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Orange County DA Clears "MasK" Of Drug Use During Fatal Crash

Orange County DA Clears "MasK" Of Drug Use During Fatal Crash
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According to the Orange County, CA DA's office, toxicology tests done by the Orange County coroner's office following the crash that killed TapouT founder Charles "MasK" Lewis have come back, and the tests reveal that Lewis did not have drugs or alcohol in his system at the time of the crash. This reaffirms testimony from family & friends that Lewis did not drink or take drugs.
Funeral services are Tuesday morning in California beginning at 11 AM PT and will be open to the public.


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Only the good die young.
A fine example of a an individual who should be admired by todays youth instead of your regular tabloid celebs that stay out of rehab/prison only long enough to make an album/movie, etc.
In my mind he showed up at the Pearly Gates wearing his "Jesus Didn't Tap" shirt and is sponsoring Tanner in his first cloudagon match.


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