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Shogun vs Wandy

How would take this fight?
Forum Opinion Poll
Shogun 14 47%
Wandy 11 37%
Not sure 5 17%
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Shogun vs Wandy
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WarWagon Never Die!

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Posted by hippysmacker

Posted by Jeffanori-Gomi

Don't you guys remember they already fought.....

It was a couple years back and the link was posted on sherdog. The backstory was shogun had a purebred Rotwieller dog that Wany wanted. After Wandy kept bugging Shogun about it they finally decided to fight eachother for the dog. Wandy KO'd Shogun nearing the end of the 1st round. The video was a little grainy from what I can remember but ya they fought full out 4 oz gloves for a dog.

I be tif you search Sherdog you can prolly find the link. If so plz post I'd love to see it again. !!!

I've been a MMA fan a long time and that's the first I've heard of it. Are you just pulling our leg? If your serious, let me know.Thanks

Ya, I've heard of this too, never saw this vid. Think it was a liver shot KO. But there is a big difference between fighting in the gym and signing to do it for money. I don't think it would ever happen. For the sake of argument though, I think Shogun would take it. I also think that he is the future of the whole division, and that every year that we go w/o this fight the more it would lean toward Shogun.

Post #16   2/19/07 8:06:17PM   


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Posted by madmarck

Posted by hippysmacker

This will never happen to the best of their ability because they are so close IMO. It's gotta be a lot easier to unlesh on someone who's not like a brother to you IMO. I know I couldn't let it all go against mine. That being said, if they had a Chuck/Tito falling out( and I think they are a lot closer than Chuck/Tito ever were) I'll take Shogun.

Yeah unless somethin seriously bad happens between the two of them they will never fight. It doesn't seem like Shogun minds Wand having the title. Strange. If Shogun did get hungry he could always just go to the UFC and do what Wandy wanted to do... "**** Chuck".

I think Wand would take this match though. I think his clinch is badass. Not to mention his forearms are beastly. Shogun would be better on the ground but i think this match goes to a 3 round split descision for either guy 9 times outta 10. The other 1 time Wandy would KO Shogun.

you know the gracies do exibition fights all the time with eachother to show off their skills. i wonder if theyd be willing to do an exibition fight ( maybe taking out the soccer kicks/knees to downed & elbow strikes) to show off kickboxing/grappling. is this too far fetched

Post #17   2/20/07 10:41:19AM   
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