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UFC Refuses To Film Wanderlei Silva At Xtreme Couture

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UFC Refuses To Film Wanderlei Silva At Xtreme Couture
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Posted by wapttn

I've been defending the ufc management on a lot of issues recently.. but this is retarded. This is a classic example of an organization trying to use it's power and influence to bully someone around. If silva trains at xtreme couture, then all access should show him training at xtreme couture. The show is called all access, not limited access because we dont wanna give exposure to people we're not getting along with. This in my eyes is a huge mistake, theres no way that they can legitimize what they're doing here

i agree whole heartedly

Post #16   11/11/07 8:25:19PM   

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ha ha
I agree Dana McMahon all he needs are the hair plugs and the Roid ripped body lol

Post #17   11/12/07 12:38:51PM   

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I say we put Dana White and Randy Couture in a cage and let them fight to the death for control of the UFC. I would pay to watch that PPV.

Post #18   11/13/07 10:05:06AM   

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deinately. even though it would look like a grown man beating up a little kid id love to see dana white crying like a B**** . then he could be outcast in to some desert like that guy on demolition man

Post #19   11/13/07 11:10:01PM   


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once again wap is right on point

Post #20   11/13/07 11:50:47PM   

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That would be awesome, i'd watch...I would love to see Dana fight...You can tell he works out...lets see him use some of that muscle...

As for the situation...Dumb....for the sake of the show, the fans, everyone! A stupid grudge should not come before anything....there going to confuse or mislead people...

Not good..

Post #21   11/26/07 5:25:03PM   
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