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Caol Uno v. Joe Stevenson

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Caol Uno v. Joe Stevenson
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Posted by JoeMimic

Glad to see Uno back in the UFC but it this might not be the greatest matchup for him. I see Joe Stevenson GNP'ing his way to victory.

Yea the lightweight division is def. starting to become stacked! I agree with you tho, I believe that Stevenson will GNP his way to win.

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Learning to Sprawl

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good fight i hope but for sure i see Joe Daddy taking by Sub or possibly KO

Post #17   2/1/07 5:06:51PM   

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50 bucks on Uno anyone wanna wager?....eventually haha

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I got Uno, probably by sub in the 2nd. Both have ridiculous cardio, but Joe is too one-sided, and Uno is a complete package. His only real weakness is his chin, and I don't think Joe has the tools to capitalize on that.

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the HAWT one!

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Joe by UD after a real battle but Joes takedowns and elbows win him the fight.

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This one is too hard to call....

Post #21   2/2/07 9:44:04AM   
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