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  1. Anderson ties the record, Alves not far behind
    Though Anderson Silva posted a somewhat lackadaisical performance in an anticlimactic victory over Patrick Cote at UFC 90, he reached an important milestone in his UFC career: eight consecutive wins...
  2. Things I didn't think would happen at UFC 90
    Just a list of things I didn't think could possibly happen... 1- Josh Koschek wasn't able to take Thiago down. 2- Cote making it past the 2nd round. 3- Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffin being a really...
  3. Who is next in line for Anderson Silva at 185?
    So who do you think should fight Andy Silva next? Should Cote get a rematch? I think if Yushin Okami wins his next fight, he should get next title shot...The chances that will happen, probably slim...
  4. GSP vs. Penn (causing chaos in two divisions)
    Just wanted to share my thoughts and hear yours on the craziness this fight can and will make in the lightweight and welterweight divisions. Okay so lets start in the lightweight division, imo most...
  5. Silva Fighting In December?
    There has been talk of Silva fighting in December probably against Yushin Okami. Is that true?
  6. The Final Five
    Anderson Silva has hinted at an early retirement when his contract with the UFC is over. He has five fights left until his contract runs out. And I think that Dana should give him the 5 hardest...
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  7. Matt Hughes Vs Matt Serra
    I still wanna see this fight mainly because of the names involved and the bad blood, I dont know when this is going to happen but im going for serra cause i dont like hughes, and even tho serras a...
  8. A little love for ya guys
    Franca , Aurelio / Fisher , Gugerty PRELIMS!!!!
  9. Forrest vs Rashad Rampage vs Wanderlei do the underdogs have their wins?
    I picked Rashad over Forest because I see Rashad having a significant advantage int the stylistic matchup. Having the superior athleticism, an INTELIGENT camp if not inteligent gameplan, and perky...
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  10. Ed Soares: "Anderson felt like he broke him"
    Ed Soares talks about Anderson Silva's fight with Patrick Cote. Quote: On Anderson Silva's performance... "I could tell you that if Patrick Cote’s knee wouldn’t have went out in the 3rd round, we...
  11. Anyone else tired of Cote......?
    i have been really tired of listening to Cote talking after the fight. He has done several interviews that he claims he was getting the best of Silva! are you kidding me!? there was also a interview...
  12. Dan Hardy Vs Gono
    Curious, since ive seen people post a clip from the fight. Anyone able to upload it, or have a link to watch the fight? When reading the play by play it sounded as if we missed alot of drama.......
  13. Anderson’s gameplan
    “There are many people saying I was disrespecting Cote, but this is absolutely not true,” Silva told Sherdog.com. “My game plan since the beginning was fight five rounds, inducing him to commit...
  14. Okay, I need my Jon Fitch fix...
    ...who do you think he should fight next?
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  15. anyone notice
    machida eating dinner with team nog or hendo shaking vinnys hand after the fight.? machida looked really small!
  16. I wish fighters would actually leave the house once eliminated from TUF...
    ....like they did back in the day. Shane Nelson acts like he's 8.
  17. Rafael Dos Anjos
    Does anybody know anything about this guy? Maybe he'll be like Dos Santos and kill Stevens?
  18. Machida, a great year ending
    You know what UFC 92, the best fight card of 2008, is missing??? MACHIDA Id pay double if the guy is in this already awsom card.
  19. C.B. On Main Card?
    Why is C.B. on the main card for UFC 92 while Okami is on the under card? It doesn't make any sense. I rather see Matt Hammil face Reese Andy than C.B. fight.
  20. The Gono vs Hardy Decision
    Sorry if this has been discussed but I havnt been on latly. I watched the fight 3 times and 1 time I gave the fight to Gono 30-27 and 29-28 the last two times, Gono landed more and got a lot of...
  21. Youngest UFC Champions?
    Recently on HDNet's "Inside MMA" they discussed UFC's oldest champions. I was wondering if anyone knows the youngest UFC champions in each division?
  22. No Chance For Leites
    There is no way Leites will get a title shot. If Anderson Silva is serious about retiring after his contract is up there is no way Leites will be one of those 5. Leites is good but he is not that...
  23. Irony?
    There should be a betting pool or over-under on how many times Mike Goldberg will misuse the the word irony in a year. You think Rogan would have clued him in by now. It's only been like a freakin...
  24. The New look of the UFC Heavyweight Class.......
    Shane Carwin 10-0 5XL gloves and has never made it into the 3rd minute of the first round Possesses great KO power with a solid wrestling background Junior dos Santos 7-1 With only one blemish he too...
  25. Alves: “I'm 171 pounds at the weight-ins, and then I go into the fight at 198"
    Alves on his title shot chances. After seven victories in a row at UFC, Thiago “Pitbull” Alves appears to finally get his chance for the welterweight belt. With the unanimous decision victory...
