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Ed Ratcliff – Bringing the Heat to Vegas Tonight

Ed Ratcliff – Bringing the Heat to Vegas Tonight
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Yeah, “9mm” is a cool nickname, one of the best in mixed martial arts today. But when you find out why WEC lightweight contender Ed Ratcliff used to be called “The Blade”, it’s even more impressive.

“I do a front flip and come down with an axe kick to the body,” laughs Ratcliff of the move performed on a prone opponent when usually leg kicks suffice as an offensive weapon. “We call that the sling blade.”

Wow. Pretty impressive. But has he ever pulled it off in a fight?

“Twice,” he said. “I missed once but I landed it on the next guy.”

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I can't wait to see this fight! If this fight isn't fireworks I'll be surprised as both fighters always bring it.

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I'd love to see the fight where he landed it.
Yeah Iike this guy, he's exciting to watch for sure, going for him tonight 1st rd KO is what I've got down.

Post #3   3/26/08 5:21:02PM   
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