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Brad Imes MMA Record, Videos and Forum Posts - Brad Imes

  MMA Fighters » Heavyweights » Brad Imes
Fighter Overview
Record: View All
Physique: Heavyweight
MMA Fan Favorites Division rank, last 12 months
* NR = Not Ranked
MMAPlayground Performance
Fighter Picked To Win Fighter
UFC 69: Shootout - 4/7/07
Heath Herring victory, Judge's decision, Unanimous/majority decision
Brad Imes
Fighter Pic
Heath "Texas Crazy Horse" Herring
Fighter Pic
Recent Brad Imes Videos
Roy Nelson vs Brad Imes (IFL)
KOTC - Arch Rivals- Brad Imes vs. Bo Cantrell
Brad Imes vs Bo Cantrell (KOTC) [w/ Gogo Goodness]
GogoBrada II
Brad Imes vs Chris Adams
Recent Brad Imes Topics
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Brad Imes To Fight This Weekend
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New Brad Imes Interview
Interview: Brad Imes
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