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  1. UFC Entrance Music Downloads
    I thought i would finally get a collection of good MMA Entrance songs and put them in one place. http://www.boltshare.com/647456388.html You can stream all the songs, embed them and also download...
  2. GIF contest... without much of a prize
    Props to the first person to produce a GIF of Tom Lawlor punching Gabe Kaplan.
  3. Greatest Mixed Martial arts trilogies
    one of the most exciting things to see in combat sports is the rubber match. When two fighters close in skill manage to split the first two fights 1-1 the third become highly anticipated. These are...
  4. need some info on 2 undercard fights 91
    looking for some info on the stephens/dos anjos fight as well as can riley beat gurgel??
  5. Now You Can Be At UFC 91 And Have Your PBP Too!
    Just found this almost-funny tidbit on F4W: UFC is offering in-arena radios for the first time on Saturday night where for $10, you can get a radio and hear the commentary by Mike Goldberg and Joe...
  6. Lawler ko's Kaplan
    Was that not the funniest thing you have ever seen. I had to rewind it 25 times before it even came back from commercial. Definitely one of the funniest things I have ever seen on reality television.
  7. Fighters arent Athletes?
    Did anyone see how pathetic the Mir v. Nog soccer shootout was? It was humourous but it was almost embarrassing. You think that a fighter would have a little more athletic ability. To all the...
  8. "Last-minute editorial decision" softens recent "TUF" scene
    The ninth episode of "The Ultimate Fighter: Team Nogueira vs. Team Mir" was supposed to feature yet another disturbing image of questionable decision making by the fighters in the house. But Spike TV...
  9. Kenflo vs Stevenson
    I can't make a solid pick for this fight at all. Joe by all means should win IMO Kenny isn't gonna sub him unless he's able to hurt Stevenson first and the likelyhood of that happening is slim. To me...
  10. 50 Cent new song "Get Up" featured in UFC 91
    Link Thoughts?
  11. Do You Believe Anyone Should Get A Title Shot After Only 2 Fights?
    See Poll Below.
  12. UFC 91 Weigh-Ins?
    What time is the weigh-in for UFC 91? I'm guessing around 6pm EST?
  13. ESPN: MMA Live UFC 91 weigh in special
    Link Already in progress, but check it out.
  14. UFC's boss is MMA's Grim Reaper
  15. New game footage
    and interview w/ brock link
  16. brown v thomas
    i want to pick thomas..............tell me why i should or shouldnt
  17. Brock Makes Me Sad...
    Cause he is too much of a "big sumbitch." I so wanted Couture to pull this one out, but there were so many cards stacked against him. I can't wait for him to try and defend his title against...
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  18. 91 was fantastic
    without any spoliers...91 was great......i cant remember any other card that showed every fight....really really good
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  19. ufc 91 aftermath
    ufc 91 was awesome great fights, great finishes ken flo looked very impressive once again i really think he has a shot at beating penn jorge gurgel has had two great fights back to back but i think...
  20. george gurgel = andy wang?
    Good ground game but once their opponents land one shot , you know your in for a a stand up fight . Replace bj with dellagrotte and we got tuf 5 all over again . thoughts?
  21. Lesnar proved this hater wrong.
    Props to Lesnar on a good fight. He shut me up..... now the updated list of guys that i need to see more to be considered as good as everyone says: Bisping Filho Machida (im pretty close to changing...
  22. Florian vs Penn Predictions
    Hows it gonna end?
  23. Power for Power; Lesnar hit harder than Sylvia and Gonzaga?
    I think Lesnar hits a fair amount harder. He strikes kind of awkwardly, like he doesn't put his body or shoulder into it, just his arm. But I still think he hits probably just as hard or harder then...
  24. Most Improvment at UFC 91?
    Who showed the most improvement?
  25. Jon Fitch rumored to fight at UFC 94 against an unnamed opponant.
    Do you buy that and if you do who do you think it will be? link
  26. brock vs. randy
    While i correctly predicted brock's win, I have to admit the fight went much different than I thought. I thought we were going to see a sherk vs. florian type fight where brock took him down at will....
  27. UFC 91 Fighters next opponents
    Brock Lesnar- Nog or Mir Randy Couture- Nog vs. Mir loser or a move to lhw. Kenny Florian- BJ Penn, or Sherk if BJ beats GSP either way a title shot Joe Stevenson- Tyson Griffin Dustin Hazlett- Diego...
