Green: ‘Pettis you got played by a steroid cheat, in new champ dos Anjos’

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I thought RDA put everything together and picked the perfect defensive techniques when striking. Obviously he out-grappled as it was assumed he would if the fight lasted more than two rounds. But when he had the many striking exchanges he kept Pettis pressured enough to not be able to lengthen his stance for kicks, he used a solid leverage guard when defending at the distance he imposed, and went to a drop away shoulder roll to the opposite of the side his punch came from after most strikes so he couldn't be countered. Just took away everything Pettis does well. Mayweather is someone who shoulder rolls a shitload, keeps your chin protected when your hands aren't back in a defensive position yet. I don't see why people lumped this aura on Pettis so quick. A half dozen guys in the UFC that can make 155 could employ the same gameplan and do the same thing with the pressure, grappling, and striking defense/offense. If Pettis can't finish you, you're a lot better than a coin-flip chance away from a win. I'd pick RDA in a rematch without hesitation.

Also, RDA has been training his striking with Cordeiro for 7 years now and has made steady improvement. He wasn't the crisper or quicker striker against Pettis. Look no further than Dariush who has only been with Cordeiro for 3 years and just surprised most by dismantling Cruickshank on the feet en route to a finish. So why is it not OK to think RDA has the striking awareness/strategy in training his MT with Cordeiro for over twice as long as Dariush that he'd have improved? It took many years, not a fight or two. I just don't see why so many people are latching onto `RDA couldn't have done that without steroids`. That's not even logical based on how the fight went.


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It's been a long time since I've been commented on here, but this caught my eye. I'll say I've been a fan of RDA since seeing him live at UFC 103. After his prelim fight he was sitting in the 100 level and watching the rest of the fights.

Anyway, more to the point, I have also heard of other fighters' suspicions that RDA is on something. I don't recall where from but I remember hearing that Jeremy Stephens insinuated as much. I think it was a comment from someone on a site like this that had met Stephens somewhere and had a brief conversation with him. One of the topics that came up was something along the lines of who was the strongest guy that Stephens had fought and he said RDA (and his response was such that it gave the impression that he thought it was an unnatural strength). Again, this is third-hand, so take it for what it is worth. I think it has some relevance because this was many years ago, before RDA's rise when these types of things become more popular to bring up.

This brings me to another point. It isn't like RDA was a bum and just suddenly became amazing. I know I am over exaggerating the point some are making, but he's been in the UFC since 2008, fighting 18 times, with a record of 13-5, with 2 of those losses coming in his first 2 UFC fights. The 5 losses, in order, were to Jeremy Stephens, Tyson Griffin, Clay Guida, Gleison Tibau, and Nurmagomedov. Now some of those were a long time ago, but from my recollection, none of those were bad losses (except possibly his most recent, based on how thoroughly he was dominated). From what I remember, he was winning against Stephens, but got blown up with the most hellacious uppercut I think I've ever seen. That was also his UFC debut. I can't recall the Griffin fight, but it was Fight of the Night. I also seem to remember him being ahead of Guida until the broken jaw. The Tibau fight was a close split decision. I understand that he's also been on the winning end of some close fights. I also understand that, until recently, he didn't have many big wins either. Sometimes people just need the opportunity, though.

All that said...
Could he be using? Sure.
Could he have started once he stepped up in competition? Sure.
Does the speculation of other fighters give this more steam? Sure.
But has he ever failed a PED test? Not that I'm aware of.
Have other athletes denied, denied, denied, then been busted and subsequently admitted to being long-time users? Unfortunately, yes.
Is all this fair? Not really, but we've seen a lot of situations like this end poorly.

I know I'm kind of all over the place in this post, but I'm just throwing my thoughts out there and am interested in seeing what others think.

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