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  1. I dont care about Fedor, I want Aleksander in the UFC!!!
    ok, so Fedor is not going to be fighting in the UFC any time soon. and personally i lost alot of respect for him as a fighter for him not joining the UFC. i know there were differences between Fedor...
  2. KenFlo Back In The Broadcast Booth Soon
    Kenny Florian's joining Mike Goldberg in the TV booth at UFN 19 next month. KenFlo says it's because Rogan will be away filming a movie. Article
  3. Is Stephan Bonnar in over his head?
    Since making his UFC debut as a finalist in TUF 1 Bonnar has 5-5 UFC record. That isn't horrible but where I have problems is that every time he fights a player with a name he fails to overcome. His...
  4. Lesnar vs. Carwin
    This one should be fun lol, This is a clash of giants, I believe this fight is 50/50. Carwin has the power to KO anyone in the division, and Lesnar can takedown and maul most in the division. If...
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  5. Yushin Okami vs. Chael Sonnen
    Is anybody excited for this fight? lol I can't say this is going to keep me up at night waiting, but I am an Okami fan, but I can't help but think that the UFC may be trying to shuffle him out the...
  6. 5 round UFC fights
    Sherdog has this as their poll and I wanted to know PG's thoughts
  7. Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang to headline UFC 105 (MMABay)
    MMABay can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the main event at UFC 105 on November 14th in Manchester, England will be contested by Wolfslair MMA Academy star, Michael “The Count” Bisping and Canadian...
  8. UFC 102 Fotn, Kotn, Sotn Predictions
    KO- Silva over Jardine Sub-Nogueira over Couture Fight- Vera vs Soszynski Post um if you got um
  9. Old style UFC 102 poster
    i found this today, i had not seen it on here anywhere. Anyway this is an old style UFC 102 poster i came across.
  10. Tito signing Coleman Contract (video)
    Ortiz by redrum!!!
  11. Ben Rothwell vs Cain Velasquez
    Who wins it? Man I think Rothwell is a major test of Cain and I just think stylistically a bad match up to boot. Im going to pick Ben but Id rather see Cain win.
  12. Akiyama?
    Anyone heard anything concerning Akiyama's next opponent? Is he dropping to Welterweight?
  13. Karo vs. Hazlett
    Who you got?? Tough fight to call imo, hazlett is an animal on the ground but karo has never been subbed before despite facing some of the best guys in the ww division. hazlett has the standup...
  14. ufc 104 main card annouced!!
    looks like the ufc confirmed the 11 matches with 7 notable main card worthy fights there was a suprise machida vs shogun rothwell vs velasquez other three stevenson vs fisher sherk vs tibau and...
  15. Nate Marquardt vs. Demian Maia discussion
    I came in thinking Maia is a definite win with this, but with other input from other forums, that is NOT the global opinion. So, being as one of the favorites members here, I thought Id ask what you...
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  16. Palhares' title chances
    I think Rousimar Palhares will someday be the UFC middleweight champion. What do you think?
  17. Countdown to UFC 102
    For anyone interested here is the video of the countdown show for UFC 102 before it airs tomorrow night (Thurs) on Spike TV. Link
  18. Would anyone else like to see the winner of Tito/Coleman face Forrest?
    I've been thinking about this possibilty for a few days now and thought I would post this idea on the playground. First and foremost I think regardless of who wins between Tito and Coleman (i'm...
  19. RUMOR: Kenflo vs. Guida At 106
    Interesting... According to a tweet by Fanhouse's Michael David Smith, Kenny Florian is likely to face off against Clay Guida at UFC 106. Sounds like logicial matchmaking to us: Florian previously...
  20. Did anyone else get bored making their picks for Sats UFC?
    I usually enjoy making my bets/picks etc on this website. So far I have visited the page 3 times to select winners etc and lost interest due to the sheer weight of mediocrity to choose from.
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  21. UFC 102 LIVE Press Conference @ 4PM EST - About to Start
    For anyone that wants to watch the press conference live, the link is below: Live
  22. UFC 106
    Looking pretty awesome right now with just four fights announced. Any time lesnar fights i'm interested, combine that with tito's return against another legend, karo vs. hazlett and florian vs....
  23. Matt Hamill's return
    Any speculation on the return of the Hammer? Which event would you expect and who would you like to see him fight?
  24. UFC 102 - MMA Live Weigh-In Special 6:30 EST, Live Weigh-Ins 7:00 EST
    ESPN's MMA Live Weigh-In Special - 6:30PM EST MMA Live UFC's Live Weigh-In Coverage - 7:00PM EST Weigh-In
  25. UFC 102 Bonuses
    Went to Nate, Randy, Nog, and Rosholt. I personally agree with all of them, though maybe they could have made a "Co-KOTN" for Duffee for setting the new record. link
  26. Do you want Henderson Vs Marquardt #1 contender fight (updated)
    Would you want Henderson Vs Marquardt for a #1 contender fight if the UFC made it possible EDIT: i just saw the video where Dana says he doesn't like the idea of 5 round non title fight, he says the...
