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Affliction-Day of Reckoning Predictions

Affliction-Day of Reckoning Predictions
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Franklinfan47 Avatar

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Anyone else excited for this card? Haven't seen much talk about it. Anyways, here are the fighters im going with:

Fedor/UD- Arlovski should be a challenge for Fedor unlike one we've seen for a while. Good striking, jj, and cardio should make for a great fight. But, its very hard to go against Fedor at this point. Hope its a war.

Barnett/sub/1- I think Barnett will come out and try to stand with Yvel, get rocked, and take it down and submit him with a basic submission. Also looking forward to this fight.

Sokodjou/KO/1- Babalu's chin worries me and I just have a feeling Thierry will catch him.

Lindland/UD- Vitor has looked good lately but I think the law has the skills to neutralize him and grind out a decision.

Horodecki/UD- This is another one which should be a lw war, but I think Horodecki will be too explosive for Lauzon and outclass him.

Lil Nog/UD- I see this fight coming out similar to the first fight but with Nog getting the decision. I just think he's progressed more as a fighter.

Buentello/KO/2- Don't know much about Sidelnikov, but I think the headhunter will catch him.

High/tko/2- I think this is a good underdog pick. Not well known, but I think he can surprise Heiron and pount him out. Check this guy out if you have the time.

Duarte/UD- Lighter weights usually make for great fights.

Cooper/UD- Not sure on this one, but I think Cooper is the better fighter here.

LC Davis/tko/2- Good prospect and Bao is coming in on extremely short notice.


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Josh "The Babyface Assassin"

joshjr Avatar
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I am going with

I am really looking forward to this card though. Im my opinion its a stacked card with alot of good fights.

Post #2   1/21/09 4:32:13AM   

Learning to Sprawl

Mr_Death Avatar
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It's a much better card than the lopsided one they put together for the first event. I hope the fights shape up that way. I'm really looking forward to the Nog/Janitor fight, and AA/Fedor of course.

Post #3   1/21/09 5:43:49AM   
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