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Jamal Patterson MMA Record, Videos and Forum Posts - Jamal Patterson

  MMA Fighters » Jamal Patterson
Fighter Overview
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MMAPlayground Performance
Fighter Picked To Win Fighter
IFL: New Blood New Batttles - 4/4/08
Vladimir Matyushenko victory, Fight ends in round 2, KO / TKO
Jamal Patterson
Fighter Pic
Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko
Fighter Pic
IFL 2007 Finals - 9/20/07
Jamal Patterson victory, Fight ends in round 1, Submission / Tapout
Jamal Patterson
Fighter Pic
Chris Baten
Fighter Pic
Recent Jamal Patterson Videos
Jamal Patterson vs. Antwain Britt UWC
IFL - Legends Championship 2006- Jamal Patterson vs. Matt Horwich 1
IFL - Championship 2006- Jamal Patterson vs Alex Schoenauer
IFL - Connecticut- Jamal Patterson vs. Matt Horwich
Recent Jamal Patterson Topics
Antwain Britt vs. Jamal Patterson Video Promo for UWC: Man O' War
Antwain Britt to Face Former IFL Standout Jamal Patterson at UWC 5: Man O' War on February 21st
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