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  1. What do theses great fighters have in common ???
    Chuck Liddell Anderson Silva Lyoto Machida Kenney Florian George St. Peirre What do these dynamic fighters have in common ? You dont have to study their history ( but I personnaly did ), just...
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  2. Rich Franklin's rank at 205
    What should his rank be going into Sept. fight wit h Hamill
  3. What was the question Jon Fitch answered "I hope so.."?
    During the UFC87 post fight interviews, some reporter asked Fitch a question, and Fitch replied " I hope so, ....I really hope so." I couldnt really understand what was the question. Out of...
  4. Mark Coleman?
    Im watchin Mark Coleman vs. Don Frye from pride 26 right now. And Im just wonderin if people are excited to see him back in ufc? I wasnt at first but now Im lookin forward to his 1st fight back. and...
  5. What is the criteria of being kicked out of the UFC?
    I hear a lot about how some UFC fighters should be kicked out of the UFC after they lose a match in horrible fashion, or if they lose 2 fairly competitive matches to sub-par competition, or are just...
  6. Found this interesting about the UFC game
    This article is about the editors choice for UFC 2009. Seems like they really like the game. Can't wait. E3 Article on UFC 2009 Undisputed
  7. What was that thing that flew out of Fitch's face ?
    During the GSP vs. Fitch fight, I noticed some glass thing flying from Fitch's face after taking a blow from GSP in the 4th round I think ? What was that thing flying out of his face, I know its not...
  8. Could Cain Velasquez do what Brandon Vera said he would
    So Brandon Vera said he would be both UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion but hasn't even remotely Lived up to his word. Three Lackluster performances in a row has me wondering. Will...
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  9. BJ Penn trying to make history in Decemeber
    Since GSP vs BJ is pretty much slated BJ Penn will look to do someone only Dan Henderson has done outside the UFC, hold 2 belts at different weight classes at the same time, (if it indeed is a WW...
  10. The Punisher vs. Doomsday
    So Lambert is dropping to Middleweight for his fight against Jason Day at UFC 88. What are yout thoughts on the matchup. And also, how do you think Lamberts man-boobs will be affected by the 20 pound...
  11. Diego goes night night!
    I don't know about anybody else, but I'm looking forward to this one. This has potential to be as exciting as Parisyan vs Sanchez. I think it's a hard one to call, but if I had to make a pick, I'd go...
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  12. Rampage vs. Wandy 3
    How's it go down, i think rampage comes out motivated and finally picks up the win.
  13. Seriousness of the Wand/Ramp III-UFC 91
    I seen the thing on www.mmabay.com...and a couple forums here... but nothing anywhere else. For the longest, I wondered about the UFC 91 card, and what/who they could put together, as a main event,...
  14. Ranking the new Heavyweight breed
    There are 3 new guys adding life to the heavyweight division. Cain Velasquez Brock Lesnar Shane Carwin They are all undeafeated save for a loss controverial one as well, for Brock Lesnar, and they...
  15. Say their was a 3rd BJ Penn and Mat Hughes fight
    Whose winning. I think BJ has always been way above Matt Hughes level. He easily beat him the first time, and was beating him again the second time, a broken rib and lack of conditioning had more to...
  16. Dan Henderson training for Rousimar Palhares UFC 88 fight (Pics)
    Hendo looks inshape and mean! Heres the Link
  17. Whats strange to me about BJ GSP 2
    Is how many are picking BJ Penn. These are two of my favorite fighters. I have GSP ranked 3 pound for pound and BJ close at number 4. And I would not be surprised if BJ won but I am taking GSP....
  18. Wanderlei Silvas Hypoxy Training
    whats everyones take on silvas new hypoxy training below you think its bad to limit the intake of oxygen to the body during such hard training...
  19. Who will fight Jason Lambert at UFC 88 now that Jason day is out?
    According to mmaweekly, Jason day had to withdraw from the fight due to an injury, I say the best matchup would be Matt Riddle from T.U.F 7 , that would be a great match and I would take riddle by...
  20. MacDonald vs Lambert at UFC 88
    Should be a good fight. Tough for me to call, but MacDonald by 3rd TKO plus we still get to use the "Jason Wins" puns link
  21. Florian vs. Stevenson
    i gotta go with joe daddy, as much as i'll be rooting for florian i think joe daddy is too good of a wrestler and we haven't seen kenny face a guy this strong since sherk (even huerta doesn't have...
  22. MM-Eh! UFC Likely Back To Canada In December
    This from F4WOnline a short time ago: We will have more tomorrow as this has not yet been made official, but it appears the December 5th UFC will be taking place at the Bell Center in Montreal with...
  23. New Fighters in the UFC
    It seems like once in a while the ufc will take on a large amount of new talent for whatever reason, and I've been noticing it alot lately. I mean, just look at the last and the next ufn. I figured...
  24. silva on track to set the ufc record
    unless my facts are off i think silva is on his way to going 8-0 in the ufc if he beats cote (pretty sure he will) which will tie him up with fitch and gracie dana white has said that if he gets...
  25. What to DISLIKE about BJ Penn
    1st thing you think about when you here BJ Penn......... UFC Veteran/Legend/World Class Jiu Jitsu/ Ever Improving striking............. Selfish anyone? What I have seen out of him.......remember i am...
