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THQ To Make New UFC Video Games

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THQ To Make New UFC Video Games
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I think Pride FC on PS2 was the best MMA game to date. The old UFC games on xbox were garbage. They were basically all the same with hardly any improvements or new features. Although the Pride game was somewhat of a button masher you still had to pay close attention to what your opponent is doing in order to reverse a submission attempt if the fight went to the ground. There are alot of BS moves that occured in the Pride game such as automatic reversal animations that put you in a completely different position such reversing an armbar attempt would put the reversed player in full mount. Or being KO'd while in a full mount by the your opponent who is on the bottom just because your health meter ran out. I hate that stupid health meter....if it was low enough you could throw a quick leg kick and it would knock the guy out. In the create a fighter mode you can make your own combos which is cool.

UFC on Xbox 360 and PS3 could have a lot of potential to be a killer game. I don't think thq would make it similar to their wwe series of games. They are totally different types of fighting games. UFC game on xbox live would be sick. Imagine all the trash talk that would be going on. I hope the graphics are similar but better than FNR3's graphics. That would be so realistic if they could actually do 3D body scans of Chuck Liddell, Mirko Cro Cop and the other fighters. I can't wait.....I want it now....

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