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  1. What the hell is Rampage doing????
    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a thread focusing on putting Rampage down in any way, shape or form. He's my favorite fighter so thats the last thing I want to do. Just don't make any sense to me that...
  2. TUF 10 - 8 min video preview
    Anyone see this yet? Looks like it's going to be a decent season... TUF 10 vid
  3. MMA Connected: Ortiz nd Belfort talk 103
    It was nice to see this much class being shared between two fighters after watching the fighter in the "no glove touch" thread. VIDEO
  4. Mike Swicks injury caused by Koscheck?
    I heard from a buncha different places that Mike Quick Swick is out from his fight with Martin Kampmann due to an injury suffered in a full contact sparring session with Josh Koscheck. Apparently...
  5. Little Nog v Dan Hendo rematch for UFC 105
    original source: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/ufc/2627799/Little-Nog-v-Dan-for-UFC-105.html "ANTONIO ROGERIO NOGUEIRA is in line to make his Octagon debut against Dan Henderson at UFC...
  6. Gray Maynard VS. Roger Huerta!!!???
    I keep switching back and forth on my pick for this fight. It ends the same way in a UD. But right now I have it going Gray's way. So I geuss the ? is whop you got????
  7. Tito jibberjabber
    I am not sure he really even believes the stuff coming out of his mouth. He is running his mouth pretty hard for a guy who has not gone in for his first gimmee fight back.Personally i think this is...
  8. Tuf 10 Countdown Thread
    So only a week left and I'm pretty excited for this season. I got bored halfway through TUF 9 so I hope this one live up to the hype. I'll start by putting out a few questions. Who is your favorite...
  9. Dana White Absolutely Bashes the Mayweather Fight
    Dana going off on mayweather
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  10. Anderson Interest In A Couture Match
    i would feel bad if Dana really does give Anderson a Couture match..that most definitely would be the end of Couture's career... Anderson not injured,looking for fight with Couture
  11. ufc 105 card!!
    looks like card is now full with just lil nog match and maybe one more to be added with taylor vs hathaway riddle vs nick and jared hamman vs alexander gustaffon match to be annouced any day i'll be...
  12. Why are people so down on Rashad Evans
    I hear a lot of criticism and doubts about Rashad Evans skill and abilities as an MMA competitor and i jsut dont get it. Why do people think hes less of a threat than Rampage Jackson and Dan...
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  13. ufc 105 main event??
    looks like the ufc is trying to put together a dan henderson vs nate marquadt main event
  14. Bob Arum says MMA is for skinheads and homos
    No seriously... check it out Bob Arum interview
  15. UFC 104 Poster Up
    Good-looking poster for what looks like a great card.
  16. UFN 19 SOTN, FOTN, and KOTN Predictions
    I'm liking: SOTN-Diaz over Guillard KOTN-Quarry over Credeur FOTN-Stout vs Nover Post um if you got um.
  17. How Can I Watch TUF 10 On My Computer When It Airs?
    I'm going to be traveling for work over the next three weeks and won't be able to catch TUF 10 on Spike. (For some odd reason, the Marriott and Hilton hotel chains never carry Spike). I'd like to be...
  18. Should UFC fighters not be allowed to do outside projects?...
    Should there be some sort of clause in fighters contracts that says that can not do any outside projects? (movies, ect....) First of all i DO NOT THINK SO, i understand that they have to make a...
    why is that rogan and goldberg always say anderson silva has only lost one round in the ufc, that being to dan henderson? correct me if i'm wrong, but didn't travis lutter clearly win the first round...
  20. Dangerous fight for CroCop
    CroCop might have been thrown to the wolves in this fight. He looked good in his last fight, but Dos Santos has been KOing all of his opponents. Going back before the UFC, he was doing the same. Any...
  21. Randy Couture vs Brandon Vera
    On mmaweekly it's agreed for ufc 105.. Link right here How do you see this fight going?
  22. Countdown to UFC 103
    Don't forget that Countdown to UFC 103 is tonight on SpikeTV @ 7 p.m. ET. This is a lot earlier than previous countdown shows.
  23. Looks Like Dana Lost A Bet...
    And a slimmer Chuck Liddell is $10K richer as a result. The bet: Chuck weighs 215 or less by tomorrow. Liddell says he's now at 214.
