory at that point

Post #2   5/3/09 4:35:36PM   

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Haha, the ol' Riggs vs. Cesar Gracie feud flares up again. I can't wait to see Riggs fight Baroni and hopefully Shields afterward. These guys talk so much smack, it's f$@ing fantastic!

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