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  1. Junie Browning Interview After TUF 8 Finale
    Fighters Only interview with Junie Browning after TUF 8 Finale. Looks like Junie plans on taking MMA a little more seriously.....and he wants you to know what he means....
  2. Josh Koscheck?
    So is Josh Koscheck out of the UFC for that stupid video game thing or is he in for good?
  3. Kos vs. Kang?
    If Kang drops down to 170 after he beats Belcher in Ireland, wouldn't you just love to see this fight?
  4. "Get Well" Fund Setup For Injured Fighter Corey Hill
    As you may know already, UFC fighter Corey Hill is looking at a 12-18 month recovery time for injuries suffered against Dale Hartt at UFC Fights For The Troops. Presumably the UFC's health insurance...
  5. B.J. Penn and LW division
    What if B.J. Penn dominates Kenny Florian like he has everyone else. Who else is left for Penn? (at lightweight)
  6. UFC's Lightweight Division (Top 20)
    To say that it has been a rough ride for the UFC’s 155 lbs division would be a bit of an understatement. The trouble began when the first champion of the weight class Jens Pulver left the...
  7. Making the case for Evan Tanner to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame
    During a public Q&A last week at the Sports USA Bar in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, UFC President Dana White revealed that the promotion is expected to decide soon on which fighter will be inducted...
    Why does everyone think rampage is such an underdog? Yeah he's been beat but he looked horrible against Forrest, that didnt show how good he is, Wandy is good, but hes no Rampage. Jackson is in the...
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  9. Chonan vs Blackburn
    I found this match-up interesting. Both are talented guys, but both their records don't really reflect it. While Chonan probably has the edge in subs and wrestling, I'd say Blackburn definately has...
  10. Gamburyan vs Tavares
    What are some of your initial impressions on this fight? I have no clue who to pick. Both have good subs and decent striking. Both have been knocked out in their last couple of fights, but both are...
  11. UFC Fight Night 17 Poster
  12. UFC 95 / Bisping
    So since everywhere I look says Anderson Silva will probably not fight at UFC 95, do you think that Dana will have Bisping headline this one since it is in London and if so who does he fight ? If not...
  13. Joe Rogan's 'Fights For The Troops' Blog + Video
    The UFC had a special night this past week where we put on a fight card for the soldiers of Ft. Bragg. The entire night was to highlight traumatic brain injuries and to raise money for the intrepid...
  14. Who pays for Corey Hill's recovery?
    Dana White spoke on the topic on local Las Vegas radio: "Corey Hill is still in the hospital. He had surgery, they put a plate in his leg. We paid for all that. We covered all those expenses. He'll...
  15. Question.................
    K anyone who knows me knows I loves my Amir but why is Catone an underdog? He has literally 5 times the experience......... I still think Amir will win but i don't understand the logic. Is it because...
  16. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Junior "Cigano" Dos Santos Sparring
    A video of both guys sparring. Man can't wait to see both of these guys in action again. Anyone heard when Dos Santos will be fighting again? When they showed Dos Santos hitting the focus mitts...
  17. UFC 92 Award Predictions
    I think it will be: KO- Kongo over Al-Turk Sub-Massenzio over Dolloway and FOTN- Rampage vs Wandy Thoughts?
  18. How would Phil Baroni do in the UFC ww division?
  19. Efrain vs Melvin
    Efrain should fight Melvin Guilliard. Since Guilliard dodged him before. When Guilliared was initially cut after his loss to Clemente, he came to AZ and made and arrogantly open challenge to anybody...
  20. Where the bloody hell is George Sotiropoulos?
    Aussie wog dude from TUF 6. Where the hell is he? Anyone got any ideas? Had a couple of good wins in the UFC, but now he's MIA.
  21. Dana White: ''UFC Undisputed Is Out In May''
    He says so around the 1:10 mark VIDEO
  22. Big Nog's UFC 92 Training Camp - In Pictures
  23. The Essential Fight to Watch for UFC 92 Competitors
    Trying to do a bit of last minute shopping on the UFC 92 card (like how I threw in that Christmas reference?), and I'm wondering what members of the PG think is the essential fight to watch for each...
  24. Fitch on undercard again
    I'm usually not one to complain about what fights are on the main card but i think this is bullshit, fitch and gono is a much better fight than stephan bonnar vs. jon jones, fitch really does get no...
  25. what happened to kendall grove??
    just curious not a fan of his but he is way over due to fight would love to see him fight ed herman again,
  26. UFC 96 tickets on sale December 24
    March 7th in Columbus, Ohio. As usual this event coincides with the Arnold Classic which now hosts amateur mma matches as well. Go to the Arnold Classic in the morning and then go to the UFC at...
