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Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?

Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?
Forum Opinion Poll
Chuck Liddell 19 17%
Wanderlei Silva 30 26%
Georges St. Pierre 32 28%
Mirko Flipovic 26 23%
Mike Swick 2 2%
Melvin Guillard 5 4%
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Who is the most exciting fighter to watch in mma?
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Cant forget Kendall Grove....He will be Future Top Middleweight contender soon IMO..and very entertaining to watch

Post #31   2/19/07 7:04:27AM   

MMA Regular

EEKS Avatar
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The reason that i chose Wandy is because he always aims for the knockout, no matter if he is outclassed in the striking department, hes always said he fights for the fans and wants to make the fight as exciting as he can.

Post #32   2/19/07 7:14:16AM   

Learning to Sprawl

ninesevensix Avatar
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Another vote for Wanderlei. Watching him fight is extremely intense and you are always in for a good show. It starts at the stare down and lasts the entire fight.

Post #33   2/19/07 12:51:37PM   

Learning to Sprawl

seeger1 Avatar
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Of the list above,i went with Georges St. Pierre.If anyone was going to beat Matt Hughes for the belt,i am glad he did.He is always exciting and it's hard to pin point a weakness.
But to be honest,for me the most exciting fighter around is Alistair Overeem.He is always exciting in fights.If it wasn't for his sick ability to gas near the end of fights he looks to have won.He might be at the top of his weight class.But as exciting fighters go,none more so than the Demolition man.

Post #34   2/19/07 3:54:22PM   

MMA Regular

Greene33 Avatar
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GSP... most entertaining fighter ever

Post #35   2/19/07 3:57:04PM   

Learning to Sprawl

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Top 6 Favorite Fighters
1) Robert Emerson
2) B.J. "The Prodigy" Penn
3) Corey Hill
4) Nick "Diablo" Diaz
5) Randy "The Natural" Couture
6) Tito Ortiz

Post #36   8/6/07 6:28:33PM   

MMA Sensei

NatedawgThaM Avatar
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For that list it was between GSP & Wandy, but I gave it to Wandy since he has those Vicious knees....

But for all MMA, I'd go with Rampage because he's a brawler and his slams are ******' amazing....

2nd I'd go with Shogun just for his ability to just completely run over his opponets...

if I had to chose a top 3 then 3rd would be Anderson Silva...He has vicous knees too and his accuracy is just amzing but if it goes to the ground then he wouldn't make the top 3 just because his BJJ is overated...

Post #37   8/6/07 7:11:00PM   

Heavyweight Champ

cmill21 Avatar

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I wen't with Mirko, I love kickboxing, and I love kicking, punching all of that so thats why. I also love watching wandy because his fights end in KO's.

Post #38   8/6/07 7:23:49PM   

MMA Sensei

Pitbull09 Avatar
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1. Melvin
2. St Pierre
3. Chuck

Post #39   8/6/07 7:47:19PM   


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I thought Rampage would be up there... i picked cro cop tho...

Nothing better than the huge rampage slam!!!!

Post #40   8/6/07 9:54:56PM   

MMA Regular

d_block07 Avatar
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Karo Parysian. his judo throws come out of knowhere and are exciting as hell. i picked melvin though because whether hes winnin or losing its excitin as hell, rick davis, josh neer, joe stevenson, gabe rudiger.

Post #41   8/6/07 11:04:22PM   

Boondock Saints Mod

hippysmacker Avatar

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I f it's a current relevant fighter I'll take Fedor. He's explosive on the feet , ground, and with subs.

“Never violate a woman, nor harm a child. Do not lie ,cheat ,or steal.for selfish gain. These things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. And never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the pursuit of evil. Never back away from an enemy. Either fight or surrender. It is not enough to say I will not be evil. Evil must be fought wherever it is found.”
The Iron Code

Post #42   8/6/07 11:06:13PM   

In Full Mount

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shogun is the best to watch

Post #43   8/7/07 5:42:41PM   

Standup Guy

johny_rotten Avatar
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This list is garbage. Shogun, Anderson Silva, and Fedor would be my top 3, and not one of them is on the list.

Post #44   8/7/07 6:36:55PM   

MMA Regular

Piccosaur Avatar
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On that list is Wanderlei but Nick Diaz and Shogun are the most exciting fighters.

Post #45   8/7/07 10:00:26PM   
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