Evan tanner ... did he want it that way ??

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Over the past 5 days, the shock of evan tanners sudden death still hasn't settled in. It always seems to be the way in life that out of no where shock celebrity deaths frequently hit us fans all over the world when we least expect it.

I have been hunting around the internet for evan tanner interviews, fights and articles etc to try and get a better understanding of what type of a human being evan tanner was away from the cage. Evan tanners life is a very interesting story.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evan_Tanner (life of tanner)

For a guy who loved the test of life, considered himself a poet or a philosopher and not a fighter, always pushing himself to the limits inside and outside the cage, a spiritualist to the simple things in life, traveling from town to town all his life, never settling down, and Battling an ongoing alcohol addiction over the last few years. Did evan tanner plan to die out there ? It just seems weird that in this and age, what with internet reports etc, it seems very odd that a camping trip to the dessert could go this wrong. At the end of the day, its a dessert, with soreing heat temperatures. I understand that, but surely a survivor such as tanner would never leave for example his water supply down to chance of dry springs ??

Evan tanner away from fighting comes across to me as a very simple man, who enjoys the most of what he does. I remember reading on his myspace page that he much prefers renting a cheap $40 motel room because he feels despite the money has, he doesn't need a big flash hotel style room at $ 800 a night to sleep in. So what ? ... How many celebrities do you know would prefer a cheap motel room instead of a penthouse suite ??
With his love for the land, and his passion of testing himself, i can't help but think evan tanner may have gone on this camping trip with the thought in his mind that he wasn't coming back. Little pieces of this puzzle just don't add up.
Maybe this was evan tanners goodbye to the world, all the greats die young, it sucks big time, because great people like evan who have a huge influence on mma fans just like me and most of the guys on this site, will miss him the most.

Any thoughts guys ??? .... cheers

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Well he did say that he wanted it where any event where his equipment failed could spell possible death. Like you said, he enjoys challenges, i think this was one he just didn't succeed at, and I'm sure he was at peace with with dying during this challenge, but i don't think that he wanted to necessarily end his life or anything

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I seriously have been thinking about that also. I have been going back and forth about it and I'm not sure. Some things don't seem to add up. If he did, in fact, plan to live his last days in the desert part of me thinks it is very sad and awful. At the same time another part of me thinks that that is the way he wanted to go out and he should be able to do it as he may. After all, he loved going on excursions and being surrounded by nature so what better way to go out than doing something you completely love. Whatever the circumstances I really hope he was at peace with himself during his passing. I have a feeling he was, but the world may never know.

BTW, there needs to be a movie or documentary about Tanner. He seems to be a very interesting individual. I'm sure there are so many things about him that even the most die hard of MMA fans would be clueless about.

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I very much doubt he killed himself. He left the locations he would be camping in behind and asked for help when his bike ran out of gas and he ran out of water. It took rescuers 3 days to find him, and anyone would be dead in that circumstance. A healthy adult can go 3 days without water under normal, non-exerting conditions, but a desert is not even remotely normal. He probably would have been ok if he wasn't 50 miles into a desert where rescuers couldn't get to him in time, as they had to get a Marine helicopter out there to find him, even though he was two miles from his camp.

Deserts are very harsh places and humans aren't built to stay in them for any amount of time, which is the entire point of his expedition. Its sad he died, but for a man as prolific as himself, I can't imagine he'd find a way to kill himself and not write about it somehow.

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I'm not going to speculate at all as to whether Evan wanted it this way or not...I've only been into this MMA thing heavily for the past year or so. My only knowledge of Evan before this past year was that I used to use him all the time on the origional UFC game for Dreamcast when I was in college.

But in his passing I've learned so much about him, that I'm truely saddened by his passing. And I am almost always ambivilant/ignorant to pretty much everything that doesn't directly impact my inner circle of life.

But just for the record- Fight Network Radio has reported that a deputy sheriff officially stated that his bike was not out of gas. The report also stated that Evan was less then 15 miles from Palo Verde (at least I think that's the town they said). They also said that Evan was out of water, which eventually lead to his demise.

They did not specify if there were any other mechanical defects with the motorcycle. Who knows, maybe it over-heated. But, the basic fact is that he became dehidrated at some point. And whether that happened before or after abandoning his bike we will never know. One thing is for sure though, once dehidrated, and battling the elements of the desert delirium is bound to set in. I'd be willing to speculate that in the brief moments leading up to his untimely death, not even Evan knew what he wanted.

There are questions that we will never find the answer to. All there is left to do is celebrate the extrordinary life that was Evan Tanner, and pray that our sport never has to endure another tragity like this again.

May your soul rest peacefully Evan. And may we all now and forever "Believe in the power of one."

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My only question about this whole thing was why would he travel so far away from civilization without enough gas, food or water in the desert? Its certainly a possibly that he wanted to end his life in the hands of nature but its not very likely at all, at least I hope not.

When I first heard he died in the desert from the elements this is actually what I was telling myself he wouldnt do to himself, to just take a one way trip into the blinding heat of the desert, I know first hand if you dont drink water almost every 30-60 minutes you start to experience the elements of dehydration, heat stroke and even near fatal symptoms. Regardless of the reasoning, unless theres proof I refuse to believe that was a one way trip to his demise. RIP my friend you were a good man.

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