Who u taking for Hughes vs GSP III ?

Whos winnings at UFC 79
Matt Hughes 32 25%
GSP 94 75%
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Im picking GSP for this match

the reason i do that is because i dont see Matt putting him anywhere that he cant handle. If he takes him down, i see GSP submitting him or standing back up and standing i give the advantage to GSP as well.

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Thanks Jackalope...Just how I see it. I wouldn't be surprized if GSP pulls it off either, it's gonna be a war. But I'm just not seeing a 2nd round tko again. I agree, it'll be a great fight.

ANother advantage I think Hughes will have is the mental one. Matt Hughes is 9-2 in title fights. GSP is 1-2. Also, We all know the meltdown GSP had with Serra. GSP showed warrior spirit with his first win back againt koscheck, But This will be a Much tougher test. He's trying to get back what he lost, who knows where his head will be. We KNOW Hughes stays calm and composed in any situation. He's lost his belt and got it back before. In fact, he got it back AGAINST GSP at UFC 50. I think the UFC Championship expieriance is in Hughes's advantage for sure.

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GSP by Unanimous Decision. Like ChokeUout said. Hughes was kicked in the nuts 3 times and he was playing GSP's game by keeping it on the feet. Bad mistake. I still think GSP will win but I don't think he stops Hughes unless he catches Hughes with a knee as he shoots. I still think GSP will win on the ground just because his overall grappling is so much better then Hughes wrestling.

Why is everybody thinking GSP is a better wrestler then Kos? Kos didn't even train wrestling for that fight. He was expecting to bang it out on his feet and he suffered the consequences for it but I think in a wrestling match Kos beats GSP. But anyway back on topic.

I think GSP will be more active on his back and win on the feet to earn him a Unanimous decision Even though I will be rooting for Hughes since I gained a whole lot of respect for him over the TUF6.

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I can't see Hughes winning. GSP is so good everywhere. Also his stand up is so much better then hughes. I have to go hughes via round 3 or 4 tko/ko.

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Posted by Jackelope

Posted by ChokeUout

I think I saw 4 or 5 people pick GSP by 2nd round tko, and while I can respect that, here's Why I disagree with that...(And I'll give more than a one sentence response, too)

In the second fight, Hughes tried to strike with GSP, only going in for one takedown, and failing. That's not a matt hughes fight, and it showed when he got knocked out. (And whether hughes will admit it, getting kicked in the nuts three times certaintly didn't help, haha)

Matt WILL be more focused this time and fight HIS fight. Also, The comment GSP made make me kinda curious on UFC.COM, saying "I'm fight hughes for the interim title, then I get to fight serra." Whether or not he's looking past Hughes, who knows, but Hughes has a full training camp behind him and will be fresh, not fighting since march. GSP is taking it on short notice, but it's not as big of problem for him as it would be some fighters.

I Actually think It has a good chance to go the distance. I expect Hughes to be ALOT more relentless with the takedown attempts this time. GSP has a good ground game, but I think I favor hughes' a bit more. The guy has 18 wins by submission, more than GSP has total wins. That being said, I don't see GSP making the mistake he made in the first fight, leaving himself open to submission. It may come down to passing and Ground and pound, in which case I clearly think Hughes has the advantage. GSP might be the more natural athlete, but Hughes has more strength which just might be the edge here. So, Unless GSP can find perform the tough task of preventing Hughes from taking him down again, it'll be a close fight, mostly spent on the ground, but an exciting ground fight. However, that's where hughes probably has the advantage, on the ground. Therefore, even though it will be close and competitive...

Matt Hughes by split decision.

Agree, disagree, share with me. But personally, I've seen too many "gsp 2nd round tko" posts, so I thought I'd bring a different aspect to this thread.

Great write up. The only thing that makes me disagree (although I'll be rooting for Hughes to hold the belt one more time) is that Koscheck's shot was totally neutralized by GSP. While Koscheck isn't as strong as Hughes I still think he has one of the best shoots in MMA. I think GSP might have Hughes' number, but it'll be a lot closer than the first or second fight.

Wel l written Choke, and I agree with Jackelope as well. I think this fight come down to Hughes having the ability to take GSp down or not. If he gets better at greco take downs from the clinch, I think Hughes wins. If he goes with outside shots, or still thinks he can stand with him, I say GSP. We'll see if Hughes reveals anything about his training for this fight. Unless any info that he is training with a Greco specialist comes out, I will say GSP takes it.

