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Fioravanti Gunning For A KO For The Troops

Fioravanti Gunning For A KO For The Troops
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Luigi Fioravanti has rarely had it easy in his UFC career. In two years and seven appearances, he’s taken bouts that no one else wanted, fights where he was the clear underdog.

The UFC keeps bringing him back, though, because he always comes to scrap.

“They need to let me go fight in England, build my record up,” he says with a laugh.

A veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Fioravanti has surely been tested outside the cage. He came to the UFC on a seven-fight win streak, facing then rising star Chris Leben at “Ultimate Fight Night 4.” Leben clearly won the fight, but Fioravanti never gave in to the outspoken brawler and went the distance. In his next fight, he knocked another “Ultimate Fighter” contestant, Solomon Hutchinson, into next Tuesday.

Fioravanti believes his “whatever” attitude is the key to longevity, he tells


Post #1   11/23/08 3:53:01AM   


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Fioravanti gaves Diego all sorts of problems and I think that fight shows that he is definatly game and even tho he has a whatever attitude he also has a lot of heart and awesome skills. He made me a fan and I see him getting a highlight KO off of Farber like Markham did.

Post #2   11/23/08 4:45:25AM   


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I agree. He was on his way to winning a decision over Diego. Finally a fellow Italian going to do good for a change! (f*ck Sakara)!!!

Post #3   11/23/08 7:12:04AM   

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Farber doesn't back down either...It'll be interesting to see how long this fight goes. It'll be a slugfest either way.

And as El Guapo always says- "God speed, and party on. Whoap!"

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Fioravanti is the man i love his whatever style and i don't care if he loses his next 9 fights in a row he should always come back hes exciting and fights with heart

Post #5   11/23/08 10:45:19AM   

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Tough fight to pick IMO. I was astounded at how much Fioravanti seems to have improved in between his last two fights. I think that he may have found that motivation or that his trainers may have found the right buttons to push. I look for big things in his future.

and LOL @ the Sakara comment!

Post #6   11/23/08 10:46:43AM   
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