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  1. WTF, Gono…
    http://www.cagepotato.com/2008/10/14/wtf-gono/ This will be good
  2. Dana White talks GSP vs BJ, Junie and more
    http://www.sports1140.com/pages/1939975.php Check the left sideof the screen, for the 14th of october radio interview
  3. UFC Action Figures. (pictures)
  4. ufc tag lines
    do you think the ufc will ever stop using numbers on there events also do think that they will stop with tag lines for each evnt like breakthrough i think they should use like wwe style events and...
  5. HELP NEEDED: Chris Leben
    EDIT: Nevermind! Thanks, DCRage for hooking me up!
  6. The official Junie War Wagon thread
    I like this guy almost as much as I like Nick Diaz I hope he wins the show so all the haters out there have to deal with him for a long time.... Of course this thread was a waste of time if he loses...
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  7. The Christian "Cyrus the Virus" Leben Warwagon Thread
    ***I AM ACCEPTING AV BETS, PM ME*** Support him on his way to victory over Michael Bisping. Because you know you love him.
  8. Big Nog
    with every episode of tuf i like this guy more and more. loved that he was pissed about the pranks calling it "the game", and al stankie is the best coach ever on tuf. loved it, and i'm starting to...
  9. one sided fights
    not just on TUF but last night was one of the most one sided fights ive ever seen. any one got any worse ones other then like one hit ko's and waht not
  10. My thoughts on last nights episode
    So I could not find the TUF 8 Discussion thread that we usually have, I see there is a discussion thread about rumored fighters that hasnt been touched in a month but it doesnt seem like anyone is...
  11. TUF9 - Ross Pointon to make shock return to TUF trials
    Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon was last seen by UFC fans at Ultimate Fight Night 8, defeated that night by lightweight rising star, Rich Clementi in the second round. Well he could be about to...
    http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=xnhTP1RV43g Chris Leben Evoution of an icon part 1 Here is part 1 of a mad series the find the rest yourself. WAR WAR WAR LEEEEEBEN BANANA ROCK
  13. Dana White: St.Pierra vs Silva "yes", BJ Pennvs A. Silva ‘aint gonna happen’
    “If GSP beats BJ then you’ll see Silva v GSP — possibly at a catch weight. But if Penn beats GSP there’s no way I’d let him move up to 185lbs, no way. He’ll f***ing fight, argue and cry about it but...
  14. Lauidin/Bielkheden
    I see Bielkheden is -160. I was wondering if anyone has seen these guys fight? Bielkheden only is 12-6 and is a BJJ.. Lauidin is 12-10 thx
  15. When will UFC change its ways!
    Is it me or am I the only one pissed off that GONO/HARDY will not be show on the main card? Yeah I know, we may get lucky and see it, but why is this not a main card fight and instead its on the...
  16. Chonan now lives with his wife's parents
    Ryo Chonan posted his column in kamipro.com. "I came back to Japan after training in the US for 6 months. On the day before my flight, I drank until 4 am and didn't remember mostly. I thought I...
  17. Alves vs Koschek?
    I looked on UFC.com but couldn't find anything about Sanchez pulling out of the fight. Why is Alves fighting Koschek suddenly? Can someone help me out?
  18. Where does Leben go from here?
    So after his Decision loss to Bisping tonight, where do you think this puts him? I think he doesn't belong in the Middleweight division, as I can't see him putting enough wins together to get him in...
  19. UFC 89 undercard fights
    Anyone have links to the fights? props worthy indeed.
  20. Soko's Future?
    He looked very good for about 2:30 minutes, then all of the sudden got timid, and didn't throw his kicks, or combinations for the rest of the fight. Was he gassed that early? It looked like it to me....
  21. Women's MMA: Good or Bad
    I do not at all enjoy watching women fight in the octagon. I think that it is weird and gross. Should UFC start having ladies fights? Or should no one have any?
  22. Werdum?
    Why is he fighting a newcomer? he just beat two tough big name guys, so shouldn't he be moving up in competition not down? does anyone else think this is weird?
  23. Bisping and Leben poll SPOILERS
    Everyone has been arguing about it so we might as well do a poll. who won the fight in your opinion?
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  24. What happens to Vera?
    That was a very disappointing performance from Brandon Vera last night, and I think he's going to have alot of trouble from most of the top guys in the LHW division, granted Jardine isnt your typical...
  25. UFC 89 Next Opponents
    Michael Bisping- Nate Marquardt or Yushin Okami for #1 contender spot. Chris Leben- Nate Quarry (always thought those two would make for an awesome fight) Keith Jardine- Shogun Rua Brandon Vera- Eric...
