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  1. UFC- New Low, or Same UFC?
    LMAO on July 19th, They are showing- Tim vs Mir Babalu vs Lambert Lindland vs Terrell lol haven't caught on yet? Those are some of the Affliction fighters. and The UFC decided too show there worst...
  2. Rampage video from day before arrest
    a little long....but worth the watch. Imo page seems a little...off. He stutters, rambles etc. At points he seems fine, then he changes. Talks about how he couldnt eat or sleep for a week after the...
  3. Question For All You Florian Fans
    I was talking to my buddy about the Huerta/Florian fight and Muay Thai came up and I could have sworn that Florian had extensive skills in that area but my friend said that he wasn't any better than...
  4. UFC's Rankings
    Alright well let's get to the most intriguing division for starters.LHV. I want to know where people got these guys in their top 10. Give yours and we'll see where and how the "people" see it
  5. ANYONE have a rundown on sat's spike fighters
    ive been doing my best trying to watch as much IFL and other footage of the fighters i am not familiar with for tomorrows FN on spike. I had heard of a few, and those seem to be the favorites, just...
  6. Anyone nervous about Irvin-Silva
    I just noticed that Silva looked very slow in his training videos and Irvin looked much bigger, does anyone else think that Silva's going to have a tough time with irvin? Irvin has been the underdog...
  7. If The UFC Went Under Tomorrow...
    Which company would take over as the front runner? (If you dont think the UFC is the front runner now just vote anyway)
  8. TUF: In And You're In?
    Something I was thinking about when I started re-watching TUF 5 earlier today...when I saw all 16 fighters listed by team after the picking by Penn & Pulver I figured out that, since the end of the...
  9. Brandon Vera at LHW
    I didn't realize his fight with Andy was going to be at 205 lbs. I think he could be amazing at LHW. What do you think?
  10. A Favor
    from ufc.com “This happened as a personal favor for (UFC President) Dana (White),” said Silva of the bout. “I feel that it’s my responsibility to help the UFC, and I have said that when needed I will...
  11. Brock VS the shark
    When are they going to give Brock a real picture.... I am soooo tired of the dead lifted shark... come on credibility here would be nice- I hope he clobbers heath- I hope he stands and bangs- heaths...
  12. welcome back HENDO
    I am so pumped up to see Hendo again...... I think that he has been out a bit too long. After he wins this fight (Yes i am very confident that he will) whos next for him??
  13. Are you watching UFN 14 2nite??
    There is no question that I'm watching UFC 2nite, there will be no Affliction for me. I cant wait to see anderson start dominating in a new division and brandon vera smashin andy should be fun plus...
  14. Just Pumped
    JUst got to work a little after 7 am and I cannot concentrate, they're too many good fights tonight. Order of excitement: 1. Fedor vs. Big Timmeh - Prediction Fedor TKO late 2nd 2. Josh Barnett vs....
  15. Franca/Edgar
    I think Hermes takes this one as his size will play a factor. Edgra had trouble with Maynard who is a bigger 155er.. Edgar has the wrestling and Franca has the submissions.. Whats everyones take on...
  16. What class has more...class?
    Silva has said he dosn't really plan on making a run for the 205 belt and him an Machida are friends and yadayda. After seeing what he did to Irvin what would you guys like him to do? Stay the king...
  17. UFC Counter Programming Successful?
    I was wondering how people think the UFC's counter-programming went over. Personally I think they rushed the card in an attempt to shut Affliction down, but for the people watching both of them I...
  18. Anderson Silva is on a whole different level than...anybody!
    I have never seen an alpha male in the octogon like Silva. We've even seen a phenom like St.-Pierre get challenged, and even beat, in the last few years(granted the MW division isn't as deep). In my...
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  19. Irvin's Cut!
    Looks like James Irvin's cut was pretty bad.
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  20. Friends should fight friends
    Im saying this because Silva wont fight anyone because they are his friends. im sorry if i had to beat my friend to get to a title and have two titles i would do it in a heart beat.
  21. when will silva defend his title now??
    with a quick finish, injury free, i know with okami out with broken hand the fight in sept is off, pushed back to either i say oct show in chicago or nov show. i think he will now fight cote for...
  22. UFC Fight Night 14: Rate it
    I gotta give it a 4. Silva was awesome and Markham's KO was incredible, but the rest of the fights weren't that good. franca and edgar should thank god for their bonus because it was the worst fight...
    seriously. After last night we def need the ref's to have the ability for an instant replay. once we are clear i'll explain in details from the fight
  24. My Man Brandon Vera
    I'm a huge BV fan (look at my av). However, I was thoroughly unimpressed with his performance last night. Sure - he might have been drained by the weight cut but given the advantages he had over Andy...
  25. Kenny Florian Vs. Roger Huerta
    By bodog (-155) Kenny Vs. (+125) Roger Focus: Who do you think will win, and how? The fight presents an interesting gamble. Kenny has good stand-up thats only getting better. The only problem i could...
