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  1. anyone have a link to watch Dan Henderson on Jim Rome yesterday?
    dan henderson was on Jim Rome is Burning yesterday and i missed it, i have read a few things taken from the interview but i has hoping to watch it.
  2. UFC 100 - A lot of Decisions
    I seemed to pick alot of Decisions for UFC 100. Out of the 11 fights, I chose 7 UD, and one SD. Anyone else have a similar result after analysis?
  3. UFC Japan
    I was in my pondering state and came to this conclusion; If the UFC doesn't go into Japan by UFC 120, they never will be able to get big there. Look at the UFC list of stars that are or were big in...
  4. Kenny Florian: Diego Sanchez should be careful what he wishes for
    Quoteworthy: “That’s a [rematch] I’ve wanted for a long time now. (Sanchez) should definitely be careful what he wishes for. If he thinks the same thing is going to happen, or I’m the same fighter at...
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  5. The 10 Greatest UFC Events of All Time (#10-6)
    The UFC's first 132 events have given us over 15 years worth of legendary battles, shocking finishes, and historic debuts. With UFC 100 coming up on July 11th, we decided to do some digging and pick...
  6. UFC 102 a lot of stoppages
    am I the only one who has only one finish for this card? I just realized this and I found it weird
  7. I know its about 2 weeks away but....
    its almost sexiyama time in the ufc!!!!!! ive only been more excited to see one fighter get there(CC), but im anxious to hear "con te partiro". i really hope he comes through with a win and gets a...
    A light heavyweight contest between Kyle Kingsberry and Razak Al-Hassan is set to take place at UFC 104 in October, MMAWeekly.com has learned. Sources close to the fight confirmed that both parties...
  9. Randy Couture vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
    This fight isnt talked about as much as I thought it would be. I think this fight is very evenly matched. They both are on par with eachother in the stand-up game, both having good boxing skills. The...
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  10. Carwin vs. Velazquez
    Who takes it? I'm saying carwin knocks him out, that guy is an animal.
  11. What happend to Goran Reljic???
    Goran Reljic , where is he, i know he had an injury that stoped him form fighting at UFC 90 but he should be good by now, does any one know any thing
  12. Who do you think Patrick Cote will face when he returns from his injury?
    Who do you guys think Patrick Cote will face when he returns from his injury,,,been thinking about it and cant come up with much...
  13. top 5 contenders in each division mid year!!
    who are your top 5 guys in each weight class, and guys who are already fighting exclude them lightweight 1. sanchez 2.maynard 3.edgar 4.griffin 5. guida welter 1. swick 2.kammpman 3. fitch 4. kos 5....
  14. Philadelphia's UFC 101 ticket sales booming, Pennsylvania gate record already broken
    CLICK Any doubts about the ability to draw big crowds in the Northeast will be put to rest at UFC 101. The Aug. 8 event, set for the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, has already resulted in nearly...
  15. Lyoto Machida vs Mauricio Rua
    Who is gonna win for the Light heavyweight title....LYOTO MACHIDA KNOCK OUT!!!!!!!!!! thats how this fight will end
  16. Alan Belcher...the official UFC MW...
    Stepping Stone? Gate Keeper? It seems that whenever the UFC wants to elevate a fighter to the next level they give them Alan Belcher...and then Belcher wins. Then when the UFC tries to elevate...
  17. UFC threatens to ban EA MMA fighters?
    What we heard: It isn't just the fighters in the octagon that employ merciless tactics to defeat their opponents, it would seem. Last November, a number of news outlets reported that welterweight...
  18. who is the most underrated MMA fighter out there?
    I was just wondering who you guys thought is the most underrated. My take is well I have no clue thats why I am asking you fans out there. ? FSB
  19. WOW, 184 was a hell of a weightclass back in the day (UFC releated)
    So I was trying to look up the old NJCAA rankings from 05 and take a screen capture for my myspace (I was ranked 1)...anyhow, couldn't find it...but I did find ] this: Scroll down to...
  20. Bobby Lashley vs Kimbo Slice
    Bobby Lashley would crush Kimbo.....Bobby would win and he would throw Kimbo around the octagon like a ragdoll Bobby Lashley 3 rd tko/ko
  21. Countdown to UFC 100
    Just a reminder that Countdown to UFC 100 will air this Tuesday night on Spike. Also, tomorrow night (Sunday) is the beginning of the four night countdown of the UFC's 100 greatest fights. Some...
  22. ufc 100 fight of the night?? sub?? ko?? upset??
    finally ufc 100 is here, has a god chance breaking the pay per view buys record which is held by ufc 92 a great card, fight of the night i will have to do with hendo vs bisping sub of the night...
  23. ufc 103 main event????
    and the main event will be... i got nothing!!! with lidell taking time off can this card be saved?? i really think the ufc is waiting for the fights this weekend to end, closes thing could be a matt...
  24. Who is the most overrated fighter out there?
    I figured I would start this on the heels of the most underrated fighter, I figured this is a little more of a debatable topic. I think Brett Rogers is on the cusp of becoming overrated I have alot...
