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Who wins the UFC WW title next...GSP or Serra??

Who wins the next fight between GSP and Serra
Forum Opinion Poll
GSP 44 88%
Serra 6 12%
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Who wins the UFC WW title next...GSP or Serra??
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ohiostate1016 Avatar
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The three letter guy. I've never heard of him before, but he sounds like he would be a good fighter.

Post #16   12/31/07 10:29:26PM   

Touch gloves, and good fight!

Bemin Avatar
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You really have to respect Serra, he came into a fight that no one even gave him a punchers chance in and he shocked the MMA world. He beat GSP, even if GSP's head wasn't in the fight for what ever reason, he still beat him. Hell he not only beat him he Knocked him out, and even if GSP was only at say 80% when you see what he has done to other fighters in the division that's pretty damn amazing.

Now Georges is definitely coming into this fight with his head screwed on straight, he knows he has to take Serra seriously now, and not only that he is going to be fighting in Montreal. (Damn, I'm still trying to figure out if I can get some time off of work to make it to this, Montreal is an amazing party city, and to be there for the UFC with GSP fighting would be incomparable) All that said I'll be putting my money on GSP but something in the back of my head is saying don't count Serra out, will that KO by Serra cause GSP to be a little hesitant in the rematch? One big disadvantage I see for Serra on top of the fact that he is fighting GSP (and not only that fighting GSP in Montreal!) is his back injury and how it will effect his training. If in fact he does fight in April he will have to work hard to get his body up to snuff, as of now from what I understand he is still unable to even fly from NY to Vegas. (Did anyone see any video or pics from the party he hosted in NY for UFC 79? I haven't seen anything as of yet and it would be nice to see how Serra's doing.)

So in my opinion GSP is going to win this fight he's my favorite fighter and he is simply amazing in the ring, but Serra could put up more of a fight than most think, and if he has gotten into GSP's head he may even shock the world again.

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Post #17   12/31/07 11:12:43PM   

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Taylor8766 Avatar

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anything can happen in mma, ala their first fight but lighting doesn't hit the same spot twice. GSP will own Serra.

Post #18   1/1/08 10:27:41PM   

MMA Sensei

Pitbull09 Avatar
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I thought by the end of ufc 79, we could finally end the debate that Serra is a champion caliber fighter but I guess we will have to continue to wait til this fight for it. Right now its 31- 3 GSP, so no complants here on the obvious winner.

Post #19   1/2/08 1:16:07AM   

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candynuts Avatar
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I will say Serra has only been finished once way back in 01' with about 9 seconds left in the fight. ( By the move that Carter made famous or whatever Goldie always says) Serra is no doubt a tough fighter who I dont think GSP can submit. Im willing to bet that this fight will go to a decision. Its hard not to pick GSP after what he did in his last fight, but then again, its hard not to pick Serra after he beat GSP (well for me anyway).

Remember, lightning can strike twice, just not 3 times!

Post #20   1/2/08 1:26:34AM   

treadin troden trails

cloppio Avatar
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Posted by tuvok500

Man, it this really a question ??

There first fight can not be taken as an example after the last GSP clinic on Hughes !!

GSP rd 1 KO !!! or even a Sub with some broken bones at the end !!!

are we really doing this? serra got lucky!!!!! read said above post!!! i'm a huge huges fan and i know gsp is the future. if you really think serra is a top fighter than maybe you should go watch some boxing because mma is not for you!

Post #21   1/2/08 1:50:39AM   


ufcboss Avatar

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I am not saying that Georges WILL win, But after his last performance, He's looking pretty good, But wait wasn't he looking pretty good coming into their last fight.
I know people said it was a fluke, Good on them. But the fact is GSP got KTFO.

And as much as I doubt it, I can see happening again...

Serra's biggest (And last) chance will be a KO, So I see him coming out swinging like Mike Tyson, He only has to land 1. Plus, Serra will be in GSP's head, Big time.

Just to pick, GSP Round 1 TKO

Post #22   1/2/08 2:37:17AM   


D0wnUnd6e6r Avatar

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Posted by Styles

I say Serra doesn't fight and Jon Fitch gets to beat up on GSP.... Hey, I can only hope!

Even if Fitch would take on GSP, Rush would still come out on top.

Post #23   1/2/08 9:45:22AM   

MMA Regular

tyo Avatar
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cant wait
does anybody know when tickets are going to be on sale

Post #24   1/30/08 10:14:13AM   
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