  26. Denis Kang's first UFC fight?
    Canadian middleweight Denis Kang has confirmed to Sherdog.com that he has signed a four-fight contract with the UFC.
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  27. Where's Okami
    What ever happened to Okami being in the mix? I know this has been beaten to death but who's next if any for silva in th MW division?
  28. Lytle vs Davis. Fight of the night anyone?
    These 2 welterweights, plus paul taylor, are some of the msot exciting you'll find. Sure, they arent GSP or Alves, but these 3 guys, no matter who they are fighting always seem to put on a show. One...
  29. WAR Couture!... Now
    Well this is my first post and i'm really excited! My girlfriend just won 2 tickets to UFC 91 on the radio! (like 2 mins ago) I called first and all you had to do was be caller 10 and answer 5 out of...
  30. UFC PPV of the year so far?
    I had to ask this question, because to me, it's UFC 87 hands down. However, I was at that one live, so I may be biased. However, I saw the PPV when I got back, and it was still the best of the year...
  31. Did someone eat my fruit platter? (TUF spoiler)
    haha i did not think bader and nover would freakin eat it without smelling it. i thought for sure that it wouldn't work. i got dry heaves watching nover puke hilarious
  32. TUF: Ryan Bader's "Stankie Story Of The Week" For Week 8 (No Spoilers)
    Enjoy while they last, Bader's running out of them. Going back before I fought Tom Lawlor, Stanky went up to Tom and told him he was No. 1 pick and that he could not be beat. Tom then told Stanky,...
  33. does dennis kang merit a top 10 ranking in the ufc in his weight class??
    i have seen kang fight on alot of pride tapes, bushida last year he was a top 5 middle weight fighter in the world. i know he lost some fights against top 10 fighters like masaki and new ones like...
  34. With WEC's LHW and MW divisions cut, which fighters should be implemented into the UFC?
    I can't see Zuffa just cutting all of them. At LHW there isn't much choice, but: Doug Marshall Brian Stann Carmello Marrero Steve Steinbasss Alex Schoenhower At MW there are a world of options: Chael...
  35. Am i the only one that thinks BJ will win?
    it just seems like everything i read and everything i see, everyone says that GSP is going to win, however i really think that BJ will win. i feel like i am alone on this one, am i?
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  36. UFC On Flex Magazine Cover
    And you too can look like them in just 12 weeks!
  38. Biggest HW Fight in History of UFC?
    So we all prob have seen the ads now for UFC 91 with Couture and Lensar, being said that it is the biggest fight in UFC history. It made me wonder how many would agree with this. Tickets for the...
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  39. dennis kang vs alan belcher at ufc 93 ireland !!!
    according to mma weekly which is my main source for accurate fights dennis kang will be fighting alan belcher probably on main card great first opponent to challenge kang, she should be annoucing it...
  40. ufc 94 + 95
    UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn 2 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event to be held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) on January 31, 2009 The main event will feature the rematch of UFC...
  41. Stevenson?Florian
    I see Kenny is almost a 2 to 1 fav. Kenny has the better standup, stevenson the better wrestler, both are bjj.. Whats everyones take on the outcome of this fight?
  42. UFC 94 Poster Up
    Pretty self-explanatory:
  43. UFC 91 KO, Sub, and FOTN predictions
    That time again . I say: KOOTN: Lesnar over Couture (blasphemy!) SOTN: Maia over Quarry FOTN: Stevenson vs Florian
  44. Anderson Silva
    I don't know how anybody can somebody#1 pfp with a loss to luis azeredo.
  45. Josh Burkman Sidelined Due To Back Injury
    This is the first time in my career I’ve got to seriously be like I’ve got to get this better. I’ve got to take some time off,” Burkman said. The injury consists of two bulging discs in his back and...
  46. UFC: Fight for the Troops Play-by-Play Pred.
    Jonathan Goulet vs. Mike Swick Round1: Goulet comes out aggressive and swings but misses. Swick counters with a body kick, and a couple jabs. Jonathan misses with a high kick. Swick starts to pick...
  47. Countdown to UFC 91 video
    If any of you missed it. Link
  48. UFC 91 main card change
    With the cancellation of Amir Sadollah v Nick Catone there will be a prelim fight promoted to the main card. I have read the promoted fight will be Hazelett v McCrory. If I could have chosen 1...
  49. BJ Penn can't bench press 150lbs 12 times
    Obviously BJ is a strong grappler, but I was reallysurprised at his lack of weight strength. Not that it nessecarilly makes a difference, but still surprising. It's being reported that in this...
  50. Couture Files Restraining Order On Affliction
    Wife and business partner of UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture, Kim Couture has filed a lawsuit and been granted a temporary restraining order in a Las Vegas court against Affliction CEO Todd...
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