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  1. UFC 106: The Losers Return
    Lesnar Officially Out Now that Lesnar-Carwin is out I took another look at the fight card. Nearly every fighter on there is coming off a loss. Ortiz Griffin Paisyan Sadollah Baroni Saunders Davis...
  2. locking threads
    does anybody know why threads are getting locked up? is it to stop having repetitive threads? cause locking them doesnt delete them theyre still there taking up just as much space
  3. Who really won?
    How did you score Machida vs Rua?
  4. Machida vs Shogun
    Hey i found something interesting on a site which is at the bottom Fanhouse scored the fight 48-47 Shogun (twice) Cagewriter score the fight 48-47 Shogun Bloody Elbow scored it 50-46 Shogun USA Today...
  5. UFC YouTube Channel
    I subscribe to it on YouTube and I noticed the account has been suspended. Can anyone shed some light on why? Thanks in advance.
  6. What if the same thing happens in the rematch...
    What if Shogun dominates all 5 rounds again in almost identical fashion, will he get screwed again? Can the sport really handle another scandal like this? probably, and I think this fight has already...
  7. Koscheck Vs Johnson Co-Main Event UFC 106
    Josh Koscheck and Anthony Johnson have verbally agreed to fight each other at UFC 106 on Nov. 21 in Las Vegas, Sherdog.com has learned from a source close to the bout.
  8. UFC 105 Weigh-Ins Details
    UFC announced the 105 weigh-ins details today: They're scheduled for November 13 at MEN Arena in manchester, England. The first fighter should hit the scales at 4 PM GMT (11 AM ET, 8 PM PT). Junkie...
  9. Tuf Disgusts me (spoiler)
    I am disgusted at the image this show portrays . Tonights episode was appalling. Where do i start ..... Rampage has the nerve to tell rashad ( infront of his own team ) that he didnt quit on them but...
  10. UFC 106 whats going on in vegas
    im going to ufc 106 in las vegas and ill be there for like 4 days is there a website or anything i can look on or something you all know of where i can meet fighters for autograph sessions or stuff...
  11. UFC 108: Wikipedia says it, it must be real
    Below is the link to UFC 108 on Wikipedia but if you can't be bothered Heavyweight Championship bout: Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Shane Carwin [2] Light Heavyweight Championship bout: Lyoto Machida (c) vs....
  12. Kimbo gains my respect so far...
    So far since the season isnt over but hes looked real good on the show I believe. I mean here's a guy who from the get go everybody hates and wants to see get destroyed and everybody wants to fight...
  13. Kimbo vs Houston Alexander ufc 107?
  14. Fitch vs. Alves @ UFC 107 off, Alves knee injury who is next for Fitch?
    who steps in for alves, or could the fight be pushed back?
  15. My Revelation on Anderson Silva
    Ok here it goes. Up until recently, I really disliked Anderson as a person and a fighter. He came off as someone who is really cocky, but knows how to fight this great sport to perfection. I always...
  16. MW contender problem solved.....
    Anderson will NOT be fighting at UFC 108 Source this might be a blessing in disguise. i think the best way to solve problem is to have a fight while he is getting back to 100% with only a few more...
  17. UFC Champions Poll, BJ Penn (back by demand)
    Last poll said that Anderson Silva is the least dominant champion so far?!?!? only 40% of people said no one in the UFC could beat him. But the people have spoken and i won't argue. I won't talk...
  18. Do we get "THE HEAT" at UFC 106?
    My qustion to the PG is, Does Karo come into this fight looking to win? He has been a bit of a head case as of late. Dont get me wrong his skills are on point but he is bumping into a guy in Hazelet...
  19. Forrest Griffin on Anderson Silva, Tito Ortiz
    Forrest talks Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz. Sounds like he has his confidence back. Link
  20. Kimbo/Brock
    So the question at hand is, is Kimbo growing the hair on his chest to look like Brock's tattoo? Or did Brock get that tattoo to look like Kimbo?
  21. UFC Champions Poll: Brock Lesnar (last one)
    We are finally at the big Guys. Last poll said that B J Penn has more of a chance of retaining his championship than Anderson Silva... Lesnar... i think is a very debatable champion. I think he is...
  22. PLEASE Anderson Silva... do NOT leave MMA just so you can fight THIS guy
    It's NOT in the best interest of your health ^^Click
  23. Minotauro vs Cain UFC 108
  24. Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic vs. Ben Rothwell at UFC 111?
    A heavyweight battle between Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic and Ben Rothwell appears as if it may be in the works for UFC 111. A report has recently surfaced on the extremely popular mixed martial arts...
  25. What do the judges look at to score a fight?
    so today i am going to mute the sound and watch the Machida vs Shogun fight again just to see how i really score it. its tough to score a fight while it is actually happening just because i get...
