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  1. for an even money bet.........cote or almedia
    ive always liked cote, but almedia is no joke
  2. Cote or Almeida?
    If the upcoming Cote vs Almeida does earn the winner a title shot, who would you rather see fighting Silva for the title? I would much rather see Almeida fight Silva. I think it would be much more...
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  3. If someone beats Fedor?
    Do you think they will get the number 1 ranking at heavy weight like Serra did at Welter when he beat GSP
  4. Anyone want A. Silva to lose...
    like I do? Don't give me flak about it yet, just hear me out. Anderson Silva is one of my favorite fighters to watch but I really don't believe that he is done at 185 just yet. A fight with Okami...
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  5. best ufc card you've seen
    whats the best UFC you've seen... (Ex: UFC 74, UFC 84,etc.)
  6. Best Fights of the Year so far in the UFC
    These are listed in no particular order: Diego Sanchez vs. Luigi Fioravanti Josh Burkman vs. Dustin Hazelett Nate Marquardt vs. Thales Leites Matt Wiman vs. Thiago Tavares Wilson Gouveia vs. Goran...
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  7. does the UFC want forrest or rampage to win?
    i feel like dana and the ufc always have an idea of which champ would be better for the company. Eventhough page is a great champ for the ufc (great fighter w/ a funny personality) forrest must be...
  8. Wanderlei vs. Rampage 3
    I most definatley think Wanderlei should and will get a title shot. Assuming Rampage beats Forrest since Forrest is the underdog the UFC wants this fight to happen. Wanderlei showed he is worthy of a...
  9. title shots won by decision
    just off the top of my head, tim vs randy was the only time as of late i could think of a belt changing hands by way of decision. i just know the win has to be very decisive to take the belt. I think...
  10. Joe Lauzon vs. kyle Bradley at Fight night 14
    Joe lauzon just posted on myspace that he is fighting Kyle Bradley at Fight night 14, it hasnt been added on here yet. Just thought I'd let you know
  11. UFC Quick Quote: Chuck Liddell deserves the next title shot
    Does he? Former light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell tells MMANews.com that he deserves the next shot at the 205-pound crown that he used to sport if he can defeat Rashad Evans at UFC 88:...
  12. Your most respected fighter?
    Im not saying your favorite. Im saying who you respect the most as a fighter. sorry if i forget anyone on the poll just put other if i did.
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  13. Light Heavyweight title shot poll and question.
    Who deserves the next title shot at either Rampage or Forrest(if he wins)
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  14. Hard Picks To Decide At UFC 86
    Some of the hardest picks for me are... (Gonzaga Vs McCully) - It seems like a match made for Gonzaga but i cant help but question his heart and dedication, probably going to pick Gonzaga but i think...
  15. Who liked Rampage better after The Ultimate Fighther?
    I always hated Quinton. But then after TUF i started liking him. any other case of mine.
  16. UFC 86 video: the wait is over...almost
  17. ufc 86 fotn?? sotn?? kotn?? upset??
    it was just a matter of time before some one beat me to this post, always look forward in reading it so with that being said crazy card, alot of match ups that are even, as well as some hard picks to...
    i dont get how people dont think this is a great card. Rampage Forrest will be fire works, Marcus Aurelio and Tyson Griffin could be FOTY imo, and Stevenson vs Tibua will also be great!! RIcardo...
  19. Pics from NAGA with Lauzon and Gonzaga!
    We had a great weekend at the NAGA Grappling tournament this weekend. Gabriel Gonzaga was in the house along with Joe Lauzon. Here are some pics of them, the event, and our booth. Sorry about the...
  20. ufc 87 and fight night main cards are now set!!
    according to mmaweekly.com looks like the ufc will be going back to a 9 fight card, fight night might have 10 if jesse taylor does fight but as of right now fight night will have 4 fights aired on tv...
  21. Nate Diaz?
    Does anybody know when or who he is fighting next? Im sure the UFC will give him some more solid competition after beating pelligrino. Cant wait to see his next fight.
  22. next in line for lightweight title?
    Who do you think is next in line for the title of lightweight in the UFC. i think either Clementi deserves it or Kenny deserves it. IDK yet though. what are your thoughts
  23. Rampage vs. Forrest who wins and how ???
    I really like both fighters and think either of them are great for the sport as champs, but I'm having a really hard time picking this one I think it is either Rampage by KO in the 2nd or 3rd or...
  24. Retiring issue?
    Whats up with all the people and saying they will retire if they lose to so and so. Like Dante Rivera when he said if he lost to Riddle he would retire. and now rampages trainer saying if rampage...
  25. any seen any pics of hermes franca recently (i dont have any)
    im just curious how big he looks.....he was always a super thick dude, just wondering if he lost any muscle mass. sherk didnt look much smaller if at all when he came back imo.... I'd lke to pick...
