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  1. UFC 2009 Undisputed Trailer
    http://www.gametrailers.com/player/35344.html looks amazing.
  2. Who's Watching the T.U.F 7 finale 2nite??
    I'm watching it even though im gonna be out of town, u better believe i will find somewhere to watch it. Go evan tanner , Go C.B , Go Fisher and Go Drew McFedries. Those are some of my favorites to...
  3. Your Favourite Fights
    Random thought, just thinking out of all the fights we have seen..what stand out as the best? A couple from me in no particular order, Frankie Edgar vs Tyson Griffin Wandy vs Chuck Wandy vs Hendo 2...
  4. How long have the tuf guys been home?
    from the show.. I think if amir hasnt improved greatly on his takedown d it will be similiar to the 1st fight but cb wont get caught tonight.. im taking cb by gnp and at -160ish might be worth a...
  5. Amir's training
    Does anyone know where amir has been training since the Ultimat fighter ended? thnx
  6. why no love for dan cramer
    i can't believe he wasn't asked back, he looked much better than dante, riddle and cale on the show. he is a tough guy who at least deserved a shot after the show, christ danny abbadi got a couple of...
  7. Tanner, The powere is in the Beard.... Chapter 2
    I hope all of you guys out there rooting for the beard saw him weigh in with Beard-Mo look Maybe he post here on the playgorund and saw our excitment!! Your thoughts?
  8. is ufc 86 card complete yet??
    with only 9 fights, and pushing two of them to aug, it seemed that they would add at least one more match, everyone else is getting 11 matches now, the card is weak, the main card is weak, i was...
  9. - Congrats to TUF 7 winner- SPOILERS!
    most people would say it was a controversial tap but i saw a tap so im happy =]
  10. FOTN: Watch Burkman vs Hazelett for FREE!
    UFC.com has the fight for free. You have to sit through the Forrest/Rampage interview from Rogan, but it's all good. Link
  11. When can we discuss the event on this forum
    once again, nobody knows when this show airs overseas, i think before each show airs we need to know this so nobody posts spoilers. usually the next day people want to discuss in the ufc forum but i...
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  12. TUF 7 Finale Fighter's next opponents. SPOILERS!!!!!
    Rob Yundt- out of ufc Rob Kimmons- Ed Herman Matt Brown- Tony DeSouza Matt Arroyo- Luke Cummo Jeremy Horn- out of ufc Dean Lister- Kendall Grove Josh Burkman- Jonathan Goulet Dustin Hazlett- Mike...
  13. rampage vs forrest
    does any one else feel like forrest could take rampage and that it will go 5 rounds
  14. Will Evan Tanner be a UFC Hall of Famer
    What do you think..... I vote yes.
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  15. How about that Fisher / Stephens fight?
    This was a great fight. I'm a big fan of both fighters. Give Jeremy Stephens some time. He will be a top guy but he's young right now. So how about that fight?
  16. Diego Vs. Luigi
    First of all I would like to say... DAMN, what a fight! Luigi seriously surprised me with his performance. That was an excellent fight and I would really like to see more of both fighters in the...
  17. Prelim fights from last night
    I was wondering if anyone had links to: Lister vs Horn Arroyo vs Brown and/or Kimmons vs Yundt Thanks in advance
  18. Should Keth Hackney be in the UFC Hall of Fame?
    I think he should, he has an outstanding career record of 2-2, he knocked the huge Emmanuel Yarborough down using his incredible "tiger claw" punch. He almost beat Royce Gracie, and everyone loved...
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  19. Picks for UFC July 19th
    Are we gonna get to make picks for the new UFC event on July 19th? Because there hasn't been anything posted yet to pick.
  20. TUF 7: Finale - UltimateFighter 7 - streaming fight vids
    For those who missed the big UFC event from Saturday night... here you go. All the fight matches from "Ultimate Fighter - TUF 7: Finale" including main event, Evan Tanner vs Kendall Grove and TUF 7...
  21. the prelims were much better than the televised
    diego's fight was cool, and i liked the war between fisher and stevens.......but the prelims were much better...the FOTN and SOTN fight......matt brown arroyo.....i really like lister so i enjoyed...
  22. Did not watching the new TUF season affect my picks?
    when i was making picks at the last TUF event i found myself having to guess on a few of the fights, i noticed riddle hadnt had any fights and dante had an impressive 10-2 record, and in another...
  23. Edgar vs. Franca
    This is gonna be a war. If this fight stays on the feet ther is going to be fireworks! If it is on the ground there is gonna be mad technique and scrambles. I am going with Franca by UD. Thoughts?
  24. TUF series 8 Team NOG vs Team MIR
    TUF series 8 Team NOG vs Team MIR Wow, what a season we have ahead, only till september to wait for the first episode. See you guys, this is why the TUF season is much better than LOST. Two whole...
