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Anderson Silva to attend UFC 154 ... does a Georges St-Pierre superfight loom?

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Anderson Silva to attend UFC 154 ... does a Georges St-Pierre superfight loom?
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If I was GSP I would say sure at 170 you got buddy.

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Anderson should walk in the cage, grab the microphone and tell GSP he was not impressed by his performance

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DIdn't GSP do the same thing over a year ago? I thought he attended one of Anderson's fights and was cage side allegedly 'taking notes'.

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Dana wants the fight and commented that he would try to make it a day or two ago.

It seems like Silva wants it, too.

GSP has said that the main obstacle was weight a few years ago...since he walks around above 185 and Silva has fought at 170 before, this should be able to be worked out.

So long as it doesn't get in the way of Jones-Silva, I'm all for it.

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