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I know a lot of people are picking GSP for this, but I'm going to go with Matt. I totally agree with what has been said, Matt wasn't fighting his fight in the second match against GSP. While GSP does look kind of wrestling proof after his Koscheck match, I think Hughes' experience and strength will lend him a hand in getting GSP down.

At the end of the day though, I still believe that GSP is better in every aspect, except wrestling, so the fight seemingly should be tilted towards him, but consider this; Hughes lost his belt to GSP, and I'm sure that in his eyes, GSP is the real man to beat at 170lbs, and not Serra. While I'm sure Hughes would have liked to shut Serra up for personal reasons, he was probably aware at the real danger was GSP. For that reason, and the fact that he will want to avenge his loss, he will go into this fight really ready to go. Coupled with the fact that he said he will be retiring soon, he is really going to want to destroy GSP, and get the interim belt (which, if won by beating GSP, will mean more to me, and most fans, than getting the belt that Serra has, since GSP is a far tougher opponent) and recapture some past glory, so Hughes is really going to be on fire.

But what of GSP? His comments on UFC.com already hint that he is more concerned with beating Serra simply to take away the embaressesment that I sense he feels. If he doesnt realise that Hughes is a more of a threat to him than Serra is, then he won't give it his all. He needs to realise that right now, the interim belt is worth far more than the actual belt, since it is being contended for by the real #1 and #2 fighters at WW. If he doesn't focus, he will get taken down and pounded out by Hughes.

This really is going to be an amazing fight!

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ouh people are actually picking hughes... interesting, and a bummer at the same time for em'.

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If Hughes is smart he'll try to take GSP down as much as possible and fight him on the ground where i think Hughes has the advantage. That way even if the fight some how manages to go the distance then Hughes should be up on the judge's score cards.

I think Hughes will win

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Why is everyone assuming Hughes is so much stronger than GSP. I know he is the good old American farmboy but GSP is a monster at 170. Maybe Hughes has a miniscule strength adv. but not by enough to make up for GSP's striking adv. Hughes will not be able to to handle GSP anywhere in this fight. GSP will be able to dictate where this fight goes and how it ends.

I call GSP in the third by some vicious GnP after he rocks Hughes with a knee to the stomach.

sidenote- as for the nutshots only one landed legitimately. The other Hughes even said didn't land clean, he embellished.

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GSP will win
he will dominate the first round, by the time round 2 starts hughes will know he has a slim to none chance of winning this fight and GSP will finish him in the second round.
this will be like the silva franklin 2 fight. the fight will last a little longer than the first one, but GSP will eventually close in and finish

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I think i'm going to switch my vote to GSP. I don't know why, though. I'll probably continue to switch back and forth until the day before the event, where i'll decide who I want to go with..

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Posted by hippysmacker

Wel l written Choke, and I agree with Jackelope as well. I think this fight come down to Hughes having the ability to take GSp down or not. If he gets better at greco take downs from the clinch, I think Hughes wins. If he goes with outside shots, or still thinks he can stand with him, I say GSP. We'll see if Hughes reveals anything about his training for this fight. Unless any info that he is training with a Greco specialist comes out, I will say GSP takes it.

I was thinking the same thing about the Greco clinch. We haven't seen much of it from either of these guys. The only thing that makes me fear Matt going for the Greco clinch is GSP's knees and elbows. I think GSP could make dangerous use out of both of them if Hughes isn't careful in a Greco clinch. Were Hughes a Greco guy obviously I wouldn't be too worried.

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I think GSP will take it, but not as easy the first time.

Let's start a new poll as to whether GSP will land a spinning back kick to Hughes.

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Posted by cmill21

I can't see Hughes winning. GSP is so good everywhere. Also his stand up is so much better then hughes. I have to go hughes via round 3 or 4 tko/ko.

Wait, dont you mean GSP 3/4 round tko/ko, because you said you cant see hughes winning.

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I'm going to say GSP round 3/4 TKO/KO. Because Hughes wont stand with him as long as he did in the second fight. And he'll be much more prepared and know what to expect. And he's been training very hard and seriously for a long time leading up to this fight.

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