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GSP Vs Fitch

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GSP Vs Fitch
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juanez13 Avatar

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i'd say GSP takes it

Post #16   10/8/07 5:06:24PM   

Standup Guy

HulkRage Avatar
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Karo vs. Fitch first IMO

Post #17   10/8/07 6:01:43PM   

Heavyweight Champ

cmill21 Avatar

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If GSP's focused he's unbeatable. He's so good at everything, he beats you at your own game, or exploits your weakness.

Post #18   10/8/07 6:13:19PM   

MMA Sensei

loonytnt Avatar
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i say this fight should happen soon so when matt vs matt fight happens they got a fighter for the champ already, the ww div is going slow atm i think it will speed things up, serra vs hughes on TUF showed it down imo

Post #19   10/8/07 6:16:59PM   

MMA Sensei

Pitbull09 Avatar
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I think Pierre already is guarenteed a shot. Fitch will prob fight Serra (once he loses to hughes) and after that get a shot.

Post #20   10/8/07 7:20:06PM   

MMA Sensei

tuvok500 Avatar

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GSP is guanranteed to fight the winner of the 2 matt. it is 100% sure and he will not have to fight before that.
so all these guys, fitch, karo, koscheck and the loser matt will have to compete against each others to be the guy who will fight GSP after his win.

so please peoples stop saying that gsp / fitch winner will have a title shot , or fitch will be next in line, because the only one who do not have to win another fight before a title shot is GSP. it has been announced a while ago.

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Post #21   10/8/07 7:38:28PM   

Standup Guy

johny_rotten Avatar
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Posted by ocho-cinco

That is crazy. Karro holds a victory over the current UFC WW champ. Took the former WW champ the distance. Just because he lost a contraversal decision to Diego and Fitch won a contraversal decision over Diego doesn't separate the two that much in the race for the belt. With the wait being long for the next WW title match up these two fighting is the only thing that makes sense.

The only contraversial part of Fitchs decision over Sanchez was, why was it even a split? Fitch won that fight hands down. I agree that Karo isn't far behind Fitch but he is behind, and I don't think it would be fair to Fitch for him to have to beat Karo after the long list of guys he has already beaten to get his shot. He has more then proven himself worthy of a title shot and should be next in line after GSP.

Karro isn't one of my favorite fighters, but I do hate Diego. I think Fitch won that fight, but some people saw it a different way. They saw Diego going for more, and putting Fitch in trouble with submissions. That is why Joe Rogan asked Fitch the question after the fight about what he thinks should be scored more submission attempts or submission attempts. Either way a split is always contraversal.

I was listening to MMA weekly radio before the last fight night, and right after Karro/Diego was repeated on Spike TV. Both members of the broadcast team agreed that after rewatching that fight they think Karro was robbed. Everyone remembers the tooth flying out, but no one remembers that Karro controlled about 10 minutes of that 15 minute fight. Rewatch and argue with me.

The main point is Fitch can't wait for his title shot before he fights again. We are still two months away from Matt vs Matt before the UFC can even schedule GSP to fight the winner. Hopefully no one wins and gets a major injury, but either way Fitch needs another fight before the middle of next year when the title can be up for grabs again. Fitch and Karro both have 7 wins in the UFC. To me he deserves to be a little closer to the title fight than Fitch considering he was already awarded one, defeated the current champ, and has fought in more meaning full fights than Fitch. I see where the case could be made for Fitch, but honestly the two faceing off is the best case scenario stemming from the mess Dana created when he chose the two current coaches for TUF in a very deep division.

Post #22   10/8/07 10:14:28PM   

MMA Regular

Schizoidman Avatar
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I agree, Karo and Fitch would be a best-case fight, and hopefully an exciting one. I didn't find Fitch's win over Sanchez to be impressive. He won off playing position like any boring wrestler does. At least Diego tried to finish off his back. It shows versatility, and submission attempts should count for something. I'm tired of watching bigger guys lay on smaller guys for the whole round. And then the next whole round. I find that the judges forget that you can still control a fight from your back. I hope that Joe Rogan's mentioning of the flawed scoring system sparks a change because right now it definately favors wrestlers. Anyway, Fitch's win over Diego doesn't really mean much to me since Diego is falling off anyway. At least Karo fought him when he still had some fire. Fitch just squeeked out a lackluster decision just like Koscheck did.

Post #23   10/9/07 2:22:59AM   
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