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  1. Dana's New Video Blog - "F**k you Loretta Hunt"
    Dana's new video blog . Talks about Loretta Hunt's article on Sherdog about some managers and agents losing back stage passes.
  2. Fans that boo the ground game..
    I really hate it when fans boo fights. I don't know that the UFC can do anything about it, probably not and I guess if I payed 2000 for seat Id be hoping to see some KO's too but the boo's are lame....
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  3. TUF episode 1
    Who else was impressed with the fights tonight? The Brits look like they have a steady team on their side. Also I surprised Che Mills did not make the team. I was looking foward to him ifghting for...
  4. UFC Undisputed new video- Groundfighting tutorial (IGN)
    IGN UFC Undisputed Ground Game Tutorial The transition game looks VERY good.
  5. Junie Browning vs Cole Miller
    Tonight I attended my first ever UFC event and I can say it was great! About the topic, I can also say I could not have been more pleased with the outcome of that fight. I am not the type of person...
  6. Sadollah confirms UFC 101 Return
    Amir Sadollah, the middleweight winner from the seventh season of The Ultimate Fighter, has revealed that he’s slated to compete for the first time since winning the Spike TV reality series on Aug. 8...
  7. Kampmann vs. Condit
    what a great fight, both guys brought everything they had and showed that they are well versed wherever the fight goes. I had it 29-28 for the natural born killer but it was so so close, almost too...
  8. so who does carlos condit fight next?? and kammpman??
    i was very impressed with both guys last night i think with this win martin might have broke the top 10 welterweight rankings fight could have gone either way i did have martin winning it so i think...
  9. UFN 18 Next Opponents
    There were some great fights put on last night. Especially Kampmann and Condit. I picked Kampmann but I was leaning a little bit towards Condit at the end of the fight. Besides that it was a great...
  10. What do you guys think about this Wanderlei Silva shirt?
    I can't wait for his first fight at 185 pounds. I'm a big fan. Hopefully he'll have the same skills at that lighter weight. Anyway, I'm looking for some new shirts and saw this. What do you guys...
  11. UFC 98 Poster Up
    Dammit, 5/23 can't come fast enough! I can't wait for Hughes-Serra!
  12. Do YOU think junie browning will stay in the UFC?
    Junie browning has one 1/2 of his UFC bouts, do you think he has a 3 fight contract and will get one more shot ? or do you think he just signed 2, One fight contracts and will get cut? Cole miller is...
  13. A little bit of help please.
    Does anyone have any links for any of the Prelims for UFN amd the first episode of TUF9. Being in the UK I have to wait till sunday and I really dont want to for TUF 9. Please dont post any spoilers...
  14. unleashed format april 3rd new or old?
    I really liked the unleashed of the chuck fight. Instead of a bunch of random fights they picked one fight and showed all the media leading up to and after. Is this new or have they done this before?...
  15. 'Round and 'round, we go: The UFC should allow fights to end in a Draw.
    I think this has been addressed around here before, but not lately, and with Martin Kampmann's win over Carlos Condit, we have yet another match to point to that illustrates some of the problems with...
  16. Jeff 'The Snowman" Monson....back in the UFC??????
    After a decisive victory over top russian HW Sergei Kharitonov at Dream 8, what is Monsons next move? With an 8-2 recoed in his last ten fights, losing only to Pedro Rizzo and Josh Barnett. Doesn't...
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  17. UFC on CNBC
    They are running a full story and its on right now...
  18. Quarry VS. MacDonald
    Who have you guys got for this? I'm surprised to see that the odds are so close, and I definitely thought Quarry would be the favorite. I really like MacDonald and I think I'm going to pick him, but...
  19. Changes to TUF???
    This show is getting very stale in my opinion. I jus want to know what you guys think could change things up a bit tomake it a bit more entertaining. Here are a couple suggestions the woman and I...
  20. Hendo A HEAVY Early Favorite vs. Bisping
    It's almost ridiculous...I'm listening to last night's episode of "Pro MMA Radio" right now (Podcast version) and host Larry Pepe said the opening line on Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping for after...
  21. Contract Cuts
    Do you think if Wand or Shogun Lose without a good Performance, Maybe a chance they will get cut? i dont think theyd cut wand or shogun YET, makes for too many good matchups
  22. Old Seasons of TUF
    Any suggestions where to watch previous seasons online?
  23. UFC 97 Kotn, Sotn, and Fotn predictions
    I'd have to say: KO: Silva over Leites-for obvious reasons. Sub: Macdonald over Quarry-going to come back from being pummelled to lock in a slick sub Fight: Loiseau vs Herman-this is going to be a...
