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Mark Hunt

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Mark Hunt
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i still want to see him fight butterbean.

Post #16   2/28/07 6:59:33PM   


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Posted by fedorwins1

Posted by thatfedorsohotrightnow

If Pride hopes to make it in America they must play the state athletic commision's game. Hunt is not a heavy weight so his future in that division is murky. If Pride was just in Japan then maybe he would be in the picture. I like Hunt but Fedor is complete fighter

Hunt not a heavyweight??? That guy is huge! He is a great fighter how is his future in the heavyweight division murky? Hunt doesn't do many soccerkicks or knees on the ground so why would he be any worse in America? Your post makes no sense to me could you explain better?

He is too big is my point. No way he can make 265.

Post #17   2/28/07 8:00:12PM   
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