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have you all seen Joe Rogan vs Carlos(Ned) Mencia?

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have you all seen Joe Rogan vs Carlos(Ned) Mencia?
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Posted by madmarck

Posted by hippysmacker

You know I just saw a commercial that his new season is about to start. This must not have got as much play as most people hoped. I've never thought he was funny in the first place.

yeah Carlos seems more weird than funny. But if you watch Joe Rogan his stand up is kinda creepy at times. Both have some good stuff, but neither is near the best.

Best= Chris Rock hands down. If you aruge its Dave Chapplle, you are wrong.

i agree with Chris Rock having the best stand-up comedy,but he should really stick to that and not make movies.....he's a hella bad actor!

Post #46   3/16/07 9:35:45AM   

Respect the Battle Axe

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I have never seen that before. Carlos mencia always got on my nerves. now i really ddont like him. Rogan straight called him out on stage that is hilarious.

Post #47   6/4/07 5:00:56PM   

In Full Mount

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Ned Hortense, the German Honduran.

Post #48   6/4/07 5:02:35PM   

Learning to Sprawl

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ya that vid is so funny

Post #49   6/14/07 10:09:13AM   
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