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  1. TUF Finale Fights
    Who do you guys think will be the two ultimate fighters? I think Nover beats Escudero. He is possessed once he gets in there. Vinny is definitely going to submit Bader. Vinny looks like he has...
  2. War Nover!
    Told all you from before day one the guy was going to the finals. This kid is a bad mofo. Listen to what Dana said and take note.The rest of the lightweights are going to have some trouble dealing...
  3. UFC OCTAGON Book Signings (in the US)
    The UFC Octagon (hard cover, coffee table/photo, $40 retail) book will be releasing in the US on Monday December 15th at all major book retailers. We just finaliized all of the fighter signings,...
  4. Bader vs. Vinny
    Does anybody else believe this has the makings to be one of the all time most boring fights in ufc history. I don't think Vinny will be able to pull guard on Bader the way he did to Krystof, and both...
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  5. Diego Sanchez to Lightweight!!
    ok everyone, lets hear what you have to say! is it becuase he thinks it will be easier for him in that division? and where do you put him, you cant give him a title shot and i think giving him...
  6. Fight for the troops-KO, SOTN, and FOTN Predictions
    It's a little more interesting this time around because alot of fighters are relatively unknown which will make it harder. Ne ways, post um if you got um. I'm gonna go with: KO- Fioravanti over...
  7. John Hackleman: "We like him at light heavyweight"
    Pit Boss John Hackleman held an online chat and answered a bunch of questions for fans. Quote: On who he'd like to see Chuck face next... "Forrest Griffin!" "We like him at light heavyweight. We...
  8. TUF: Getting The Spankie...er, Stankie Treatment
    Not sure if this has been posted yet (just found it now on Mania), but either way, enjoy after the jump: http://www.spike.com/video/exclusive-spank-you/3066387
  9. UFC 92 mini site is up
    92.ufc.com Is anyone else on the same page with me? I am so excited for this event. I don't think I've been this excited for an event since maybe 87 or 84. The UFC in 2008 was absolutely fantastic....
  10. which ufc main event was the best?? worst?? most anticipated??
    with the year almost up i was looking back at the main events for the ufc big cards only NOT THE FIGHT NIGHTS NOR TUF FINALES jan penn vs stevenson aug st pierre vs fitch feb slyvia vs big nog sept...
  11. Anderson Silva's MMA striking book
    I just wanted to say I'm new to this forum, cool place. Thanks everyone for welcoming me. I wanted to share my review of Anderson Silva's new book with you guys, MMA Striking. It's one of the latest...
  12. UFC Fight for the troops Main card
    Which fight are you looking forward to most on the main card?
  13. UFC Fight for the troops Prelimary Card
    Which of the undercard fights would you most like to see?
  14. Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson 3 Hype Video
    Gonna be at this one live....can't wait http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xY1mnb4n6BY
  15. Griffin-Bonnar 1 & Evans-Imes FREE Videos
    Enjoy (again, perhaps) after the jump: http://mmamania.com/2008/12/08/forrest-griffin-vs-stephan-bonner-video-and-more-free-to-watch-online/
  16. Weigh-ins for Wednesday's UFN
    Since people will be asking and I just found out details, I'll try and answer all the questions now: Weigh-ins for UFC Fights For The Troops are tomorrow at 5 PM ET at a Ft. Bragg, NC sports bar....
  17. UFC 93 Poster
    surfing around found this... EDITS: Don't know why, the code is inserted and the link is the right one but in my browser it doesn't show up, anyway you can copy+paste the provided link if this is...
  18. UFC 94 Poster Up
    53 days and counting... If you're having trouble reading the small text at the top, it says "The Welterweight Champ Defends His Belt Against The King Of The Lightweights".
  19. Is it worth it
    If GSP wins he keeps his belt, and bj keeps his too, but if gsp loses, bj has both. is it worth it for GSP to take this chance
  20. Weigh-in link?
    pictures or video... if anybody could help props on your way
  21. Ay Canadians going to see Anderson Silva in Ottawa today?
    Heard about it on the radio. Hes signing autographs from 2 till 6 at St. Laurent Shopping Center. Roads are terrible but Im thinking of making the treck. Anyone else?
  22. thales leites v anderson in feb?
    so i guess at the FFTT Q&A dana mention thales being under strong consideration to fight andeerson next? is anyone else surpised/ pissed? what has thales done.....sure he is on a 5 win streak, but...
  23. Loughran/Credeur
    Loughran is a sligh underdog here. Credeur is all about subs and lughran has subbed all 9 of his opponets but hasnt faced someone like credeur. credeur has awfully sloppy standup. will nate keep it...
  24. Wiman vs Miller
    Is this fight still on cause most of the MMA sites are doing a breakdown of all of the fights except for this one????
  25. FYI : UFC Programming for TONIGHT (Unleashed Fight Cards)
    UFC Unleashed Telecasts Wednesday, December 10 (7:00 - 8:00 PM, ET/PT). Middleweight Mike "Quick" Swick goes up against "The French Canadian" Steve Vigneault. Then Renato "Babaloo" Sobral faces NCAA...