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  26. ufc 89 to feature 6 fights on main card!!
    looks like the ufc will have 6 fights on main card instead of 5 as well as they changed one out 6 will be jardine vs vera machida vs silva leban vs bisping sokou vs cane lytle vs taylor kelly vs...
  27. Dan Henderson vs Wanderlei Silva 3
    Who do you think would win Dan Henderson or Wandy 3 (if it happened)
  28. UFC Back Talk Survey
    i was just on the UFC web site and found a very quick/interesting survey. if you've got some time to kill i suggest doing it. NEW LINK Edit: Sorry about before the new link should work.
  29. Is Cote a bigger underdog than Serra was?
    Okay Matt Serra was a huge underdog in his fight with GSP, but I was just wondering if you guys think the Cote is a bigger underdog in his fight with Silva than Serra was.
  30. Why is Pete Sell still fighting in the UFC?
    Just wondering why Pete Sell is still fighting in the UFC, he's 1-4 not to mention the ultimate fighter losses, any thoughts.
  31. UFC 2009 Video Game - Roster Wish List
    This is an article I found on a video game website where they created a wish list and power rankings for 80 fighters that they want to see in the new UFC 2009 video game. I thought it was neat to see...
  32. Why was Lauzon even on TUF 5
    He came in and knocked Jens Pulver out, and then he got put on the show. Wouldn't knocking out a legend be good enough for an entry to the UFC, so why did he have to fight for the contract on TUF?
  33. Chuck Liddell vs. Rashad Evans
    Just curious who thought Rashad was going to win or what people thought about this fight. My Prediction: Chuck by KO in round 1
  34. cote/anderson press conference
    press conference i had a good laugh at the "im working on my lucky punch strategy"
  35. Exciting Matchups that have to happen at 170 soon
    here are some matchups that i think will be some of the most exciting that i think will happen later on down the road kos vs. anthony johnson Fitch vs. winner of karo and Yoshiyuki Yoshida Swick vs...
  36. Why Rashad Evans ((should)) win.
    Chuck Chucky has fallen down a couple flights of mental stairs. Not to hate the guy but look back at the fearless badass from 06 who put away Babalu and made Ortiz unfamous. Tell me that mike Tyson...
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  37. Omoplata finishes
    I've been curious about this for a while now but as best I know there has never been a successful omoplata finish in the UFC. I had seen royce gracie submit akebono while holding him with an omoplata...
  38. Jason MacDonald
    Is fighting on two cards in a row??? I'm pretty amazed that he would be cleared to fight again that soon after losing. Even though he didn't really sustain any damage it still seems strange to me...
  39. UFC 91 November
    Is it going to be in Boston?
  40. Leben vs. Bisbin, a main event ? I dont know !!!
    Chris Leben vs. Michael Bisbin, thats one fight Im not interested in. And the main event, common, gimme a break. Thats my openion, how about yours.
  41. UFC coming to the Northwest
    Its about time. Just a little road trip down I-5 Who's comin with me ? Jan ?
  42. Forrest Griffin Training with Brazilian Top Team Vegas - video
    Forrest Grffin , Amir Sadollah , Tim Credeur , Evan Tanner and others training with Master Bebeo Duarte at Brazilian Top Team Vegas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bIn6UJuwc8
  43. Dan Henderson , Bas Rutten , Brazilian Top Team , Affliction Fighters in MMA Documentary
    Bas Rutten , Dan Henderson , Paulo Filho , Josh Barnett , Frank Shamrock , Vitor Belfort , Dean Lister , Mario Sperry , Murilo Bustamante , Antonio Nogueira , Mark Hominick , Shawn Tomkins , Jay...
  44. Yoshida vs Parisyan. This is a tough fight to call.
    What do you guys think. Personally I think Parisyan's done at the elite level regardless of age. He started fighting at 15 or 16 so he's got some milage. Didn't see Yoshida's fight but heard it was...
  45. Who will be the first to beat Anderson Sliva?
    Just looking at future match ups for anderson silva, and feel free to argue with me but i really don't see anyone he SHOULD lose to, now there are wierd things that happen and people lose to someone...
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  46. why does Rich Franklin alway have a black eye?
    it seems like every pre fight interview of Rich Franklin's he seems to always have a black eye,I dont get it, this only happens to Rich Franklin. I guess training but i still dont get it.
  47. Thiago Alves walking weight is about 200 lbs!
    With his past problems of making weight should Thiago be walking around 30 lbs over his fighting weight? I don't think so. A weight cut of more than 20 lbs can seriously mess with anyone who is...
  48. Gatekeepers in each division
    HW=Maybe Heath Herring LHW=Wilson Gouveia MW=Jason Macdonald WW=Chris Lytle or Josh Burkman LW=Spencer Fisher give me your oppinion
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  49. Who would give BJ less trouble
    thiago or diego . If BJ pulls the W on Gsp, who would he have a better chance defending against. ( i figure he would have to defend LW first, and assuming after the months it takes for him to...
  50. The Ultimate Fighter 8 Cast (SPOILER)
    LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CAST MEMBERS: RYAN "The Hunter" LOPEZ (5-3) 12# KRZYSZTOF “The Experiment” SOSZYNSKI (15-8) 2# ELIOT "The Fire" MARSHALL (5-1) 5# RYAN “Darth” BADER (7-0) 1# SHANE "Primetime"...
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