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WWE's Bobby Lashley signs with American Fight League

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WWE's Bobby Lashley signs with American Fight League
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Im guessing the AFL is an up and coming organization because I have only found results for 1 show (and 1 more show pending, they had one last night).
There were actually a couple of former UFC fighters competing so I think this is a very good start for Bobby Lashley. I am very interested in how he does in MMA.

Post #16   5/31/08 5:36:35PM   

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I dont have a problem with WWE guys coming into MMA as long as they dont immediately jump to stardom like the UFC tried to do with Lesnar. I think Lashley is taking a better approach. Start small and build up slowly.

Post #17   5/31/08 6:25:31PM   

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I've been looking to get some good seats for the AFL anyhow.

Post #18   5/31/08 6:39:59PM   
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