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  26. Tim Credeur vs Cale Yarbrough FREE on UFC.com
    I just dropped by UFC.com and they have it up for free. It's a pretty good fight,alittle short though, glad Tim won.
  27. who had the best debut at UFC: Silva vs Irvin
    Who would you give it to?
  28. Alves vs. Sanchez back on for UFC 90!!
    According to fightline.com, alves vs. sanchez is still on and has been pushed back from UFC 89 to UFC 90 in the Windy City. I'm so glad this fight is still on, its going to be so exciting and I'm...
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  29. Johnson's Eye Post-Fight
    Just found this on Junkie, what Anthony Johnson's constantly poked eye looked like after UFN: Also, Johnson is preparing an appeal of the bout.
  30. Black House is Ruining the Belt
    The infamous Black House (or whatever Anderson Silva and Minotauro want to call their gym this week) is ruining the purpose of "the champion of the world" in a sense that they hold many of the best...
  31. UFC 87 Main Card?
    what is the main card for UFC 87. i know the following: 1. fitch/st. pierre 2. huerta/florian 3. lesnar/herring 4. ? 5. ? my guess for 4 and 5 would be maia/macdonald and kongo/evensen, but i...
  32. ufc 91 main event??
    say silva does face cote at ufc89 i can not come up with any main events for 90 or 91 with hughes out it rules out serra match and with rampage out it rules out wandy match so what would main event...
  33. 205 KING
    How many times from now to the end of 09 will the UFC Light Heavy Weight Title change hands? I say 3
  34. UFN Rating For Saturday Was A...
    2.1. It had 3.1 million total viewers.This puts Saturday's show at #3 all-time in terms of viewers. Peak was during Silva-Irvin with 3.8 million. (From F4WOnline)
  35. Dan Henderson Live In Norcal Doing Clinic
  36. Pics of James Irvin's Cut At After Party
  37. Jardine Vs Vera at UFC 89
    MMAJunkie are reporting this for UFC 89, it'll be an interesting match up. i'm not sure who i think will take this at the moment it depends on how well Brandon cuts weight
  38. Anything New with UFC 88??
    I've been hearing all this new info on UFC 89 like news as recent as today with jardine saying him and vera are fighting on UFC 89 but I havent heard anything on UFC 88 in awhile. UFC 88 is just as...
  39. UFC signs IFL champ Dan Miller and brother Jim Miller
    The UFC announced that they have signed Middleweight champ Dan Miller and his lightweight brother Jim Miller to multifight deals. Both deals are 4 fight contracts, but no amount of money was...
  40. UFC 87 parties?
    Hey everyone, I am going to see UFC 87 live, does anyone know where the parties are planned at? I know when i went to UFC 77 there was an extensive list of parties and such. Also, I'm staying in St....
  41. Pellegrino vs Tavares Headlines UFC 88 Prelim Action
    Should be a good fight, I'm taking Pellegrino. Pellegrino vs Tavares Headlines UFC 88 Prelim Action
  42. Spider Killer.....Take your pick
    Here's the question. Now that Silva is fighting in 2 weight classes, who will be the first to beat him? Here's a list of just a few that I have heard from ppl that they think can beat the spider or...
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  43. Cain Velasquez
    Cain landed exactly 90 unanswered punches in 2 minutes after the fight hit the ground while holding down a D1 level wrestler..........im just saying.....this guy might be good!
  44. Iceman's belt?
    What chance does the iceman have on getting his belt back, if any? And if so will forrest still have the belt at the time?
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  45. Who will be king?
    In the next year who will have the belt the longest in each weight class? As of now it stands............ LW..............BJ Penn WW.............GSP MW..............Anderson Silva...
  46. Amir Sadollah Interview
    Always good for a laugh, Amir Sadollah took some time out of his schedule to talk with our own Franz Grinder. In the interview he discusses weight classes, cutting down to welterweight, matchups, the...
  47. Oh No!! Another big announcement by Dana White on Satuday Nite
    There is suppose to be a big announcement madeby dana white during the UFC 84 telecast on saturday nite and Im thinkin What the hell could this big announcement be about now, The Last announcement...
  48. UFC Straps on the line!!!
    When will see Big Nog fight again and put his HW strap on the line. Big Tim has fought since. When will Big Nog fight next? And who is line next to fight him? What about BJ? When will he fight next...
  49. Still no Rampage update?
    I was hoping we'd hear something about Rampage by now... Did I miss something? It's been over a week now and I haven't seen anything else released about his condition.
  50. Finally a Randy Couture book review comes out
    http://www.mmatraining.com/featured/randy-couture-delivers-again-becoming-the-natural-a-must-for-all/ Longer read, but a really good read on his book. Interesting stuff about Coutures life in and...
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