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Thiago Silva vs. Rashad Evans

Who will win?
Forum Opinion Poll
Thiago Silva 33 67%
Rashad Evans 16 33%
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Thiago Silva vs. Rashad Evans
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In Full Mount

jomatty Avatar
Career record: 137-79
Season: 0-0 (#-)
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Location: c-ville va
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Joined 7/07

i think you are wrong, even on paper i think rashad probably takes this one. being well rounded is important but being really dominating in one aspect can add up to a lot of wins, even against tough guys. i think rashad will turn this into a boring fight and do just what he needs to to win.

however if silva can take away his shot by chopping away with leg kicks then we could have an exciting fight that goes the other way. there is also the chance that silva may catch him in a submission although his sub defense looks pretty good. thats what im hoping happens...but im not betting on it.

Post #16   2/1/08 7:51:26AM   

Learning to Sprawl

Career record: 217-164
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Camp: Rival
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I agree with the statement that Rashad will probably turn this into a boring fight but win it. He tends to have some pretty boring matches and personally I don't care to watch the guy compete but he is talented and could go places. As far as the fans go I think his popularity will stay low until he learns to impress the crowd.

Post #17   2/1/08 8:01:26AM   

Learning to Sprawl

JoeRoganPwnsMMA Avatar
Career record: 184-119
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Location: KCMO
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Joined 2/07
Im hopin for a silva KO but most likly it'll be a Evans UD.

Post #18   2/1/08 8:26:46AM   

MMA Regular

sammyd1213 Avatar
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Season: 0-0 (#-)
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Location: Elizabeth, Indiana
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Silva is the more skilled fighter and Is with a much better camp. Silva KO.

Post #19   2/1/08 1:51:34PM   

Standup Guy

roger Avatar
Career record: 675-413
Season: 0-0 (#-)
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Location: Zephyrhills FL
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Rashad Evans all the way he will get him on his back and ground and pound him till the ref calls the fight

Post #20   2/2/08 3:03:00PM   
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