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Sokoudjou vs. Nakamura

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Sokoudjou vs. Nakamura
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Learning to Sprawl

cgentili Avatar

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I really like Soko and would sure like to see more of him in the future. He has had some really exciting fights and I lookforward to more in the future... However, Nakamura is no underdog in this fight!
Nakamura could pull a decision, G&P, or a submission as easily as Soko could get a KO and with the cage often being a disadvantage to a striker against a grappler I cant see how 5 to 1 odds aren't call for at least a fairly substantial bet.

Post #16   5/19/08 6:43:37PM   

Heavyweight Champ

Franklinfan47 Avatar

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Could definately go both ways, but I hope Sokoudjou can get another highlight reel knockout.

Post #17   5/19/08 7:52:27PM   

Heavyweight Champ

mrsmiley Avatar

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If Soko wins,I don't see it being with a knockout.Possible TKO or decision.Naku could pull off a win though.

Post #18   5/19/08 9:09:57PM   

MMA Sensei


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I'm picking Soko, not sure how he'll win, as a matter of fact I'm not even that confident that he will win. It's kind of a toss up for me...

Post #19   5/20/08 9:05:16AM   

Heavyweight Champ

Aether Avatar

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Am I the only one who thinks this is going to be a really boring fight? I see Nakamura trying to take him down and lay on him for 3 rounds with sokou's main chance being to try to KO him whenever they get stood up.

Post #20   5/20/08 10:16:21AM   

MMA Sensei

DevonFoxy Avatar

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I think that Soko has crazy one punch KO power and that could at least Nakamura down if not knock himout. I know that Naka has a great chin and Shogun coulnd't finish him but in the Machida fight he got flustered with a lot of shots but none with extreme power the likes of Soko.

With that said I think its going to be a good fight and is going to be very close of course im a huge Soko fan after his knock outs of two very good fighters and I think the jitters somewhat got to him in his last fight and he just seemed slow. I'm hoping the jitters are gone but another huge factor in that fight was Machida being a very good opponent and alot of people not giving him enough credit for as good as everyone thinks he is now.

I think this will be a good fight but I think I'll give the edge to Soko and I'm thinking it'll be a stand up war. So heres for hoping

Post #21   5/20/08 11:53:25AM   

MMA Sensei

bigbubbano23 Avatar
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i also hope to see some good judo. i don't think fighter utilize it as much as they should.

Post #22   5/20/08 7:18:22PM   


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im torn by this matchup, for now its on soko but its been changed at least 10 times

Post #23   5/21/08 3:22:11AM   
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