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Second-Fiddle Tim Sylvia Aims for History

Second-Fiddle Tim Sylvia Aims for History
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MODular Approach

grappler0000 Avatar

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Tim Sylvia may be the world’s largest Rodney Dangerfield. The 6-foot-8, two-time former UFC heavyweight champion simply can’t get respect.

On Feb. 2 in Las Vegas, Sylvia will attempt to become only the second man in MMA history to win three major league world championships. Sylvia is attempting to go into the record book behind only Randy Couture, who won his fifth championship when beating Sylvia via decision last year. His opponent in an interim title match, Brazil’s Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, can make a legitimate claim for being the second best heavyweight in the sport’s history.

But for all the hype UFC 81 is getting, you’d likely never know either of those things.

It certainly never came up at Thursday’s UFC press conference for UFC 81.


Post #1   1/26/08 10:58:06AM   

Shrimpin' ain't easy

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I have a feeling that Tim will surprise everybody.

Post #2   1/26/08 11:29:34AM   

Heavyweight Champ

Boo_Radley21 Avatar
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I think he'll be able to pull of a win. He's got a lot of motivation for this fight, and he's a good fighter although boring lately.

Post #3   1/26/08 11:31:37AM   


nickcuc547 Avatar
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i agree too, this is a good matchup for tim, i think it's a boring fight though that will not please the crowd, but tim will come out on top by decision.

Post #4   1/26/08 12:06:15PM   

WarWagon Never Die!

JimiMak Avatar
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Tim's chances are so much better than ppl are giving him credit for. I think he loses a SD and shows everyone that, tho his style isn't entertaining, he's never really been "bad"

Post #5   1/26/08 12:26:21PM   

MMA Sensei

loonytnt Avatar
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tim is a beast imo, and idk about borin fights this guys fights dont go all round that much, but i think tim is going to get sub in this fight

Post #6   1/26/08 3:03:47PM   


bullettdodger Avatar
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I also think Nog will edge out the win, I think Big Tim will get caught in a submission... maybe not the the first 2 minutes but fairly early... first round to the second round. Though i agree that his chances are way better than anyone (not people on mmaplayground but people in general) has been giving him.

Post #7   1/26/08 3:10:57PM   

Standup Guy

roman Avatar
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If Nog comes in like Randy and gets his back it's all over.

Post #8   1/26/08 5:08:13PM   

MMA Regular

GraMMA Avatar
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Posted by roman

If Nog comes in like Randy and gets his back it's all over.

I agree,if that happens,but don't think it will.Tim by ko/tko or dec.I think Tims' size/reach will be a big factor in this fight and Tim will dominate.

Post #9   1/27/08 2:09:28PM   
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