  27. What's Next For Minotauro
    On the heels of Nog's most impressive fight in the UFC, what do you guys think is the right path for Nog coming up? Should Nog get a title shot against the winner of Lesnar/Carwin or does the fact...
  28. What was MAIA going for?
    What was Maia going for before he got KTFO? A flying knee? A flying arm-bar?
  29. Great Nate Marquardt Interview. (8 min Vid)
    Nate "The Great" Marquardt
  30. UFC 102 Gifs
  31. Nog vs. Randy- Fight of the Year so far
    This fight had everything, they went toe to toe on the feet and traded shots, we got to see both guy's ground games. Nog's awesome jiu jitsu and randy's excellent defense. We got to see guys get...
  32. MMPG Poll: What should Randy do next?
    I Think the Only thing that has fallen from Randy's skill set since he has hit the 40's is his ability to take clean shots. a move to 205, where not every fighter can knock him on his butt, would be...
  33. Photos from Last Night's UFC
    Hi guys :) I took some photos when I was at last night's UFC - hope you like! http://www.flickr.com/photos/50533510@N00/sets/72157622189910152/
  34. Frank Mir VS Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira II
    with both fighters now healthy in shape and focused i think this would be a good fight could it happen and if so who do you pick and why
  35. UFC 104 Press Conference TODAY
    Starts at 3 PM ET, Junkie will have live streaming: http://mmajunkie.com/news/16047/watch-todays-ufc-104-press-conference-in-los-angeles-live-on-mmajunkie-com.mma Gotta miss it (will be headng home...
  36. MMPG poll: Which UFC:103 fight are you most excited for?
    MAIN CARD (Pay-per-view) * Vitor Belfort vs. Rich Franklin * Junior Dos Santos vs. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic * Martin Kampmann vs. Mike Swick * Josh Koscheck vs. Frank Trigg * Hermes Franca vs. Tyson...
  37. UFC:104 Press Conf on UFC.com (35 min Vdeo)
  38. Tomasz Drwal vs Drew McFedries.
    I am glad this fight will be aired on spike . Very interesting matchup which I think will end up pretty fast , like 1 st round for sure . I put my many on Drwal Tko 1st rd over Drew.
  39. Randy back at LHW
    not a big fan of Randy..but just got done reading that he's thinking bout going back to LHW..so it got me thinking..who should Randy fight once he gets back at LHW?..to me i see three good opponents...
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  40. What's next for Todd Dufee?
    This guy comes out and makes a new UFC KO record 7secs. What is next for him. i know we didnt get to see much of him against hague, but he looks impressive. maybe a fight with Tunchserer, we didnt...
  41. Leben didnt train for fight?
    Seems the word is Leben didnt prepare at all for his fight and that the betting line took a big swing as lots of money came down on Rosholt. I was on the fence and bet rosholt but picked Leben. This...
  42. New At 102: The "Buffer Bow"!?!
    Yes, Bruce Buffer pulled out a new one Saturday night. As he revealed this week on "IT'S TIME!!!", his Sherdog radio show, it's a new one he's debuted and will do only for Randy Couture. It's...
  43. sanchez vs penn at ufc 107 dec 12th!!!!!!!!
    looks like either tv deal fell through or dana is pushing forward penn will face sanchez according to numerous websites mmamania, mmajunkie, others it does make sense, it a way penn will not fight on...
  44. In the future, which division will be the main attraction?
    With boxing it was obviously HW but it looks like 205 is and will be the place to fight the best now and in the future. What do you guys think?
  45. Penn/Sanchez to replace Evans/Jackson??
    Word is that Rampage signed with some movie company, so his fight with Rashad will be postponed?? No idea..But I still want to see Rashad fight on this card. It would be cool to see Rashad fight some...
  46. UFC: FOTY, KOTY, SOTY. so far!
    KOTY: Hendo V Bisping............runner up:Machida V Evans FOTY: Kampmann V Condit.... runner up: Franklin V Wandelei SOTY: Penn V Florian................runner up: Maia V Sonnen
  47. ufc 106 tickets
    does any one know when the ufc 106 tickets will be goin on sale
  48. "Unknown" Fighters you would like to see in the UFC?
    The title says it all, I love watching MMA and wanted to get some input on regional or unknown fighters everybody thinks should get a call to the big leagues. If anything else, I just want everybody...
  49. ufc 106 in las vegas
    now i know its a little early but im definitely trying to get a head start on everything but anyway i am most likely going to ufc 106 in las vegas and i was just wondering what is there to do in...
  50. Little Nog vs Alexander Gustafsson UFC 105?
    http://www.mmaunltd.com/news-detail.asp/NewsID/752/gustafsson-signs-for-ufc.htm Card look like this at the moment: Antônio Rogério Nogueira vs. TBA Michael Bisping vs. Denis Kang DaMarques Johnson...
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