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  1. This might sound crazy
    At UFC 104, they have Anthony Johnson fighting Yoshida, who is an ok name in the UFC, but I personally think they should move him up in competition. His athleticism, chin, punching power, and...
  2. Ken-Flo Leaves Mark Della Grotte and Sit Yod Tong
    Kenny Florian has split ways with Mark Della Grotte and will now be training with Firas Zahabi. For those who don't know, Firas runs GSP's camp out of the Tri Star Gym in Montreal. Link
  3. Todd Duffee talks Tim Hague & UFC 107
    Anyone hear this? Cool interview with Todd Duffee regarding his KO of Tim Hague @ UFC 102 and upcoming UFC 107 fight. http://www.thelightsoutshow.com/2009/09/lights-out-show-volume-363.html
  4. UFC 103 Weigh in - Emerson
    What is going on on the back of the dome? It looks like he tattooed a bald hair line. Did he just overtake Belcher and Lesnar for worst UFC tattoo ?
  5. What was with Cro Cop?!
    Lord have mercy, I ve never seen such a lousy performance! Being a loyal fan, I am forced to hang it up for him. RIP Cro Cop
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  6. who impressed you the most at UFC 103
  7. Belfort for the title
    Does the playground think Belfort jumps in front of Marquardt and Henderson to fight the Spider? I really don't know what to think on this. I wanna say 'no' because he only has had one fight and it...
  8. UFC taking first step from infancy
    I have been watching UFC since day one (and other mma of course) and I know that this sport was somewhat around before the UFC, the UFC pretty much was the start of what was considered somewhat of a...
  9. IF your Joe Silva...
    And your looking at the MW divison. It seems like a mess right now. Anderson wants to fight at HW Henderson wants a title shot immediately or to fight at LHW Marquardt wants a shot or Henderson Vitor...
  10. UFC 103 next opponents
    Vitor Belfort: Nate Marquardt Rich Franklin: Coleman vs. Tito winner (or loser) Junior Dos Santos: Cain Velasquez (after he beats Rothwell) Mirko Cro Cop: Antoni Hardonk Josh Koscheck: Matt Hughes...
  11. UFC 106 (Kinda early for this post)
    I just can't help but notice the fights on the card for UFC 106 and I'm wondering who else thinks this might be the best overall card ever put together? The amount of interesting and good fights on...
  12. Cro Cop: I should have retired three years ago
    Mirko Filipovic after the defeat of the Junior dos Santos admitted that his time in martial arts but passed. "Many say that I have to scrap, and maybe still are right. I train hard for 20 years and I...
  13. UFC 103 Pictures
    Check them out, I liked the Drwal vs McFedries pictures the most Link
  14. How do you think Gegard Mousasi would fare against the UFC MW or even LHW Elite?
    I honestly feel like Mousasi has a legit chance of beating most of the top MW or LHW in the UFC right now. And the guy is only going to get better. I would love to see the UFC sign this guy and put...
  15. Kang and Biping
    Hoping to see Kang GNP Bisping in this one. Ever since the TUF show, lost alot of respect for Bisping. Like a refreshing drink of water when Dan KOed him. Any thoughts?
  16. Weird Diego Sanchez comments
    “im feeling good at 185 and im not chuby either so looks like i will drop ten lbs this months and 5 in octeber then finish the water eight in the sauna……. i love cutting weight and getting in that...
  17. Shouldnt Patrick Cote be back by now??
    its almost been a year that he got injured, does anyone have any info on him or when he will fight again??
  18. GSP
    I think its GSP self preservation, not trying to take anything away from him. I think he has some self doubt since being ko'ed. He is a much better striker then he's been showing lately. maybe not...
  19. Rampage Retires!!
  20. Will having dominating champions in each weight class actually hurt the UFC?
    First of all I'm not saying that the UFC already has dominating champions in each division or that they will in each division, but what I am saying is that we already have two IMO with GSP (defeating...
  21. UFC ending song (not face the pain)
    Ok....Ive been looking everywhere for this song, but i cant find what its called. its played at the end of UFC unleashed when they recap everything. It sounds like its by stem, but I cant find it....
  22. Is Brock going to be the guy who finally defeats Carwin or even pushes him past the first round for that matter?
    I mean even though 10 out of the 11 guys Carwin has defeated aren't even top 40 HW, to go 11-0 and not have anyone even push you past the first round is damn impressive, especially when Gonzaga is on...
  23. Painful moments of MMA
    I just stumbled upon a photo galley of the most painful moments of MMA and man these were some brutal fights....
  24. Kimbo in UFC, Maybe going to Greg Jackson's
    Found this and thought it was very interesting! Maybe Old Kevin gets a win next week?? Being that Rashard wants to train with him now.. LOOK HERE
  25. TUF 10: Kimbo's beard wanted its own contract
    It's not Jimmy Durante's nose but Kimbo Slice's beard is getting pretty big for its britches. The legendary Durante actually took out an insurance policy on his legendary schnoz; Kimbo Slice needs to...