  27. 20 UFC events this year! not bad
    list of UFC events UFC 78 was the 100th UFC event if u count every UFC card From 2005-2008 there was 67 UFC events that's just more then the 65 UFC events there were from the first UFC in 1993 to...
  28. Countdown to UFC 92
    For those who missed it, its streaming in its entirety on ufc.com. I actually thought it was really well done. If you have the time, I recommend it!
  29. TUF 8: Ryan Bader's Final Blog Entry-One Last Stankie Story!
    Well, it might not be the last one. Bader said he'd keep blogging periodically if Junkie woudl like that, but either way he gaves us one more Stankie story: Then when we thought it couldn't get any...
  30. well, its official
    link well, its official....lietes-silva...booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  31. Hey Frank, Don't Hurt Yourself Smiling Before The Fight!
    Didn't think he was that goofy.
  32. Randy Coutures thoughts on 92
    The naturals breakdown of the big 3 fights on saturday Link
  33. Dolloway/Massenzio
    I know they both have a strong wrestling base. who has the advantage on the feet? believe Massenzio is bettter at subs.. Hes an underdog of +120 and i think has a great shot at beating cb.. thoughts?
  34. Winner of Lister/Okami to fight Spider
    Might be a rumor. might be the absolute truth.... heard it from a reliable source.
  35. Brad Blackburn vs. Ryo Chonnan
    Who takes it? I might be placing money on blackburn...the odss are against him. Please give me some input.
  36. Lister/Okami
    Okami is a huge fav. over Lister. My question is it worth it to throw real money down on Lister at such huge odds or is it a waste of my money? Is it realistic to think okami could get caught in a...
  37. Forrest's UFC 92 After-Party
    Will he go belted or belt-less? I think he goes belt-less...unless he perhaps tries that tweaking craze sweeping the nation.
  38. MMA Weekly streaming weigh ins Live!
    Just a heads up in case people didn't know or have forgotten that the weigh ins will be streamed live at MMA Weekly 7pm ET. link
  39. Anyone trying to watch the weigh-ins live on UFC.com?
    I'm now watching Bill Purvis instead of the weigh-ins and I don't know why. Somebody made a boo boo.
  40. Weight-In thoughts
    I liked watching the Bible thing on UFC.com. So i switched to Yahoo. Wanderlei looked ripped as hell! Does anyone have a video or gif of his and Rampge's staredown then tussle? Nog looked a little...
  41. UFC HL : How it ends
    hows it going guys, hope you like the HL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FI-767BmhG4 i entered it into a Hl contest and im in the finals, it would help me out alot if you guys could vote for me,...
  42. What is the deal with Mac Danzig?
    Why does he have so much hate for rampage? I was reading Pros Picks: Silva vs Jackson III on sherdog and here is what Mac Danzig's prediction was: Mac Danzig :Well, according to Quinton himself, he...
  43. with the KO/Sub/and fight of the year, how bout rookie of the year
    The stipulation of course is their 1st fight in the UFC has to be in 2008. which the obvious Rookie of the Year is Brock Lesnar 2-1 with wins over Herring and Couture and his one loss to Frank Mir...
  44. Who has the better ground game?
    WANDY or FORREST? alot of people say forrest's ground and bjj is overrated and wandy has a black belt, but rarely (has too) uses it. I am wondering who has the edge. i think this will be an important...
  45. Will WANDY throw a knee?
    the knees were such an important weapon in Wandy's bag of tricks (escpecially against page) I dont think he threw ANY against chuck, and didnt need them against Jardine? 1. Why didnt he use them...
  46. Dana White's Answers MMA fan Question's
    Dana was recently at MMAfanhouse answering a bunch of online questions, and it was pretty interesting. He touched on many topics such as, Chuck turning down a fight with Matt Lindland, the prospect...
  47. Post UFC 92 thoughts (Spoilers inside)
    Mir vs. Noguiera- I believe the stoppage was a little bit early, but that it would have ended the same anyway. Nogueira's definitely punchy. With that disclaimer being thrown out- WOW. I said it in...
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  49. Whats next for Big Nog and Wandy?
    Well, as a huge Wandy and Nog fan i am saddened, who would have though that Frank MURR would be the man who finishes Nog? not me. It's funny how his bandwagon has grown, and people are saying "HE...
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  50. UFC 92 next opponents
    Rashad Evans:QJ Rampage Frank Mir:Brock Lesnar C.B Dollaway:Jorge Rivera QJ Rampage:Rashad Evans Cheick Kongo:Antoni Hardonk Yushin Okami:Winner of Anderson vs Leites Antoni Hardonk:Cheick Kongo Matt...
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