  24. diaz guillard, who takes it on the feet?
    presuppose that diaz can't or won't take guillard down and tries to stand with him. what happens?
  25. Jack's Rants-9-14-09
    I wana take a minute to look at the deepest, and most talent populated division in MMA, today. The LHW division. Now, most, if not all the top 10 fighters fight in the UFC so, obviously, this will...
  26. Rich Franklin vs. Vitor Belfort
    With a week before the fight, its time to discuss opinions on the outcome of the fight. I think this is an interesting match-up but I have a good idea on what will happen. Vitor has looked...
  27. a little ufc vegas help
    Ok me and my buddies are all going up to vegas for ufc 106 what i was wondering was i mean is there like something we should definitely do while were in vegas or somewhere we should go to like meet...
  28. Sneak peek - The Ultimate Fighter season premiere!
  29. BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez
    Who do you think will win, Bj, or diego, and why? I think bj
  30. UFN 19 Weigh-Ins Results
    I'll post them here as they come in. The weigh-ins should begin at 5 PM ET, most of the usual outlets should have live streaming (at least Weekly and Junkie will). No Rogan today. Goldberg handling...
  31. Joe Rogan?
    Does anyone notice Rogan sounds different lately? almost like he has a cold? Does anyone know why?
  32. SURVEY: "The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights" - Predictions?
    As we all know, The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights debuts tonight immediately following UFN 19: Guillard vs. Diaz (on Spike). Let's use this thread as an official predictions thread. 1.) Who will be...
  33. Stout-Nover cancelled
    Wasn't one of my favorite fights on the card, but feel bad for Nover. Remember on TUF he passed out. Still pretty tough, though.
  34. Too Many Commercials on Fight Night
    Commercials are absolutely ridiculous! Sorry had to vent.
  35. Funny things I noticed about Fight night
    1. During the Maynard Huerta fight I noticed Jim Ross in his big 10 gallon cowboy hat. Though it was cool to see him their, seeing that hat was like seeing Lenard Nemoy at a battlestar gallatica...
  36. Official TUF 10 Thread
    Post all TUF 10 related discussions in this thread.
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  37. Looking for a link.
    Im trying to find TuF 10 Episode 1. Ive looked in all my normal places and had no luck. Does anybody have a link?
    OK, now for this event, IMO, none of the fights were called obviously wrong, thank goodness. But I do have a problem with the judging still. First of all, I would like to ask Cecil Peoples where...
  39. Abe Wagner's Cut - TUF 10 Episode 1
    Abe Wagner's cut Wow.
  40. Did Sam Stout get paid?
    The Philip Nover seizure incident made me wonder what happens to Sam Stout. Does he still get paid?
  41. ufc 103 fotn,sotn,kotn???
    great night of fights last night now bring on sat!!! fight of the night franklin vs belfort sub of the night miller over lopez knock out dos santos over cro cop upset if there is one trigg over...
  42. UFC 103 Press Conference Today
    It's scheduled to begin at 2 PM ET. Looks like some, if not all of the usual outlets will have live streaming, ufc.com should and Weekly will have the UFC feed....
  43. The Cut-UFN 19 Edition
    Aka the "O-U-C-H" from last night, courtesy of Justin Buchholz:
  44. Huerta's Kimora Escape
    The Kimora escape in the third round looked brutal. Being on the bottom with his head trapped in between Gray's legs, that s!@# was cranked. ow
  45. Roger Huerta Deserves Break From Fighting and Respect of Fans
    It's hard to believe that after last night's split-decision loss to Gray Maynard, fighting could be in the rearview mirror of Roger Huerta's life. Back around the time that the UFC re-emerged into...
  46. free undercard fights
    can anyone link me to a sight with the UC fights?
  47. Condit vs Eellenberg
    Who won in your eyes. In my eyes Ellenberg won 29-28, but in all reality I could have seen him winning the fight 30-27, or even 30-26. However, there is another post on here that says he can't...
  48. Dana responds to the CBS Strickforce Announcement
  49. OTR September 17 Georges St. Pierre
  50. UFC 103 Weigh-Ins
    Just setting up for later today, weigh-ins are scheduled to begin at 5 PM ET. Live streaming should be available via the usual outlets (UFC of course, Junkie will also have the stream). Results:...
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