  26. UFC 2009 preview
    LINK Pretty long read, but theirs some interesting stuff. Also says Cheik Kongo, Martin Kampman, Jon Kopenhaver and Clay Giuda will be in the game One quote that hightens my hopes was -...
  27. Forrest will control the clinch!
    Just thought i'd add this little bit of info that i didnt read til a few days after I made this thread. Griffin told the UFC's "Countdown to UFC 86" preview, airing on Spike this week, that he plans...
  28. joe daddy or tibau
    im not sure about the odds on this bout...... betus.com has joe at -220 and gleison at +175 my inital thought was joe would be dominant, and get a UD win, trying to make his way back to a title shot....
  29. Countdown to UFC 86
    I ended up missing the show last night and I checked SpikeTV.com and the only other time they will be playing it is Saturday at 6. If anybody knows where I can find it that would be greatly...
  30. Gurgel vs. Miller HALP!!!
    Really...I hate that this is the hot bout because I'm confident in every single other fight. I've already started to make doubts and overthink this one. Right now I've kept my original pick of Miller...
  31. Behind the Scenes Footage before Rampages big fight
    Boost Mobiles Rampage Jackson takes us behind the scenes of his 'rest time' before his big fight at Las Vegas. Rampage Jackson vs. Griffin
  32. WHo has the best chance to pull an upset at 86
  33. Rampage Question
    Why do "you people" think Rampage is so good? Besides one perfect hook to chucks head, WTF has he done? A 6 fight winning streak u might say.... Which I say yeah against who??!! Hirotaka Yokoi- yeah...
  34. How long have you been a fan of ultimate fighting?
    Ive been in to ultimate fighting for a few years now, and a lil bit when the first ultimate fighting championship came out. But then it dropped off and now its back. So how long have you been into...
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  35. Since everyone is so sure ricardo will win
    anyone want to do an avatar bet ...........im no where near 100% sure on cote, but i like him and think he can pull it out.
  36. Franklin Hamill no way, Franklin should fight
    Wanderlei Silva. Hamill fight makes no sense. First of all this guy is one of the most underated fighters. He really should be undeafted at this point, has improved striking, and is a huge LHW....
  37. BJ penn is going to fight the winner of GSP/Fitch
    WTF?!, if i was Thiago Alves i would be pissed as hell, lol dont get me wrong i would still like to see Penn fight GSP again but not right now there are tomany good fights for him in the WW before he...
  38. UFC 87 poster!!
    poor Brock, lol the UFC is killing him
  39. griffin v rampage
    anybody else think griffin has the potential to dominate rampage cause i reckon he can and will
  40. Thiago Alves Vs Diego Sanchez
    Who are you guys taking in this fight. Personally I think thiago Alves will take this 1 I think he has better stand up and will be able to use his size to control the pace of this fight. Alot of...
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  41. C.B. vs Jesse
    Who wins this fight. Jesse im thinking will win.
  42. was it just me.....
    when i seen Wand at UFC 84 i thought he looked bigger than ever. he looked just massive in the octagon beside Jardine. maybe he just packed on some muscle from training at Xtreme Couture. Or maybe...
  43. Schafer or Alexander at UFN 15
    Who are you picking to win ? I'm taking Schafer to win this one early, a takedown then qucik submission. I mean if this guy could last 2 round with Bisping and Bonanr, and beat Rob MacDonald, he can...
  44. Somewhat Funny Rampage Article
    Yahoo Sports' Dan Wetzel had the chance to talk to Rampage after a workout for the media yesterday. Not surprisingly, it's a funny read. Article
  45. Question?
    1st Question anyone know when dan henderson is fighting? i think he needs a win Badly i think ufc may have his back against the wall 2nd Question: is matt hamill really fighting rich franklin cause i...
  46. Franklin vs Hamill
    give me your thoughts QUESTION:Tath fight it is a light heavyweight or a middleweight Fight ?
  47. Why would Franklin follow silva to 205?
    It seems like with Silva out of the middleweight picture Franklin would regain some attention in the division again till silva comes back.
  48. My View of the UFC HOF,
    The UFC Hall of Fame is: Royce Gracie Dan Severn Ken Shamrock Mark Coleman Radny Couture People in it who SHOULD be in it: Royce Gracie- For what he brought to MMA and the UFC, Jiu-Jitsu. He had very...
  49. Places that show UFC PPV
    Anyone know places in New Hampshire that show UFC PPV fights? Thinking of buying it, but will be cheaper watch in a bar.
  50. Rampage/Griffin Talk about the Fight on ESPN/Rogan-Mike Preview Fights for tomorrow night (Video)
    Rampage Talks Forrest Fight on ESPN Forrest Griffin talks on ESPN Rogan/Goldberg Preview for Tomorrow Nights UFC 86
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