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  1. UFN9 - Fickett vs Nakamura???
    link drew fickett vs keita nakamura at ultimate fight night 9.. how long ago was this announced?? i just noticed it today.. glad to see nakamura back in the UFC after taking brock larson the...
  2. New Matt Hughes Interview
    posted on 2/19/07.. good read.. about fighting life and personal life link enjoy
  3. Ohio's Weigh-In Rules
    The state of Ohio has a different weigh in policy for combat sports. Instead of a fighter having to weigh in the day before the fight, fighters also have to weigh in the day of the fight and they...
  4. What's next for the UFC
    Did any of you read this article?! There are a lot of amazing things coming up in the near future. What are your thoughts? Dana White was a guest on MMA Weekly radio recently. Here is a breakdown of...
  5. A Pride Ultimate Fighter
    If Pride had a type of "Ultimate Fighter Show" with heavy weights, how about having Barnett and Coleman be coaches. Would these be good coaches, and evenly matched? Discuss
  6. Nakamura out...Sergei in
    http://www.pridefc.com/pride2005/index.php?mainpage=news&news_id=1008 Kazuhiro Nakamura injured his knee and Sergei is fighting again.
  7. Kharitonov to fight Mike Russow at Pride 33
    Source, fools. Is this getting put back on the Event Picks page?
  8. Who deserves the title as # 1 contender in the UFC LHW??
    Who deserves the Number 1 contender??
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  9. John Halverson Interview (about the Huerta knee incident)
    found this today.. good read, good to get john's perspective on how it went down.. short, but good read link im glad he isnt pissed off at huerta and knows it wasnt intentional
  10. Roger Huerta vs Alvin Robinson - UFC69
    source looks like huerta will have his hands full in his next matchup.. robinson is 8-1, the ring of fire lightweight champion, a 4-stripe gracie jiujitsu brown belt under john crouch, and every...
  11. New Randy Couture Interview
    haha sorry guys.. im finding all kinds of crap today link pretty long, good read.. talks about tim, training, why he came back, etc.. part 2 of the interview is coming on thursday
  12. Karitonov's new opponent Michael Russow at Pride 33.
    Link Russian heavyweight Sergei Kharitonov (Pictures) (13-3-0) will make his U.S. fighting debut Saturday on PRIDE's card in Las Vegas, the Japanese promoter announced via its Web site Tuesday....
  13. New Rich Franklin Interview
    link haha i am a posting fool today.. its bombardment anyway, good interview with rich franklin.. talks about macdonald, the silva fight, fighting in his hometown, and a little bit about hughes and...
  14. RECENT: DANA WHITE INTERVIEW-not the mmaweekly one
    Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White is nothing if not aggressive. Under his stewardship since 2001, the promotion has grown from an underground fight league with very limited...
  15. If you were Brandon Vera, what would you do?
    i believe he was the real deal of the ufc heavyweights and career wise it would be better to stay in the ufc but when another company is offering twice as more money its hard to turn down. MONEY...
  16. UFC fighters REAL names.
    Chuck Liddell = Charles David Liddell Tito Ortiz =Jacob C. Ortiz Tank Abbot = David L. Abbot Fighters known by their nicknames Kimo = Kimo Leopoldo Babalu= Renato Sobral Bam Bam Bigelow =Scott...
  17. undefeated streak
    Fedor and Melendez will hold strong throughout. Fedor may also hold it all the way to retirement.
  18. p4p best UFC Strikers?
    or what do you think... Just a few of fighters known for striking.
  19. p4p Best pride strikers?
    Or someone else? Share...
  20. UFC 68: Sports bars and restaurants airing the PPV event
  21. ROWLES: Reading Between the Lines - An Over/Under on PRIDE 33 Betting Odds
  22. UFC LHW situation
    I was reading a different thread earlier about 'undefeated streaks' and it got me thinking... The UFC now has 3 arguably legit undefeated LHW's... ---Bisbing (only 1 test on the big stage, still...
  23. Which PRIDE/ UFC fighter's should join a new camp
    In light of Davis Loiseau finally deciding to do something about his flagging career and join Greg Jackson's camp. I was wondering who else people think should switch camps and to where. It has...
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  24. Melendez vs Kawajiri - Who won!?
    I got curious after seeing Gilbert Melendez ranked as #2 LW in the world and Kawajiri ranked #8 to who most people on here thought won that fight. It seems to me that a lot of people thought Kawajiri...
  25. Most Anticipated Fight Ever?
    If things go as planned for Cro Cop then he thinks that by the end of the year he will be both the UFC HW Champ and fighting Fedor on New Years. If the UFC and Pride champs fight each other for Fedor...
