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  1. Guida vs Griffin ll
    that make sense to me Guida by Split Decision
    Total disappointment in this fight.... that's all i can say.
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  3. Finally...Vindication For Machida Fans
    I have been a Machida fan pretty much since he set foot in the UFC, and since then he has been overlooked and disregarded, and when he finally couldn't be overlooked anymore, he was disregarded as a...
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  4. UFC 94 fight Bonuses
    Has the UFC announced any official bonuses yet?
  5. Someone show Jon Jones some Andy Hug tapes...
    Jon Jone's unorthodox striking had me on the edge of my seat! now, his grecco slams were also amazing and i would love to see him use those again and again, but his strikes just had my second...
  6. Why all the Boo's at 94?
    I thought alot of the boo's were uncalled for for the most part we saw alot of technical work in the clinch and on the ground. To me it was perfectly fine but obviously they were bored with the...
  7. Anyone see that dude/girl?
    Just wondering what was with that Transvestite that kissed BJ Penn on his way to the ring.
  8. Worst Decision of UFC 94
    Before we share our opinions, I would like to say my philosophy on decisions is that if you dont like them, dont leave it in the judges hands, simple as that. That said, there were alot of split...
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  9. Got links to 94 undercard fights?
    props will follow
  10. Where can i watch the ufc 94 prelim fights?
    Does anyone know where the ufc 94 prelim fights can be seen? If so, please leave me a link or web ite.
  11. Is Dana White going to far removing every fight from the web?
    In these tuf times, buying ppv events are out of the question. Dana White is always putting copyright claims on any site with ufc videos. I feel his pain about copyright infringement. However, I...
  12. Old news, but..
    I'd never seen it posted before. So I figured I'd post this video up and get some thoughts. It's an extremely well done piece IMO Fighter's union?
  13. Karo's mouthpiece
    hey guys, has anyone heard what was up with Karo's mouthpiece falling out during the fight? Was he having trouble breathing? Did he forget his regular mouthpiece? If it hinders your breathing, it...
  14. UFC 94 afterthoughts
    i just have a hodgepodge of things to touch on that i found interesting at UFC 94 yesterday upon watching the fights again today. first, wow lots of decisions, there were a few people i talked to on...
  15. GSP vs Penn 2: Lived up to the hype?
    I can understand if you're a GSP fan and you're happy with the fight because he won but face it the majority of that fight was boring at least imho. GSP was on top for 3 outta 4 rounds playing it...
  16. GSP vs. Thiago Alves
    Crazy fight, Its so hard to pick a winner but due to Thiago's strength and his improved td defense i think he can pummel GSP on the feet for five rounds and if he did get taken down he has a bjj...
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  17. Pellegrino/emerson
    Is it just me or should pellegrino have his way with emerson by taking him down and gnp him? pellegrino is only -200
  18. Rumble Johnson vs Luigi Fioravanti promoted to main card
    Check it out on ufc.com under the fight card for UFN 17 here link After Sadollah dropped out, I couldnt be happier that this is the fight that got bumped to the main card. Rumble always puts on a...
  19. Kenny Florian Seminar Toronto March 22nd
    Kenny Florian Training Seminar at Xtreme Couture March 22nd. Foudn this online. Figured many in the arena will want to go to this. He's one of the best fighters/trainers in the world and I guess he's...
  20. UFN 17 KOTN, FOTN, SOTN Predictions
    Mine are: KO: Johnson over Fioravanti Fight: Neer vs Danzig Sub: Bruno over Riddle **Upset: Stephens over Lauzon.
  21. Gono Fitch Undercard
    link link link link link Enjoy
  22. Upcoming Title Fights: Any Disagreements
    LW: BJ Penn versus Kenny Florian WW: Georges St. Pierre versus Thiago Alves (announced) MW: Anderson Silva versus Thales Leities (announced) LHW: Rashad Evans versus Lyoto Machida or winner of Jackon...
  23. UFC 94 prelims
    If anyone has trouble getting these to play, just let me know. Cramer vs Arroyo Howard vs Wilson Tavares vs Gamburyan Wellisch vs Gamburyan
  24. will penn really retire?
    he claims he wanted 94 to be his last, and he has to think about fighting again....thoughts?
  25. ufc 96 and 97 main cards on pay per view
    looks like right now with 96 we have hamill vs munoz jardine vs rampage carwin vs gonzaga interesting note though is how their is 2 spaces left but they already ruled out vera vs patt, and day vs...