  25. Machida vs vanderlei ... ???
    If rashad has been paired off against liddell, does that mean that the plans are for Machida to face vanderlei ... ?? I really hope chuck doesnt get a title shot if he beats rashad, he needs to fight...
  26. UFC Unleashed - March 9, 2006
    I'm looking for an episode of Unleashed that I believe originally aired March 9, 2006. It's the one with Melvin Guillard vs. Josh Neer. I can't seem to find it anywhere. Any help would be greatly...
  27. Denis Siver vs. Melvin Guillard
    who do you think has the upper hand?
  28. If Irvin beats Anderson whats happens from there?
    What happens if James pulls off the upset? Where does it put James in the division. If Irvin beats the p4p best fighter does it put him in line for a title shot? Thoughts?
  29. Official TUF8 Thread - Inc Rumored Fighters (NO SPOILERS!)
    Two Weight Classes. Lightweight and Light Heavyweight. 32 fighters, 16 spots for the show. Head Coaches: Frank Mir and Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Noguiera. Assistant Coaches : Robert Drysdale (Mir), Rafael...
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  30. lauzon
    with a fight coming up in september, recently a contender in his divisin, lauzon is looking to stop kyle bradley and get back to where he was...do you think joe lauzon has what it takes to be a...
  31. #1 UFC Prospect
    Im talking about guys that the UFC just got. Even if they are vetereans. Who do you think right now is their number 1 prospect. I personally think its Carwin
  32. New UFC video game?
    Will this make, break or do nothing to the sport. If you look at recent games like fight night all people do is buy the game and thats it. But do you think people might look at this game and say wow!...
  33. ufc 89 fights??
    i think goulet will face paul kelly and i see hardy facing either wiman or paul taylor also i think neil wain will face eddie sanchez or hardonck for main event i still think the spider will face...
  34. wanderlei?
    I was just wondering if wanderlei is still fighting in the July 19th card, because unlike some people i don't have DVR, and if wanderlei is fighting then I'm deffinently chosing UFC over Affliction...
  35. ???What if Anderson Silva beats James Irvin????
    Nothing against James Irvin I think he is a great fighter with an top notch highlight reel of devastating knockouts. Which is the reason if Anderson Silva beats him in the same manner as his MW...
  36. If Anderson Silva Loses......
    If Anderson looses, should he stilll be considered P4P best? I say "IF" he loses. I highly doubt he will. I'm thinking if he loses he will get bumped down to number 3 or 4. Depending on the way he...
  37. who do you think would win
    this is just for fun but me and my friend are arguing over who would win matt hamill or thiago silva.. my friend is going for hamill and im going for silva.. the way i see it is i think thiago could...
  38. Which new former IFL guy will have the best UFC career?
    I was curious who you thought was going to do the best in the UFC? I personally don't see Reese Andy beating Vera, or Blackburn making it far into the division he is in. My guess is it'll probably be...
  39. After Silva vs Irvin..Who is next for Anderson Silva??
    Since Anderson Silva is in the Light Heavyweight Division who is next???? Who should fight Anderson Silva (that would be a great fight)
  40. UFC: Silva vs Irvin Undercard
    I was looking at some of these undercard matches featuring alot of new talent and I don't really have alot of information to go on to make good picks. As such, I was wondering if anyone had any...
  41. Forrest Griffins nickname
    What do you think would be a suitable nickname for Forrest? Im going with "The Wolverine"
  42. Matt Hughes as a lightweight
    With 2 losses on the trot, and his career looking more and more over as the months go by, would it be a smart move for Hughes to cut down to lightweight and would it give it him a new lease on his...
  43. Terrible judge from Tanner/Grove fight
    This has kind of gone unnoticed. Evan Tanner and Kendall Grove fought last week and Grove got the deserved win. It was an asskicking from start to finish. I wish my best two Evan in his life the rest...
  44. Who gets title shot after Forrest?
    Who do you think deserves to get a title shot at LHW next? I am definitely thinking that Lyoto Machida should be next in line.
  45. Where to watch UFC 86 in Las Vegas?
    I'm going to be in Vegas on July 5. Since I couldn't afford tickets to the fight... does anyone know what restaurants or bars are showing the fight? Thanks.
  46. are there any ufc fighters that you dislike now like?? and like now dislike??
    just curious i see my self rooting for guys i never really did before, and the opposite as well some guys i am starting to root to kick some ass instead of being beaten are micheal bisping never...
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    After a year plagued with injury and inconsistency in 2007, former International Fight League welterweight Rory Markham has turned himself around in 2008, and is on the cusp of a major career...
  48. rematch
    if and when forrest wins against rampage do you think there will ever will there ever be a rematch with shogun
  49. Fights
    I was pondering some matchups within the UFC I thought would make good fights. What do you guys think? I know this may be a bit lengthy, but I don't want to put just the fights without my personal...
  50. leben and the bisping are not headliner material
    i know its in england.... and a fight alot of people (including me) have wanted to see, but this bout isnt a main event for me. i think this is another example of the TUF show screwing stuff...
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