  26. Mac Danzig article/interview (about sakurai and various things)
    link pretty good read on danzig.. entitled 'it all led to this'.. danzig is a class act.. enjoy
  27. Any chance Machida could be Chucks next fight?
    This possibility could be completely rediculous to most of you, but I figured i'd ask anyways for the sake of conversation. Dana pretty much said that Chucks next fight would not be against any of...
  28. How does Pride card stack up now?
    Now that Nakamura is out with an injury and Yvel can't get a license to fight. Does this sway your chances of getting this PPV or is it still a monster card?
  29. NEW- Tim Sylvia Interview
    From the canadian press UFC heavyweight champion Tim (The Maine-iac) Sylvia says bring it on Published: Wednesday, February 21, 2007 | 12:42 PM ET Canadian Press: NEIL DAVIDSON (CP) - While the UFC...
  30. James Lee in for Nakamura
    http://www.sherdog.com/news/news.asp?n_id=6796 Hopefully this will be confirmed for sure in time for us to make a pick on it. The mods should make it a bettable fight, that way we don't miss out on...
  31. New Jason MacDonald Interview
    Credit: MMAFighting.com After just five months and two fights in the UFC, Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald has landed himself his first marquee fight: a bout with former UFC champion Rich Franklin....
  32. New Luigi Fioravanti Interview
    Credit: UFC.com A member of the first United States Marine unit to cross the line of departure into Iraq to begin Operation Iraqi Freedom, Luigi Fioravanti knows something about combat and about...
  33. New Dan Henderson Interview (long one)
    this interview is really long so im not going to post it here.. i will just give you all the link instead link very good read about hendo.. talks about wanderlei, fighting under US rules, training,...
  34. UFC heavyweight champion Tim (The Maine-iac) Sylvia says bring it on
  35. Pride FC - The Next Casino Sport?
  36. WERDUM VS AA, Forrest vs Lyoto-confirmed who takes it
    LINK Just came in for the UFC 70 UK show. Werdum is gonna fight Arlovski. Wow that will be a awesome fight. And how obut Lyoto vs Forrest that is gonna be a war. Wow i cant wait for this card now!...
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  37. 'Count'down with Bisping - Week Two
    Credit: UFC.com The ‘Count’down with Michael Bisping – Week Two By Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping COUNT ME IN! Surprise! Guess who’s on the UFC 70 card in Manchester, England? Obviously I knew that...
  38. TITO'S OPPONENT ????
    Does anyone know whos Tito's opponent for ufc 70 is? I heard rumours that it was Forest but now he's fighting Machida so I have no clue if he is even fighting at the event. Also if there is any title...
  39. Luke Cummo finally fighting again.
    IMO this guy is a great fighter , and very entertaining to watch. His only downside is he isnt too outspoken. Keep an eye out on him I think he will be a sleeper in his division.
  40. Rumor: Assuerio Silva vs Cheick Kongo - UFC70
    source just found this one.. sounds like a good matchup to me, if it materializes.. kongo is a great striker but he had trouble against marrero.. i see this bout going alot like that one.. except...
  41. Hollywood -VS Ax Murderer
    if this ? has been raised, i appologize can dan go the distance w/ wandy again? hes never been ko'd (good chin) the nogs are the only ones to sub him (much bigger than him) last 4 fights went the...
  42. Chuck Liddell has a message for Cro Cop, Fedor & Wanderlei
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  43. Pride Weigh-in
    Did anyone notice any NSAC at the weigh-ins? It just seemed like fighters where just weighing in and it didn't matter if they made weight or not. Anyone got any insight on this? Here's a link to a...
  44. Your PRIDE 33 picks and results
    ok....try to keep it short and just insert your picks and results so we can come back after the event and see who had the best predictions...no WHAT,WHEN WHERE,WHY AND HOW's HERE....leave discussions...
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  45. Silva vs Henderson - YAY
    What is your take on this fight? If Henderson defeats Silva, do you think he would be considered one of the GREATEST of all time? Which belt do you think he would keep?
  46. wow.. didn't see that coming! Nogueira vs. Rameau
    Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou This is a fight I thought I was sure to get the pick. Wow what a shock.
  47. Hendo KO's Wandy!!!
  48. Gomi Looked Sick
    Something was wrong with Gomi tonight he didnt have any energy he didnt look right even when he came out he looked drained and sick.
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  49. Sakurai
    How about those leg kicks by Hayato Mach they were fuckin badass! Sakurai is the only thing I can be happy about tonight.
  50. Three Huge Upsets
    Seeing as how all the results have already been posted I think it's safe to move out from the spoilers forum. In all seriousness I have been watching MMA for a long time and I don't think I've ever...
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