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  1. Which Underdog(s) Will Win?
    There are 6 fighters on the 96 card with underdog bonuses, Keith Jardin, Mike Patt, Shane Nelson, Jason Brilz, Mark Munoz and Ryan Madigan. Anyone have confidence of them to winning?
  2. UFC Most Powerful Strikers - Article + Good Video
    http://www.mmatraining.com/featured/ufcs-most-powerful-strikers/ Pretty good Read with a bunch of good videos. Check out the Anderson highlight. Who do you guys have? I'm saying Dos Santos, Rampage...
  3. Cro Cop wants to fight at 99.
    Well this is the Croatian interview, pretty much says he wants to fight in Germany at 99, heard it's Couture, and he will be back to full training one month before the fight would take place... Also...
  4. Velasquez-Herring @ UFC 99!
    MMAWeekly.com is reporting that heavyweights Heath Herring and Cain Velasquez have verbally agreed to fight at UFC 99. Herring has not fought since his unanimous decision loss to now UFC Heavyweight...
  5. Gonzaga VS. Carwin.....
    I am having trouble making up my mind on this one!! anybody care to add some input, please be my guest..
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  6. koscheck fighting at ufc 98 but against who??
    i think we knew for awhile kos was gonna fight alot this year, i heard rumors he was gonna be on the may card for weeks now, possibly against karo but since karo state is up in the air here are a few...
  7. Wanderlei War Wagon
    I am supporting Wanderlei 100% against Franklin, im sure we all want to see Wanderlei keep fighting and if he loses it could be then end, so Wanderlei fans lets give him some support, I think he is...
  8. jesse sanders vs brock larson
    Ok..I figured Larson would be the favorite as he is more well know and has a few big wins....but I can't believe how many of you are counting Jesse out. He hasn't fought the best opponents, but this...
  9. Huerta's last fight. Who should it be???
    I was hoping for Lauzon but since he's out fo 12-14 months, I'll go with Diego that would be a war
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  10. immediate title shot!
    in a recent interview while talking about Fedor, Dana White said that if he signed with the UFC they would give him an immediate title shot, i agree with that. but i got wondering, is there anyone...
  11. Josh Koscheck vs Chris Wilson
    Josh Koscheck next fight will be against Chris Wilson at UFC 98..think this is gonna be a easy match for Kos..Kos is probably gonna win like this "Kos throws a left jab,misses,follows with the...
  12. UFC 96 KOTN, SOTN, and FOTN Predictions
    My predictions are: KOTN: Jackson over Jardine and here's why SOTN: Gonzaga over Carwin and here's why FOTN: Sell vs Brown Here's why Thoughts?
  13. ufc 96 weigh-ins
    does anyone know owhat time the weigh ins are for ufc 96?
  14. UFC 96 question
    yeah i was just wondering if there going to launch a web site for UFC 96, i usually go on that web site's but they haven't had them for the past two events. i hope they didn't stop making them
  15. Akiyama Looks For Bout With Wanderlei Silva Down The Line
    Cage Force held 'Cage Force EX-eastern bound' at Tokorozawa Shimin Taiikukan, Saitama on February 28. Yoshihiro Akiyama appeared in the event as a second of his teammate Yasunori Kanehara and talked...
  16. UFC 96 Hating
    It is unfair to critique a fight card be it national or regional until the final bell has been sounded. I've seen regional shows in my area (Northeast) with no fighters of significant recognition...
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  17. When do tickets to 100 go on sale?
    With and without that fightclub thing?
  18. 99 vs 100
    I know its kinda acctually it's really early but from what I've seen and herd 99 seems like it's going to be a better card than 100 which really suprises me. Ithought that from top to bottom 100 was...
  19. UFC 99: The Comeback
    UFC 99 will take place at the Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany on June 13th - Rich Franklin vs. Wanderlei Silva - Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno - Mirko Crocop vs. TBA - Marcus Davis vs. Dan Hardy - Mike...
  20. Paul Taylor and Stefan Struve returns UFC 99
    Top British welterweight Paul Taylor will be back in action this summer and is scheduled to fight at UFC 99. The event will be the UFC’s first venture into mainland Europe and it will be the first...
  21. Countdown to UFC 96
    Don't forget to watch the Countdown show. It's this Thursday @ 11 PM. Not sure when replays air but I'm sure they will air sometime before the fights on Saturday.
  22. New UFC 97 Poster
    Better than the 1st one imo..
  23. UFC Chief Lorenzo Fertitta talks about buying UFC in 2001
    Talking exclusively in his first sports magazine interview, Fertitta reveals for the first time how his attorneys questioned the decision to buy the then ailing Ultimate Fighting Championship in...
  24. munoz vs hamil
    on here hamil is at -440, and we have picked him to win 90% of the time. on bodog hamil is at -170 (meaning if he wins more than ~62% of the time this fight happens it's a good bet) i see munoz as an...