  26. Who to pick....Ortiz or Griffin
    i am having a little trouble picking a winner. can anyone help me? here is what i'm working with. First, i am throwing the first fight out the window (maybe i shouldn't) just because both fighters...
  27. Big Baby
    During this TUF, I am drawn to the characteristics of Markus (Big Baby). The guy is very well mannered, manners that I would like my kids to aquire. The odd thing is how someone with this high moral...
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  28. ufc in brazil
    How sweet would it be if sometime next year ufc did a show in brazil and had machida-shogun 2 and silva-belfort on the card....... that would be a huge event!
  29. UFC 105 Bonus predictions
    sotn- Brown over Wilks kotn- Hamman over Gustafsson fotn-Bisping vs Kang post um if you got um
  30. Countdown to UFC 105
    Airs tonight (Monday) at 11 on the east coast for us here in the States. Not sure for our friends in other countries though. Check UFC.com and they should have it on there.
  31. Mir vs. Kongo
    I got Mir by sub in round one.... what are your thoguhts?
  32. UFC 106 Ortiz vs. Griffin 2 -- It's Time For War (Promo)
    I was looking forward to the rematch...but now I'm geeked. Video
  33. Rampage Jackson vs Titties
    Rampage Jackson vs Titties ^^ lol
  34. WTH? Video of UFC's Ben Rothwell beating the crap out of a fat kid
    This is seriously messed up Ben Rothwell beating up a 400 lbs teenager
  35. Chad Ochocinco vs. Anderson Silva In The Works For UFC 108
    No, not really, but it made Mania. No, not really, but that’s the latest back-and-forth conversation between epic “Twitterer” and NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver, Chad Ochocinco, and UFC President Dana...
  36. Anyone know the weigh-in time for tomorrow in Manchester?
    Also I'm presuming they are held at the MEN?
  37. UFC 105 Weigh-Ins Results
    Results: Everyone made weight. Randy Couture (204) vs. Brandon Vera (204) Dan Hardy (171) vs. Mike Swick (170) Michael Bisping (186) vs. Denis Kang (185) Matt Brown (170) vs. James Wilks (169) Ross...
  38. Why Vera?
    First off, don't get me wrong i like this fight and i like their two different styles in the fight and i think it will be fun to watch. i'm just wondering why they picked Vera to fight Randy. Vera...
  39. Kang, you've lost me as a fan
    I can't take it anymore. I can no longer root for Kang. The guy has all the tools. HE shows them in the first round of every fight by totally dominating both in stand up and on the ground. Then in...
  40. Anybody else think Gustafsson punched too fast?
    Hear me out . I thought after the break for the eyepoke, that immediately after they touched gloves it was kind of a -" gentleman's agreement" , "respect between warriors" , " martial arts coda" - to...
  41. How did you score Couture Vs Vera (Spoiler warning)
    Sherdog scored it 29-28 Vera MMAweekly scored it 29-28 Vera MMAjunkie scored it 29-28 Couture i think Vera should have got the decision against randy all randy did was hold I'm against the cage and...
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  42. gsp vs. hardy
    this will be the most lopsided title defense since gsp vs. serra
  43. What Next For Michael Bisping ?
    Who do you guys think he should face next ? I'm thinking the timing is about right for him to fight Patrick Cote.
  44. "Beast Rising". A tribute to Brock Lesnar
    Due to recent news, I put together a little tribute for Brock's MMA career. Get well soon big guy. Beast Rising
  45. Watch UFC 105 Prelims - FREE!
    UFC has posted videos of the prelim bouts, go to the links and click "Watch Now" next to the player. Nick Osipczak vs. Matt Riddle John Hathaway vs. Paul Taylor Terry Etim vs. Shannon Gugerty Paul...
  46. Dennis Siver should have gotten the Pat Berry award
    I mean I'm sure other people have done it too but most recently Pat Berry won fight of the night & KO of the night at UFC 104 against Antoni Hardonk. I just watched the Siver-Kelly fight. How was...
  47. Andre Winner's KO of Delgado vs. Hendo's KO of Bisping
    Let's recap some of the things that were posted by members of this site after Dan Henderson's brutal KO over Michael Bisping... I really can't believe Dan did that to Bisping. Sure there was lots of...
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  48. Brock Lesnar Hall of Fame?
    Ok so since ive been reading article after article about how sick Brock is, a thought popped into my head. IF this illness is indeed career ending (as ive heard here and there tentatively) do you...
  49. Future hall of famers????
    Saw the topic there of Lesnar possibly becoming a hall of famer one day so i thought it would be good to see who you guys think deserves to be a UFC hall of famer in the future. i will list a...
  50. Dana White's UFC 106 Video Blog - Episode 1
    Dana White's UFC 106 Video Blog - Episode 1 Check out the first installment in Dana's video blog series for UFC 106, with a twist. We finally get to see the UFC 104 fight day video blog that was...
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