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World beater: Josh Barnett interview exclusive with

World beater: Josh Barnett interview exclusive with
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Buy the ticket, take the ride

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James Iannotti ( How do you feel you match up with either Fedor or Andrei? Are both of those fights you feel like you can win?

Josh Barnett: Yeah, I think on the feet I can knock either one of them out. I think that Fedor is actually more dangerous because of his ability to mix it up so well between striking and then initiating grapples and taking you down. He keeps people on their toes and he keeps them off balance. It’s really a cool thing to see him implement it. As far as the grappling aspect, I think that Fedor would be a much more difficult fight for me on the ground than Arolvski. Arlovski’s a very strong, capable heavyweight and when he’s doing well he gets stronger as he goes. That’s always something to keep in mind, but when things are going tough you usually test the faith.

James Iannotti ( What are your thoughts on the rumors of poor ticket sales for this event?

Josh Barnett: They’re just that, rumors. I’ve not heard or seen anything to substantiate them. Unfortunately, a lot of things that people like to point out is the negative. I’ve read some of the negativity in terms of — not just Affliction — but any promotion besides the UFC that’s trying to get off the ground. Everybody’s got an opinion and they all think they can do a better job. Instead of being happy for the possibility of seeing more great fights and sometimes the match ups you’ve been wanting to see for a while, I don’t know, people are just very, very hard to please nowadays. But, you know, the economy is hurting things and the UFC has a huge lock on the market so it’ll be hard to establish your brand amongst that. But you do what you can and if you can put on the kind of fights that get people talking then that’s what’s going to keep bringing them back.


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Post #1   1/14/09 8:01:20PM   

Standup Guy

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great read man. ill always be interested in a interview with barnett. that guy is one kewl dude with a solid head on his shoulders. very respectable

Post #2   1/14/09 8:29:51PM   

Learning to Sprawl

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Man Barnett is cool. Thanks for the link - As long as he keeps fighting top HW's it's all good. HIm and Fedor could be crazy

Post #3   1/14/09 8:57:22PM   

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Ive never understood the beef between him and UFC / Dana.... can anyone explain?

Post #4   1/15/09 4:39:07AM   

In Full Mount

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Love this guy. I'm a fan.

Post #5   1/15/09 6:53:39PM   

Heavyweight Champ

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Posted by tomp6581

Ive never understood the beef between him and UFC / Dana.... can anyone explain?

He was mad they woulden't back him in an appeal.

Post #6   1/15/09 7:11:57PM   
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