  26. UFC 96 Poster
    - Quinton Jackson Keith Jardine - Matt Hammil vs. Mark Munoz - Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Shane Carwin - Gray Maynard vs. Jim Miller - Matt Brown vs. Pete Sell - Kendall Grove vs. Jason Day - Brandon Vera...
  27. ufc 97 shaping up, even more!!
    Another bout is about to be added to the already awesome card....and this one should be a standup war!! Cheick Kongo will be facing Antoni Hardonk and will be included on the maincard portion of the...
  28. UFN 17 Weigh-Ins Details
    Details for the UFN 17 weigh-ins have been announced: Weigh-ins begin at 4 PM ET tomorrow. They'll be held at Marshall Student Center on the University of South Florida (USF) campus in the Royal Palm...
  29. Who should get the first shot at Mir-Lesner?
  30. Rashad Evans: "I'm not one of the Machida naysayers"
    New interview with Rashad Evans. His thoughts on Machida... "I thought he had an excellent performance. I’m not one of the Machida naysayers. I always felt that he had skills. We took flack for...
  31. B.J. Penn Question
    Does anybody know if BJ has commented on his loss to GSP...other than the vaseline deal and the letter he sent to the NSAC?
  32. Rich Franklin vs Average American Dude (video)
    Funny stuff... i dont know if this is old or not so sorry if its a repost. If not check it out1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gZsxWNO6mo
  33. Are you kidding me?
    Shogun vs Liddell winner is the number 1 contender... Machida has 6 wins, yet gets shafted again... Liddell has one win in his last 4 fights... This is absolutely disgusting, imo.
  34. delete
    somethin i read on Sherdog..GSP explainin to everybody what was happenin in the ring..the whole Vaseline case... here's a couple of things i found interestin... “Listen, I never cheated in my life,”...
  35. Riddle/Bruno
    Matt Riddle is moving down to ww.. how do you guys see him fare against bruno as well as down the road.. the kid is young with some talent
  36. Favorite TUF?
    what your favorite and most memorable TUF when u look back at them, I'm not including TUF 1 in the poll cause i think most would pick it as it was new and started this whole thing so for the poll...
  37. Riddum Revenge- MMA Street Fighter II
    Pretty Solid..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j9fTIHchkY
  38. UFC events
    I got tickets to UFC 95 for my birthday & i want to know what a live event is like and what is expected? Whos here been to a live event? if you have which one? Anyone going or looking forwards to UFC...
  39. Troy Waugh
    Did the best job he could of ruining UFN 17 for me. I don't just mean because one of my picks lost, but as a fan of the sport it's hard to tune in and see terrible calls so frequently that you...
  40. Grice fight was prematurely stopped
    worst stoppage i have ever seen. the reason why it is so bad is because Veach was hurt 5x as worse when Grice was on top of him, but as soon as Veach landed one shot on a downed Grice it was over....
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  41. Why all the hate for Josh Neer?
    I was kind of blown away by all the booing when Josh Neer won tonight. He might not be the most personable guy but he brought it big time and put on a heck of a show. Anyone who has followed Josh's...
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  42. Rich Clementi vs. Gleison Tibau fight available free on UFC.com
  43. UFC Fight Night 17 Knockout of the Night: Cain - Really?
    Don't get me wrong he looked great all together. But come on KO of the night. Johnson and Veach both had more exciting ends to there fight IMO. Your oipinion???
  44. Lauzon
    he looked very good last night, who do you think they give him next? obviously the ufc feels he's ready for a big fight having already thrown him to florian and pitting him against franca before the...
  45. Carwin, Velasquez, or Dos Santos?
    Which UFC Heavyweight prospect will have the biggest impact on the heavyweight division? Dos Santos has the biggest win so far with his KO of Werdum, Carwin is probably the most ready right now with...
  46. UFC 97 Poster Up
    Should be another good night of MM-Eh!
  47. UFN 17 Prelims
    Matt Riddle vs. Steve Bruno UFN 17 Nick Catone vs. Derek Downey UFN 17
  48. UFN17 Next Opponents
    UFN17 Fighters Next Opponents: Winners: Joe Lauzon - Josh Neer Cain Velasquez - Pat Barry (a real test for both men) Josh Neer - Joe Lauzon Anthony Johnson - Jon Fitch Kurt Pellegrino - Roger Huerta...
  49. GSP Reflections on Fight Week
    From GSP's Blog today..... http://www.yardbarker.com/mma/articles/Reflections_on_Fight_Week/505524
  50. Neer Vs. Pellegrino?
    I think this is the next fight for these guys. Neer has looked outstanding since returning to the octagon early last year beating Din Thomas, taking Nate Diaz to a split decision (that i personally...
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