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diego nunes vs cole province

diego nunes vs cole province
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bodog has diego at -175

mmaplayground has him at -600

ive seen his highlight, and he looks good, and coming from blackhouse, you know he'll have top notch training and a good gameplan

i saw 1 of cole province's fights and he looks like a straight BJJ guy.

does anyone know more than me that would care to comment on it?

Post #1   12/2/08 8:03:53PM   

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I've seen a couple of his fights, one against Jared Lopez and York Ash. He has been submitting a lot of guys (not sure who he's training under) against Jared it looked like he submitted him with a north south choke, but the arm wasn't in (kind of tough to submit a guy like that, but he did it). Mostly he's well known for his wrestling. I think he's a 2x div 2 wrestling champ. So obviously he has some pretty sick takedowns. His GnP is decent as well.

Post #2   12/2/08 9:23:32PM   
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