  28. Maia calling out Bisping
    While it won't happen I would still love to see this fight. While I admit I am a big Bisping apologist I think Maia will run through him. Maia has some of the best jiu jitsu I have ever seen if not...
  29. UFC Fighter Bonus Predictions
    I don't think they have been released yet, but who do you think will get the bonuses from last night? Fight of the Night: Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Couture Knock Out of the Night: Jeremy Stephens over...
  30. Florian Haters?
    Please take back all of the crap you were talking about him after the huerta fight. The man does finish fights and he finishes good fighters often. I thought kenny would lose to stevenson and he...
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  31. Not a Brock Fan!
    Im not a fan of Brock Lesnar, but I give him props for winning. Im looking forward to a rematch cause lets face it, the fight was good and Randy controlled the match up until he got caught in the...
  32. Time for a new weight class?
    Just wondering what whats your opinion on a new weight class to fill the massive difference in the heavyweight division. I was thinking something along the lines of a 206-235 division the only...
  33. Randy couture ... the next move ???
    I seriously don't see couture being able to better the outcome of his loss to lesnar if there was to be a re-match later down the line. Couture's track record against the much bigger heavyweights has...
  34. Over or Under?
    Now that the event has passed, and the dust has cleared. Do you think the event did under or over the expectation of 1.2 million buys ? I dont think it went over 1.2 million, but it did well. My...
  35. Thiago Silva VS Lyoto Machida
    Its on the Card for UFC 94. The UFC is Killing it right now with these fantastic cards. The December card looks like something from a dream. What do you guys think of this intense match up?!
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  36. Going To UFC 92!!!
    This card to be is the best one of the year and they never seem to disappoint on the final card of the year. Andy vs Hamill, Blackburn vs Chonan, Burch vs Hardonk, Al-Turk vs Kongo, Wand vs Page 3,...
  37. The Uppercut
    With Junior Dos Santos and Jeremy Stephens totally kick ass KO's via uppercut, it's kinda odd that we don't see this punch more often. Obviously it leaves you open, but damn does it make for a nice...
  38. I can't let it go...
    I've been resisting making a post about this, but something really bothered me about Saturday night. Goldberg's incessant use of the term "Neck Kick" Please tell me I'm not the only one who noticed...
  39. How many times do you think Lesnar will defend his title?
    how many title defenses do you think he will have?
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  40. Randy Couture " Fedor would tear up Brock "
  41. Yo Joe, Where's The Beard?
    Either I didn't notice it on the live stream Saturday night or Rogan's really shaved down his Evan Tanner beard. To me it looked like he still had some of it but nowhere near where it was last time...
  42. wtf knocked Couture down?
    I've been re-watching this clip of the fight over and over trying to figure out exactly wtf knocked Couture down, at 2:52 it looks like Lesnar walloped Couture over the back of the head and Couture...
  43. UFC 91 was a funny card...
    there were some good moments i saw on saturday that made me laugh the first thing i noticed was when demian maia gave quarry a kiss on the cheek then quarry went to do the same but maia turned his...
  44. When do they release the PPV numbers for UFC 91?
    I am just curious because my brother said it was supposed to be one of the highest grossing events in UFC history. I can't seem to find the numbers anywhere though, so if someone could help me out I...
  45. GSP, BJ and Dana on The Score Tommorow at 2PM ET.
    I saw the commercial a couple of times today so I figured I'd let people know about it. Tommorow at two GSP, BJ and Dana will be in the score studio talking with Sid Seixeiro. Sadly, The Scores...
  46. GSP vs Penn 2 - Press Conference (Video)
  47. UFC’s greatest hits: the early days (part 1 of 3)
    The first in a three-part series chronicling the 15 greatest moments in UFC history as the company celebrates its 15th anniversary. The Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted in Nov. 1993 in Denver,...
  48. If BJ wins....who gets next shot (Florian:155 or Alves:170)[POLL]
    Funny that the champions from two division with the "OBVIOUS title shot earned" contenders are fighting each other making them wait. I don't really mind since BJ-GSP-2 will be awesome but after...
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  49. Gonzaga VS Hendricks (UFC 91)
    Josh Hendricks ??!! Someone please explain to me what where those "lumps" covering his entire body? We should go back to Traditional "Gi" in times like these.
  50. Would it kill dana to put one big event on the charity card!!??
    It friggin pisses me off. Its a cool charity and i wish he would have put at least ONE big profile fight to draw in casual viewers. I know alot of you would think some are cool fights but im talking...
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