  26. Swick vs Goulet
    there was like alomst 500 punches in goulet back head.
  27. Cantwell - bad sportsmanship?
    OK I FOUND THIS ON SHERDOG FORUMS NOT FROM ME I will remain neutral like switzerland baba2008- Anyone else think that was bad form from Cantwell? He showed great killer instinct and of course...
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  28. All i have to say is HOLY SHIT
    ok for people wanting to know what hapen for dale and corey fight well corey got his leg snapped off i will attach a pic i took
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  29. Link me to Corey Hill Bout
    can someone post me a link to the corey hill bout on fight for the troops? I've been doing good on my picks and he is like one of the bouts i got wrong and i was confident with him winning. Can...
  30. Fight for the Troops Next Opponents
    Always one of my favorite recurring threads. Koscheck - Mike Swick (really aren't too many guys above him that he hasn't already faced, unless he fights Hughes) Miller - Danzig/Neer winner if he...
  31. Corey Hill vs Dale Hartt video FREE at ufc.com
    It's on the front page. I'm kind of surprised that this is the video that they chose to put up for free, but it's there nonetheless.
  32. Tuf 8 Finale KO, Sub, and FOTN
    Post um if you got um. I'm predicting: KO: Junie over Kaplan Sub: Burns over Johnson FOTN: Escudero vs Nover Thoughts?
  33. KOS!!!!! WAR KOS!!!!
    With all of what happened at UFC fight for the Troops Corey Hills Leg, Al Hassan's arm. Josh Koschecks brutal 1st round KO of Yoshiyuki Yoshida(sp) is being overlooked. I don't want to rant but just...
  34. Favorite UFC tournament champion (up to ufc 10)
    Mine is Royce cause he inspired me to start training BJJ
    wot a surprise the u.k event is gonna be another poor card. Silva has stated he wont fight on the card so i really dont know what the ufc could possibly line up as the main event possibly a washed up...
  36. TUF 8 Finale Weigh Ins?
    Does any one know what time the weigh ins are and if they will be on UFC.com live?
  37. UFC and MMA Orgs. in general need better refs
    I just can't take it anymore. If I see one more dumb ass ref saying some stupid ass shit to fighters who are working hard on the ground or against the fence for position, like "Come on, fight" or...
  38. For those who want... (GIF)
    Here are some GIF's of the Fight for the Troops. I know everyone is looking for them.
  39. Franca Vs Lauzon & Stevenson Vs Huerta right match ups?
    IMO if you switched these around a bit you would have much more exciting Lauzon Vs Huerta & Stevenson Vs Franca I'm no Joe Silva but I think these are way more exciting match ups What does the...
  40. Watching TUF Finale online?
    Hey. Does anyone know if I can watch the TUF finale online. No spike. holler.
    Junie vs. Kaplan- very impressed with Junie. seems like he really has been working hard and seems like he really is changed, hope he keeps it up, dude has serious potential IMO. also cool that he...
  42. Anyone see Anthony Johnson after the head kick?
    I cant remember so clearly but after Johnson got that amazing badass head kick on burns. I think Johnson was flopping on the floor. I was wondering if anyone else saw that or if it was just me. then...
  43. Bader and Efrain
    Who do they get next, my guess is a complete tomato can, possible even a guy making his ufc debut. i think they slowly build up nover and vinny as well, these guys are young and all have gotten more...
  44. TUF 8 Finale Next Opponents
    Winners: Efrain Escudero - Shannon Gugerty Ryan Bader - Eric Schafer Anthony Johnson - Jon Fitch(im not even kidding, Rumble can hang wit fitch) Krystof - Michael patt Wilson Gouveia - Kendall Grove...
  45. First GSP-Penn 2 Betting Lines Out
    Only one sportsbook has a line so far, and the odds could yield a nice profit if you think Penn gets the W: Georges St Pierre (-245) vs BJ Penn (+175) at 5Dimes 5Dimes is currently the only book to...
  46. How to Beat Anderson Silva
    I just got through rewatching the TUF 8 LW final, where wrestler Efrain Escudero beat Muay Thai and BJJ fighter Phillippe Nover. I never really doubted Escudero from the start of the season, and I...
  47. What ever happened to...?
    What ever happened to the weekly live fight show that the UFC was supposed to develop for Spike? I seem to remember that agreement being part of the last contract re-up with Spike. Or am I just...
  48. Should TUF Be Cancelled?
    I believe TUF cast is making a joke out of MMA. Can't believe they don't kick guys off for acting like 15 year olds. This is MMA folks not a frat party.
  49. if he signs with the UFC who should Yoshihiro Akiyama fight for his debut?
  50. Kongo/Al-Turk & CB/Massenzio over Lister/Okami ?
    We obviously get the Griffin/Evans, Mir/Nog, and Wandy/Rampage fights. But do you think the other 2 fights should've been the Kongo & CB fights rather than Lister/Okami ?
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