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Dana White undecided on bringing Josh Barnett to the UFC

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Dana White undecided on bringing Josh Barnett to the UFC
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Cant blame him, Barnett has done nothing to show he can be trusted to not get busted for PEDs. He is labeled as the man that killed Affliction for testing positive for PEDs just 10 days out from fighting Fedor in the main event.

Now this wouldn't be the end of the world if it wasnt for the fact he was busted 2 times before this. Plus people forget Josh has burned the UFC before. He was the UFC HW champ at one time but was striped for testing positive for PEDs. Add in the fact that Josh bad mouthed the UFC for years. So I can honestly say if I was in Dana's shoes I wouldn't bring him back in to the UFC. Good fighter or not he is a liability.

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I'm not getting my hopes up because it probably wont happen but .... WAR BARNETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Im a fan of Barnett so im in favor of it

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