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Roger Huerta hints at moving up to 170 lbs; GSP to 185?

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Roger Huerta hints at moving up to 170 lbs; GSP to 185?
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juanez13 Avatar

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Here’s a new video from our friends at MMA Rated featuring Roger Huerta talking about his status as a top lightweight contender in the UFC, his plans to eventually move up to 170 lbs. and also about Georges St. Pierre moving to 185 lbs. sooner than later. All very interesting.


very interesting stuff, especially surprised of how confident he seemed when he said GSP was going to move to 185.

Post #1   6/19/08 10:07:12PM   

MMA Sensei

Mchubb316 Avatar
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Yeah he seemed confident in GSP moving up, and beating BJ soon. I'm not interested in GSP moving up until he shows he can be a dominate champion at WW. I don't think that Huerta will beat BJ, and it wouldn't suprise me to see BJ move up and challenge for the WW title while holding the LW title soon. I think he wants to avenge his loss to GSP. Huerta is kinda stuck, he doesn't want to fight GSP and if GSP moves up, I can see BJ fighting at WW as well.

Post #2   6/19/08 10:34:43PM   

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Mayhem13 Avatar

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I think Huerta would actually be better at 170..he could use his speed and his skill in the scramble pretty well here..

GSP at 185..I dont know..he is atheltic and good enough that he will always be a contender, but I dont know if some of the guys would be too big/strong.

and is Huerta and Arianny together now or something...I have seen a few interviews where they are both there....

Post #3   6/19/08 10:34:55PM   

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prozacnation1978 Avatar

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beat fitch, alves then penn then move up

Post #4   6/19/08 10:39:38PM   

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casketcoin Avatar

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Has Florian and Huerta fought yet because im hearing alot of talk about b.j. and roger. LETS NOT COUNT OUR CHICKENS BEFORE THEY HATCH

Post #5   6/19/08 10:59:27PM   

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lordicast Avatar
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Huertas not really ready for all that im surprised they dont feed him 4 or 5 more chumps to get his confidence up, PS im hating on him 2 he better not be dating my girl! lol

Post #6   6/19/08 11:01:12PM   

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DiabloFreak56 Avatar
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if gsp moves up.. mega fight anderson vs gsp

Post #7   6/19/08 11:02:47PM   

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Wolfenstein Avatar

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Roger's body type is definetely better suited to 170lbs. Frankly I'm surprised that he can make 155. But I don't think Roger's the best at 155 and I can't see him beating Kenny Florian. At 170 I don't think he can be as competetive. He would be more of a middle of the road kind of guy. Maybe a fringe contender. No way would he b able to take out guys like Fitch, Koschek or Alves.

George has talked about moving up to 185, but why move to a weight class with a pool of less caliber fighters. His one big fight would be against Anderson Silva. George isn't big enough to fight at 185 anyways. Put Rich Franklin next to GSP and you'll see what I mean.

The Welterweight division is packed. He has plenty of fights left at 170lbs. Thiago Alves, Fitch (upcoming), Diego Sanchez, Karo Parysian, BJ Penn (if he moves up), and maybe a rematch with Koschek.

I'll admit though, I'd love to see GSP get smashed by a larger middleweight. I hate the squeaky clean image, I'm more of a villain kind of guy.

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Post #8   6/19/08 11:22:39PM   

In Full Mount

rabbit915 Avatar

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Posted by luke420187

I'll admit though, I'd love to see GSP get smashed by a larger middleweight. I hate the squeaky clean image, I'm more of a villain kind of guy.

What squeeky clean image? I keep hearing people talk about this. Am i the only one who thinks GSP comes off like a cocky wrestling heel?

Post #9   6/19/08 11:40:43PM   

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clintjack Avatar
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Enough with all this moving up in weight!!!!!!!

Post #10   6/19/08 11:59:05PM   

Learning to Sprawl

Combmosove Avatar
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2 times dont wait for it run like the wind in the the last half of life.

Its over or at the end very soon, no?


Post #11   6/20/08 12:15:08AM   

Heavyweight Champ


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i mean i guess it makes sense, cus both guys are pretty big for their weight classes. but they still have a lot to prove in their divisions before they move up. unless they run into some losses and then move up or clear out their division and move up.

Post #12   6/20/08 12:30:37AM   


jakeiceman Avatar
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Posted by Combmosove

2 times dont wait for it run like the wind in the the last half of life.

Its over or at the end very soon, no?


WTF are you talking about??

Post #13   6/20/08 1:36:03AM   

MMA Sensei

NatedawgThaM Avatar
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Roger Huerta is a crackhead! LOL

Jeez, feed a guy 4-5 bums and the man thinks he can go up two divisions and fight 2 of the best P4P fighters alive. He barely beat Guida(his biggest win and toughest UFC fight to date after beating bums)what makes him think he can takes Fitch, Diego or Kos who are much stronger and bigger wrestlers then Guida who gave him more then he wanted?

He's only elite at LW because he's bigger, has good cardio and a good chin and very well rounded while everybody else at LW seems one dimensional besides the top 3-4 UFC guys but moving up to WW, he will get out wrestled so bad by all the great grapplers/wrestlers there, it's not even funny. He wouldn't even be a contender. He's going to get destroyed by Florian, I can't wait. I hope it beats him back into reality.

Post #14   6/20/08 1:55:16AM   

In Full Mount

chubbud22 Avatar
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Lets see him try to beat BJ before he trys to take on the world. He needs to get past Kenflo first also.

Post #15   6/20/08 2:22:50AM   
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