  25. Diego Sanchez vs. Clay Guida headline TUF 9 finale
    Just got off mmaweekly and saw these two guys were the headliner on June 20. Think its a pretty intense match-up? I sure do, but Diego might be too hard to handle for Guida.
  26. New QUINTON "RAMPAGE" JACKSON interview from Asylum
    http://www.asylum.com/2009/03/06/an-ode-to-the-knock-out-by-quinton-rampage-jackson/ He talks about knocking people out for the most part and that he sees himself as a defensive counter puncher...
  27. UFC 96 Countdown
    I don't know how many of you forgot about it, but I certainly did. Might want to give it a minute or two to buffer. Countdown to UFC 96 Part 1 Countdown to UFC 96 Part 2
  28. UFC 98 Lesnar vs. Mir cancelled!
  29. where was he
    where oh where was carwin at the press conferance
  30. Dan Miller vs. Yushin Okami
    Who takes it? I think this is going to be a very interesting and exciting bout. I am kind of leaning towards Okami cuz he has pretty good sub defense.
  31. LHW title fight at UFC 100.....?
    in Dana Whites video blog, i think its the third one when he is talking to Rampage he says that if he wins he will have to get right back in the gym, just wondering if im reading too much into it....
  32. UFC 98-Rashad Evans vs. Machida or Rampage...It's official!!!
    Stepping in for Mir Lesnar 2. This will save the card and will be fine, due to the fact that this fight would have happened at UFC 100 anyway. Too bad for Jackson. Well, hey he is a fighter. Get in...
  33. UFC 96 Thoughts - Directly After
    Rampage/Jardine - I was actually very impressed with Keith Jardine. In my opinion, he did the right thing. Coming at Jackson, not giving him time to prepare. Jardine was in and out. I actually saw it...
  34. Who does Machida fight now?!?!?!?!
    Who will he fight now? Forrest maybe? Jardine seems a step down but maybe? Vera seems like an easy win til his turn comes back around. There is probably someone I am forgetting so what do you guys...
  35. Yves Lavigne
    WTF was his problem last night? What happened in the Brown/Sell fight should never happen let alone at the professional level. The instant he decided to push Brown out of the way the fight should...
  36. Brown/Sell
    Once agian Sell proved to be highly overrated.... that was funny though i thought the fight was getting stopped about 5 times before the fight was actually stopped. What do you all think how many...
  37. Rampage Jackson post fight comments
    You guys have to watch this video. One of the funnier Rampage interviews I've ever seen. LINK "My ass hurts, he kicked me in the ass one time out there, didn't he?" "What's wrong with that boy...
  38. Anderson Silva 205
    After watching all of these lhw fights over the last six months or so I honestly think Anderson Silva can beat anybody in that division and could be the ufc lhw champ. there aren't too many guys in...
  39. Quinton Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans smack talk video
  40. UFC 96 Gifs
    (See how he almost hit his knee after)
  41. UFC 96: Next Opponents
    Rampage Jackson: Rashad for the title Keith Jardine: Forrest Griffin rematch (UFC 101 is the rumor) Shane Carwin: Kongo or Velazquez Gabriel Gonzaga: Kongo vs. Hardonk loser Matt Brown: Karo Parysian...
  42. Evolution of the Wrestler
    UFC 96 proved to me that American wreslting matched with Boxing/Muai thai is a very legit way to win fights....and I LOVE IT!! I was a wrestler in HS and did a bit of freestyle afterwards. I mean...
  43. Anyone know when TUF 9 is supposed to air?
    Anyone know?
  44. Shogun got to win.
    I think Shogun has to win for the good of the ufc if he does not he most likely get kicked out.As for chuck he is 39 now and not hte same iceman we all new.Chuck needs to beat shogun then win again...
  45. Which would you rather see?
    I personally would rather see Rampage vs. Rashad, I think Rampage would knock evans cold in the opening minutes. I am a huge fan of Machida so I would like to see Rampage beat Rashad than Machida...
  46. A new Iceman vs Shogun thread-Poll
    I just had to delete the last one, and it was beyond saving. . If anyone feels the need to cross the line, insult anyone for just disagreeing with them, and is unable to intelligently reason without...
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  47. What’s your interest level for the upcoming season of “The Ultimate Fighter”?
    This season features a different take on the formula that the show has followed for the past eight seasons. Season nine still pits two teams of 16 fighters against each other – eight welterweights...
  48. Condit/Kapmann
    Im looling foward to this one as it shoud be an interesting main event. Is condit legit or did he just not face quality fighters in the wec? How does everyone see this playong out? I think condit...
  49. Dragon vs Sugar
    Not sure on the creditbility of these sites but here you go guys. linky dinky
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  50. osterneck/rivera
    so half my camps is rivera half is osterneck. idk who to pick. im interested to hear everyone's opinion.
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