  26. Sanchez-Penn (Round 1)
    I was thinking this lately and another thing I believe thats going to hurt Diego in his fight with Penn is how he opens up a fight. In the Guida fight he ran out and just threw hooks again and again....
  27. New UFC 106 poster
    It's too damn big. Here's the link to it Link Not much diff. from the original.
  28. Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira vs. the UFC, Part III
    It's been a year-and-a-half since my last examination of the former PRIDE FC Heavyweight champion, and the playpen that was the UFC's Heavyweight division has turned into something of a shark tank....
  29. Rashad gets in Mcsweenies (own teamate) face next week!
    Next week Rashad and Rampage are talking smack again and mcsweenie steps in and starts talking before he thinks and says something that offends both rampage and rashad. in the video preview you can...
  30. Swick vs Hardy
    Been gone to my cottage for the weekend and checked my facebook to see Dan Hardy's facebook status says he has a big announcement to come in the next few days, apparently Swick's Twitter page says...
  31. nice UFC highlight i found
  32. whats up with Forrest
    im really getting tired of Forrest not giving a straight answer to any question. If he thinks talking and the media are getting old and can't respect the people that pay to see him than my money is...
  33. What to expect from Hamill/Jones?
    I'm expecting this to be a great fight, they match up well and impose problems for each other (different wrestling style) they haven't had in the past. I'm saying Jones takes it due to the fact that...
  34. how long will Machida vs Shogun last
    just curious what the general opinion is
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  35. What's his name?
    Somebody help me please, I'm drawing a blank. What was the name of the TUF fighter, lightweight, very tall and skinny, who (I think) broke his leg during a fight?
  36. Rumor: Wanderlei Silva vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 108
    Former Pride superstar Wanderlei Silva is in early discussions to make his middleweight debut against decorated Judoka, Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 108 in Jan. Even though the bout is far from official...
  37. Females in the UFC
    Should the UFC pursue a female division?
  38. How many would love for Thiago Silva to step in for Rampage?
    What does the playground think about Thiago Silva stepping in at 107 and fighting Rashad as a replacement for Rampage? He's tough test for anybody, a named contender, maybe not a top one, but he's at...
  39. Tuf 10 Aftermath webisode 2
    Wes Shivers, James McSweeney, and Roy Nelson talk with Amir Sodallah about the fight and on the fact if Roy Nelson is really uncoachable. Great webisode and worth a look. Link
  40. Favorite Referee*
  41. 2009 Topps UFC Trading Cards
    A few pics of them have emerged: More after the jump: http://blogbeckett.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/new-ufc-gallery-includes-never-before-seen-machida-gracie-gems/
  42. Brendan Schaub's blog for "The Ultimate Fighter 10," episode No. 3
    I am really enjoying writing this blog for you guys, and I enjoy reading your comments. This episode I will talk a little more about the fight and my thoughts. I have a ton of respect for "Kimbo...
  43. Kimbo Slice: I’ll beat Roy Nelson next time around
    “I fought Roy with caution. I did go for the kill one time, but I knew to be careful because Roy will bait you, that’s how good he is. He can look rocked, but the minute you go in for the kill,...
  44. Who in the UFC could kimbo beat?
    I cant think of anyone to be honest . IMO even the Eddie Sanchez's and Mustapha Al Turk's would beat him . You have to question the UFC credibility if he gets another fight after the tuf finale . I...
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  45. The softer side of Chuck Liddell
    I literally just stumbled onto this photo gallery of Chuck Liddell...hes always been a favorite of mines, pretty cool to see him out of the ring and just living life...
  46. You know what I'm sayin?
    If I have to read another headline in the news section with Roy Nelson says (insert whatever Big Country thinks that no one still cares about). I am going to go crazy It seems like Nelson has done...
  47. Who is acting more "unprofessional"
    Ok, lately there has been a lot of attention around Forrest Griffin over the "mother" comment. I noticed though that the attention seems strongers and more directed than Rampage's current situation....
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  48. UFC to release Marcus Aurelio, Hermes Franca, Justin McCully, and Chris Wilson
    MMA Survival is the first to report that the UFC have informed four veterans of their releases. The most noteworthy name is that of longtime octagon resident, Hermes Franca. In addition to Franca,...
  49. Liddell making friends before DWTS dream comes crashing down
    chuck ask's the DWTS cast who they think is going to win at UFC 104 Linkmin
  50. WTF UFC 108!!!!!!!!!
    Holy S*** i thought this card was stacked enough, but now i hear rumors that Forrest Griffin is fighting Rich Franklin. i just need too know if anyone has any "official" proof that this fight is...
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