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Who would win if they ever fight/fought?

Who would win if they ever fight/fought?
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Learning to Sprawl

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Images link to video discussion about each:

So who would beat who and why?

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Heavyweight Champ

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-Cyborg via KO/TKO
-Fedor via KO/TKO
-Valesquez via Decision

Don't know about McGregor/Sanchez. I want to see more from McGregor before I believe the hype.

Post #2   2/6/14 2:06:22AM   

Slight Reach Advantage

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Cyborg r2 tko
dont think ronda's chin could handle it

fedor r1 sub
I choose skill over size

Velasquez ud
velasquez, over time, will show his place as the greatest hw we've seen at this point

Jds r1 ko
night night overeem

Sanchez ud
I think itd be a fun scrap but the size difference makes this unanimous for all 3 judges

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- Rousey Rd2 Arm Bar
- Fedor Rd1 KO
- Cain Rd2 TKO
- Dos Santos Rd2 TKO
- Sanchez UD

Post #4   2/6/14 9:11:06AM   

Heavyweight Champ

sparky Avatar

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Rousey R1 Sub
Emelianenko R1 KO
Valasquez R2 TKO
Dos Santos R1 KO
McGregor UD

Post #5   2/6/14 9:19:01AM   

Emma Watson Picture Incoming

jjeans Avatar

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Cyborg 1st KO Headkick
Fedor 1st TKO Knee to the body and punches
Cain 3rd TKO Punches
JDS 1st KO Right hook
Sanchez 1st TKO Punches from back mount

The only 1 I had to think about was Cain Fedor

Weak unoriginal matchups

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Cyborg beats Rousey up for 25 minutes most of the time, tko's her the rest.

Fedor beats Lesnar any and every way possible. Kinda a wasted question.

Cain vs Fedor, I think Cain beats Fedor, 51 times out of 100.

JDS and Overeem would trade KO's with each other, JDS wins 6 out 10 times.

At this point Sanchez probably gets his ass kicked by McGregor similar to how every other fighter he faces does, but Sanchez SD.

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Heavyweight Champ

prozacnation1978 Avatar

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Cyborg ko 1st
Fedor ko first
Fedor ko first
Jds ko first
Sanchez by Dec

Post #8   2/7/14 2:15:52AM   

Learning to Sprawl

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cyborg 1st rd tko: ronda got hit quite a bit early against meisha
fedor 1st rd tko: brock didnt take punches to well against heavy hitters
cain 4th/5th rd tko: tire out fedor and get the finish in the late rounds
jds 1st rd ko : hes faster more powerful and has a better chin
sanchez by decision: bigger more aggressive more experienced

Post #9   2/8/14 7:14:45PM   


prophecy033 Avatar

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Cyborg via Destruction
Fedor via Brock not liking being punched
Cain because he's younger...less damage taken. Great Fight
JDS via better gas tank
McGregor via Split Dec

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Learning to Sprawl

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I like this thread!

I would have to say:


Post #11   2/22/14 6:17:32PM   

MMA Sensei

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Cyborg isn't as refined as Rhonda in her MMA game. She is brutishly strong, but in a more generic sense and I think when they tie up she'll find out that grappling super-strength throws around typical big-muscle super-strength (see Morais-Coleman or Fujita-Sapp for examples of that). And strength is about all Cyborg has going for her. Rhonda has better technique, better speed and likely more cardio. Cyborg has a puncher's chance, but she is more of a hard puncher than a quick and accurate one. I think Rhonda closes the distance without getting much damage and the rest of the fight looks like all of hers--R1 sub.

Fedor at his peak would be a pretty easy choice. He went years without losing or being finished and he was a great finisher himself. Lesnar had a lot of tools but he was susceptible to both the KO and the submission and Fedor could deliver either very quickly. Lesnar probably wins most of any round he survives, but he's not going to survive them all. I actually think this one also has a good chance of ending in R1 since I don't think Lesnar has the right instincts to protect himself from what Fedor will offer.

I'll go against the grain and say Fedor. During his run he didn't tire and he absorbed damage without it seeming to have much effect on his gameplan. Velasquez is the complete package and he can outwrestle Fedor, but his chin is a bit shaky (JDS1 and Kongo fights are what tells me this) and Fedor hits very hard and he has faster hands and feet. I think this will be a classic ground and pound vs. sprawl and brawl matchup--if the fight is standing for the majority of time then Fedor wins and if it goes to the ground then Cain will ride him out. I don't think either guy in their prime would get tired tbh and I don't think either will leave an opening wide enough for a finish. But I could see Fedor bouncing in and out with significant strikes and wrestling defensively for the decision. A key point for him is to hurt Cain early with something so that Velasquez can't become reckless with his takedown attempts....boy, that isn't easy, maybe....nah, give me Fedor UD :)

JDS is the more proven commodity. Let's face it, he only has to survive the first round and he always has. After that the guy with the physique and cardio of a bodybuilder will be a sitting target. JDS KO2.

Are we talking now? I think that's a 50-50 fight. But in his "prime" Sanchez was a top contender in a very competitive 170 pounds weight class. That guy, who went 1-1 with Koschek, beat Karo, lost a very close fight to Fitch, etc. would be too much for McGregor and would probably win a wide UD.

Post #12   2/23/14 11:55:21AM   

Learning to Sprawl

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Rousey via sub: Olympian, son. End of discussion.

Fedor via TKO: I think Fedor plays Fedor and picks Brock apart before landing something hard.

Cain via UD: My fellow Mexican could run laps around Fedor all day. Cardio and picking shots, wear him down style.

JDS via TKO: Overeem is not what he once was, and let's face it. Cain and JDS will have like 6 fights between each other before their careers are over

Connor via UD: I am riding the Connor hype train, I think he'd be crazy enough to bang with Sanchez but I think it would go something between Melendez v Sanchez and Jury vs Sanchez.

Post #13   3/18/14 2:41:08AM   
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