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Strikeforce Sneak Peak: Five Classic Bouts from Yahoo! Sports

Are you excited about the 5 free fights offered by yahoo sports and strikeforce
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Yes 11 61%
No 3 17%
I would be if I had any idea who these guys were 4 22%
Strikeforce Sneak Peak: Five Classic Bouts from Yahoo! Sports
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LOS ANGELES — On the eve of a first-of-its-kind event at the Playboy Mansion, Strikeforce today released five, full-length classic fights that are now available at partner site Yahoo! Sports.

To whet your appetites for tomorrow’s event, check out these fights from Yahoo! Sports and Strikeforce:

Daniel Puder vs. Mike Cook — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006)
Ronald Jhun vs. Eugene Jackson — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006)
Josh Thomson vs. Nam Phan — Strikeforce Triple Threat (Dec. 8, 2006)
Gilbert Melendez vs. Clay Guida — Strikeforce Revenge (June 6, 2006)
Mike Seal vs. Eugene Jackson — Strikeforce Revenge (June 6, 2006)

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Post #1   9/29/07 1:11:45AM   


loller90278 Avatar
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i never saw the guida-melendez fight till now, wow gilbert spanks that ass for 5 rounds..

Post #2   9/29/07 12:03:43PM   

He's Back...

rcg916 Avatar

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Thanks for this... Let me see Daniel Puder, who, just as I thought, sucks terribly.

Post #3   9/29/07 1:34:32PM   
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