  24. Josh Souder??
    What happend to Josh Souder?? he was supposed to be on the show..
  25. Who is next for Keith Jardine?
    Keith looked great in his fight against rampage at UFC 96 and was close to winning that fight. I havent heard any news about an upcoming opponent but if any of you boys have heard anything or have...
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  26. UFC 101
    Any idea when tix are going on sale?
  27. how would nick diaz fair in the UFC ethier MW or WW
    two questions id like everybody's opinion on should nick pack on some muscle and fight at MW or cut a bit to WW ? and how do you think he would go in the UFC again?
  28. Who is next for Title Shots in each division?
    In your opinion who do you think? LW: Obviously Kenny Florian but who after? I am thinking that Sean Sherk, Joe Lauzon, and Gray Maynard are Top Three after Kenny. WW: And after Thiago Alves I...
  29. UFC's contracts....Bad ethics?
    Taken from Just wanted to put this out there, since the UFC seems to be getting off with all sorts of **** lately. Most people would probably have heard of how the UFC treats their fighters, and...
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  30. The Crow
    Now that David Loiseau is back in the UFC how do you guys think he will fare up?Is it possible for him to get any where near a shot at the title or is the ufc just putting him on the card cause its...
  31. UFC 97 Weigh-In Details
    The weigh-in details for Saturday's UFC 97 have been revealed: Weigh-ins will be Friday at 6 PM ET. If you're going they'll be at Bell Centre, as always they're free and open to the public. A free...
  32. Kendall Grove vs Ricardo Almeida
    i was goin through my picks and found at UFC101..they have listed Kendall Grove vs Ricardo Almeida..if this fight actually happens..who would u take?..gotta go with Almeida via 2nd/3rd round sub...
  33. Steve Cantwell
    He's looked pretty tough as of late... do you see him as the underdog he is in his upcoming fight? Discuss.
  34. So Dan Henderson
    is he the best inter pounder ever, dude will fight middle, light heavy, and heavy and has wins in all weight classes mainly lh which is by far the best division
  35. what upcoming super fight are you most looking forward to?
  36. Odds for Leites?
    Ok i need some numbers guys. I've looked at all the pros picks and BETTING odds. i just want the playgrounds opinion on odds to win. Not betting, just for the win. I got probably 1 in 8 chance he...
  37. Where does a win put the Rashad/Machida winner in the P4P Rankings?
    How far up the P4P rankings will the winner go?
  38. Soszynski or Stann?
    I'm going for a parly (real money). The picks for my parlay are Silva, Chuck, Kongo and Cain but don't know who to pick out of Soszynski or Stann. I'm feeling Soszynski by dec but Stann has power and...
  39. Finally A Well Prepared Shogun?
    Just finished watching this, looks to me hes finally taking the strength and conditioning seriously at last. Too little too late, or just what he needs? Cant make my mind up.. Video
  40. Dana on OTR
    Dana White on OTR from April15. Pretty good, enjoy. http://watch.tsn.ca/off-the-record/#clip161422
  41. Montreal
    I was just thinking today how sick the atmosphere is going to be for the card this weekend......then I came across this article so I thought I'd share it......the Montreal crowd should enhance the...
  42. UFC 97 press conference
    UFC 97 press conference
  43. Louisea vs Herman
    I hope David come back and K.O's Ed Herman but i dont thinbk its going to happen. Who do you guys have winning this bout?
  44. wanderlei interview
    wanderlei interview
  45. tj grant vs ryo chonan
    This fight is tough to pick for me... Grant has looked good in his fights so far, and has shown some solid groundgame...but Chonan is tough to finish, and is a big step up in experience and skill...I...
  46. UFC 97 weigh-ins about to start
    Just a reminder...I always seem to forget. Link
  47. silva vs leitas
    Whats the chance of the spider being beat in this fight.Am torn on my picks just wondering what way the playground is going on this brawl.
  48. Bocek?bielkenden
    I think bocek will be too much for bielkenden to handle.. his wrestling should be able to land him in a great position to win.. looking to bet this one any opinions welcome..
  49. ufc spring cleaning!! newest ufc fighters cut!
    looks like the ufc is still trying to reduce there number of fighters in the organization here are the new batch of fighters with some of them very surpising carmelo marrero pete sell jared rollins...
  50. ufc 97, some hard fights to pick!!
    seems like in picking a clear cut winner half the fights can go either way this card might be the hardest so far this year for me i finalized my picks already but man they were hard fights like...
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