  25. Thiago Alves = Mike Tyson of the cage
    Does anyone else see the similarities between thiago Alves and his strikeing power to that of Mike Tyson in his prime.
  26. less then a week away !!!
    till Akiyama's presence is felt by America. Dana better let him to do his usual entrance or I will be extremely pissed. Ive been making pics over the last month or so to show my support to The Sex....
  27. UFC 100 UK LIVE TV?
    Does anyone no if this has been sorted out about who will air the event?Am getting a bit p###ed off waiting just sort it all ready AAAAAHHHHHHHH
  28. why no UFC Ultimate Submissions DVD?
    The UFC have now 7 Knock Out dvds, some of which can be questioned as knock outs but anyways. Submissions, there are some amazing ones in the UFC and they are not high lighting them like they do the...
  29. Quick question
    A bit of a arguement was going on between friends. Who in your honest opinion and why, was winning Hughes vs GSP - 1. I say Hughes was 10-9 very close though.
  30. Need halp anyone thats been to a UFC event i have a question
    I am going to ufc 101 and i was just wondering if anyone knew like how getting in to the weigh ins work and how early should i be there to get in to the weigh ins
  31. Going to UFC 100!
    I am leaving tom morning for UFC 100 I will spend most of my time at the Ecko Unltd booth. Come by and say hi if you are around! Can't wait for the best event in UFC history -Josh
  32. UFC 100 Prelims for FREE
    If you purchase the online PPV for $44.99. It's on the UFC site. It's too bad there's no way to prove that you ordered the TV version, and still get access to them. Regardless, this probably means...
  33. The most memorable moments in UFC history.
    These are the most unforgettable moments in UFC history. Feel free to add some. Randy Coutures win over Tim Sylvia. Anyone who was there will never forget it. The largest UFC crowd ever at the...
  34. 10% off tix to UFC 100 Viewing Party @ Radio City Music Hall
    Thought this would be a cool event for any UFC fans, and they just announced a discount code for 10% off tickets. There are so many good fights, you really can't go wrong. Check out more info here...
  35. Cro Cop vs Junior Dos Santos @ UFC 103
    what is ya'll take on this match..thought Cro Cop signed with Dream..but i guess not..i'm pretty sure Cro Cop is gonna tko JDS sometime durnin the fight ..JDS strikin is good but he's been fighting...
  36. UFC 104: Antoni Hardonk vs Patrick Barry in the works for October 24
    Former K-1 kickboxer and current LA crime fighter Antoni Hardonk (8-5) has reportedly agreed to tangle with hard-hitting Patrick Barry (4-1) at UFC 104, which is scheduled for the Staples Center in...
  37. UFC Magazine Subscriptions??
    Are subscriptions not yet available for UFC Magazine? Or do I just need to wear a helmet and cape?
  38. #1 UFC fight of all time
    With the top 10 being aired tonight, I have an unfortunate feeling that Griffin vs Bonnar 1 is going to be the #1 fight of all time. I personally think this is the most overrated mma match ever. Yes,...
  39. What actually is a good fight?
    With the top 100 greatest fights in UFC i have seen much debate about the fights, many of the listed fights i think would have been better classified as a great knock out but the fight itself.....not...
  40. UFC 100 most likely to upset
    Not including the two main events... I'm thinking O'brien could take out Jones via some vicious LnP.
  41. Brock Lesnar, the UFC and MMA on the Front Page of ESPN.com
    It's about fuggin' time! ESPN.com
  42. UFC 100 Weigh-in Results
    The weigh-ins will be streaming live online starting at 7 PM EST. [Silverlight player or Flash player] Plus make sure you join us here at BloodyElbow.com tomorrow night for live play-by-play,...
  43. GSP Highlight
    hey , check out my new HL GSP HL if you like it then please help me out by voting for it in a HL contest, i'm entered as Shogun90, http://www.punchdrunkgamer.com/multimedia/pdg-hl-contest-4, i would...
  44. MMA Live Weigh-In Special - about to start
  45. What If Scenarios for UFC 100
    Interesting read, for those who are interested... What If Scenarios for UFC 100
  46. What's Up With GSP's Elbow?
    Not to alarm any of you Georges St. Pierre fans, but Rush has been looking rather lumpy lately. Though he's made no mention of it in the run up to his UFC 100 fight against Thiago Alves, GSP has...
  47. less than 5 hours to go!
    UFC 100 in less than 5 hours... I'm stoked. WAR ALVES
  48. Lesnar lost my respect COMPLETELY!!!
    What he **** is up with him? After the Mir fight? Getting in his face, sticking the finger up at anyone, talking **** about companies and fans? How could anyone like him? Thoughts..
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  49. Are the Champs Set in Stone for Awhile?
    Lesnar, Lyoto, Anderson, GSP, and Penn. Will any of them lose their belt anytime soon? I think there is a definite possibility that all of them could be champs well into the next decade. Who do you...
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  50. Who's next for Brock Lesnar?
    I'm assuming the winner of Velasquez/Carwin. That would mean that we won't be seeing Lesnar again for 7 or 8 months. What do you all think?
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