  26. Bisping Haters
    Still want to jump all over him. He looked pretty good again last night in picking apart a much improved and ever tough Chris Leben. Now I don't think he cracked the top 10 with that win but he's one...
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  27. UFC *Live+ on Spike
    Was anyone else at all angered by the fact tht the UFC and Spkie TV tried to pull the wool over viewer's eyes by saying the fights were aired live? I was wondering about this last week already when...
  28. soko v vera
    i think it should be next for both, with the loser going to a smaller org for a bit.. to bad it wouldn't be WEC though....
  29. Leben's hands down walk + Cane's bitchslap
    Thought these were pretty funny Leben mocking Bisping, and actually works Cane's Bitchslap on Soko before following with the left to knock him down And, Jardine needs to learn how to punch properly
  30. When did sweat in the eye, count as a timeout?
    Dont get me wrong, im happy Bisping won. But how in the world did the ref allow this fight to be stopped ,just because Michael got sweat in his eye and could not see? Matt Hughes must of been sitting...
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  31. Franks Mirs money is on Randy
    Link Funny what he says about Kimbo and Krazy Horse.
  32. UFC 90 TV commercial
    With College Footbal, NFL, NASCAR Sprint Cup and MLB playoffs I've been watching a lot of TV lately. ESPN,tbs,FOX,ABC and NBC. I've been seeing the UFC 90 commercial in some of these (or maybe just...
  33. Dear ESPN...
    Please, please, please do not show results of a UFC event on your ticker until the event has aired in the US!!!! I was out at a bar (the old lady had movie night with a friend) to watch UFC 89. A...
  34. UFC 90 FOTN, SOTN, and KOOTN Predictions
    I think: SOTN: Miller over Horwich-gonna see some great jj in this fight. FOTN: Aurelio vs Franca- both exciting fighters. KO: Silva over Cote- what else?
  35. Fedor in the UFC?
    I hear that Dana White wants Fedor in the UFC. Is that true? Does Fedor even want to be in the UFC?
  36. Betting Lines for UFC 90
    I see Josh Koscheck is +115 real line and Tyson Griffin is +175ish. Thoughts on 1 or both winning.. I think Kos can take Alves down when he wants and stay on top. Griffin with those odds also might...
  37. LOL has anyone seen a pic of forrest as a kid?
    He looks like will robinson from the original lost in space.
  38. GSP vs. Penn a Title Fight!?
    it has been reported that the GSP vs Penn fight will be for the Welterweight title. does this piss off anyone but me? of course i want to see them fight that is a no brainer and it would be nice to...
  39. The Official Holla Train!!!
    Does Thou Holla For Sadollah?
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  40. UFC 90 Previews, Predictions and Analysis
    We’re only days removed from a quality free card that we were able to enjoy courtesy of SpikeTV in North America, we’re only three days out from yet another card, UFC 90. UFC 90 is headed by the...
  41. With EliteXC downfall, Who should the UFC be picking up?
    So who should they be contacting? Kimbo? Gina? Personally, I really only want Feijao, Alvarez, Lawler and maybeee Big foot and Shields. Other than that....meh not to interested in.
  42. 92: Griffin v. Evans.
    Even though its not the main event, the fight that i'm most looking forward to is Forrest Griffin versus Rashad Evans. Both of these fighters were either underestimated or extremely lucky in there...
  43. vera: "yes, sir"
    anyone else npotice vera's corner in the fight yell MAKE HIM PAY, at one point, and vera respond "yes sir" i have never heard a fighter respond to a coach/ trainers suggestion mid fight..... (sure...
  44. If UFC get Jake Shields who do u want him to fight first?
    Out of these top 6 WW match ups witch would u like to see for his Octagon debut?
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  45. Dana White's Video Blog Ep. 1: TUF 9 tryouts In the UK
    LINK We are now looking for 155’s & 170’s. Unfortunately they are no longer considering 185’s. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you or your fighters. Dana has also changed the...
  46. UFC 92 Poster Up
    The Ultimate 2008...that might fit 91 a little better. But still, 91 & 92 are going to be 2 awesome ways to round out 2008.
  47. Lawler vs Silva
    I would love to see this fight for however long it would last. How stoked would you be to see this slug fest and who do you think would win? Ive got Silva but with Robbie there's always a 30% chance...
  48. Anyone picking Cote??
    Just curious, I'm gonna be safe and pick Anderson because most likely hes gonna win, but i'm curious if anyone on this site is picking Patrick Cote?
  49. at HW fight that needs to happen!
    Cheick Kongo vs Antoni Hardonk
  50. What happens....
    if there is a fight such as rashad vs chuck or alves vs kos where the winner gets a title shot and it ends up going to a draw?
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